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  1. Weird first day. Had a preconceived chemical plant idea but was totally thrown off by Chaos Angel, but I think I managed to make it work... I think. It was only in the last hour of the night that I did something that made me go from hating it to kinda liking it.
  2. Man, Chaos Angel is just... all over the place. SHAAAAAAAADIIIIIIIX!!!!! *shakes fist*
  3. Guys, this is getting just a bit ridiculous, This is making every post way too meticulous, Not everyone will be able to keep up this pace, And so, with great sadness, they'll lose this rhyme race. Actually, I think I've already lost, My rhymes are weaker, though still at great cost, With each new line I bring shame to this thread, Oh look, it's midnight, I should just go to bed.
  4. This will be a time management exercise, If my calculations are wrong, everybody dies, I'm helping some friends with music for a game, But I need to make sure that my remixes aren't lame. I'm sure I can juggle both, though, At least, well, I think so, If not, then prepare for the following zinger, This might be the last you hear of Main Finger.
  5. I like how this thread has almost as many pages as the World Warrior Remix Royale even though that competition is ending and this one hasn't even started yet.
  6. Yeah... I'm probably just gonna outsource all my songs to Daft Punk or The Crystal Method or something.
  7. I blame Brandon for tempting me with that song trade like the seductress he is.
  8. We have to go against people in our own bracket because a lizard vs a pancake is not a fair fight.
  9. *reads the last few posts* You guys are the best.
  10. Being up against a posted remixer or not isn't really anything to get intimidated by. The only thing that makes me officially a "posted" mixer is a song from 2002 that predates the judges panel and is like... the worst thing ever.
  11. Hot damn! Nice sigs. Now watch as 16 people change their avatars to Sonic.
  12. Nooooo... I wanted to watch my murderer fall from grace or continue his spree!
  13. When we stop competing! Actually... I don't think we've competed directly... YET (dun dun duuuuun)
  14. Ya know, I really wanted to represent Sonic Colors, but damn... Chemical Plant is one of my all time favorite Sonic songs. I... um.... hrrrrrnggggg...... OK I'LL TAKE IT!! Are you ok with this trade, SuperiorX?
  15. That is a very reasonable concern. It's a shame that it's a worded in a way that would give them that kind of power. Fortunately, the guys over at Unity (specifically Brett and Greg in my dealings) are actually pretty cool dudes and it likely won't come to that. I totally get the hesitation though, and I wouldn't want to force my thoughts on the matter on anyone. Having us each make our own decision to submit was a good move.
  16. I'm pretty sure it's essentially the same agreement from back when I did their Dark Void remix contest. They mentioned all these possibilities like potentially using the song in trailers and albums to cover their asses just in case, but in reality (despite being the winner) they only used the song for slapping a download link on the official game site, capcom unity, the site of the company that was sponsoring the contest, and Bear McCreary's blog (Dark Void composer). That is not a complaint, BTW. I was honored to be acknowledged at all. I'm just saying they are probably saying things to cover their asses and probably won't actually sell the music, just use it in stuff.
  17. Eh... I dunno... it's remixes of music from their own company anyway. What am I gonna do? Try to sell it? Nope. I certainly don't fault anybody who doesn't feel comfortable with this. It's totally each person's own call (though I personally assumed we'd lose any rights the very moment we entered anyway). But I just don't feel like it's that big a deal given the whole context of what we're dealing with. EDIT: Oh wow, there were several other comments that appeared when I clicked submit. This was mostly in response to GLL for the record who again is free to feel however he wants about the whole thing. No skin off my back.
  18. I was about to post about this same thing having just seen the link today. I imagine Darke could ask whoever he was in contact with earlier. I'm really curious about this whole deal.
  19. I swear I saw somebody earlier in the thread pick Wild Canyon. May I never get matched up with whoever that was.
  20. Wait... is it Aquarium Park or Aquatic Park? Either way its this one
  21. I already have my picks in exactly the order I want them, so I don't care too much what other people do (especially if it involves my higher picks having less conflicts). Come oooooooooooon Aquarium Park!
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