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  1. Hey thanks, really appreciate the feedback. I saw you trawling the boards and it seems you have quite the rep so hoped you'd weigh in an opinion on mine too ;) I definitely agree with you on a number of points, and it was good to hear that it wasn't only me that felt some things aren't sitting right in the mix. For example, the extended intro is certainly lacking something and you're right, I need to set the mood/atmosphere a little better as its rather bland at the moment with just a simple low-pass filter sweep providing some variation. Also, the clap is certainly another element I
  2. Hi all, Thought I'd drop this here for some honest feedback. Its based on an older version that I uploaded to the site like 2-3 years ago and its changed pretty drastically since then. However, it's still very much a work in progress at this stage due to the change in direction. Thought I'd also drop a few musical references from other tracks in the OST...so think of it like a game trying to spot them I guess Cheers in advance for anyone who spares the time to have a listen!
  3. Ah, it seems you may have misunderstood the intention of my post. It was rather vague so allow me to elaborate. By 'networking', I do not simply mean 'hand out business cards at corporate events' or 'friend every composer on social media'. To do so in such an industry can be seen as both pretentious and desperate. However, it is also folly to sell people this rose-tinted version of 'being an artist' or 'being in it for the art'. Talent alone does not suffice in this modern age. Art itself does not put food on the table or keep a roof over your head. It may seem like a nice romantic i
  4. I had one of my students ask me this the other day and my advice was simply 'network' (Well, it was more than that but that was the gist of it!). In this industry it can literally boil down to who you know rather than pure skill or talent. Self-promotion is also a crucial factor as whilst you could be the next Zimmer or WIlliams, no one will know who you are unless you put the effort into getting yourself out there. That's why its crucial that you get yourself an electronic portfolio of work together, be in SoundCloud, Dropbox whatever. Me personally, I have a portfolio of music/sound eff
  5. This is pretty amazing both sonically and visually. I'll definitely be coming back to this for a few more listens. Great job!
  6. It sounds way too busy but at the same time, very simple in terms of the layers you have (if that makes sense?). I think its down to instrument choice. The piano is playing a maximum velocity all the way through so its constantly in your face. Try varying the dynamics of your instruments or try separating the parts of the song into more instrumental layers. The original is synth heavy so perhaps it just doesn't translate well into piano, virtual or otherwise. Theres also this horrible glitchy/buzzy sound going on throughout. Is that some synth layer you have going on or just an error in t
  7. Some great advice has already been given so I'll try not to repeat anything. But heres my own personal impressions of the track: Pros Liking the pizzicato strings at the beginning. They don't sound overly mechanical or fake. What did you use? The laugh SFX leading into the beat is a nice touch. I've added a few FF SFX to my latest track and it always adds a nice nostalgic vibe.Shame we cant use them in proper subs The kick has a punch to it but as already mentioned, the snare can get a little lost when in tandem.Have you considered sidechaining some of your other instrume
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