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  1. I'm right here! Glad to finally have a track on OCR that isn't a decade old This is my first time being on an OCR album and I'm very happy to be a part of it. Especially now when Mega Man needs all the fan support he can get. Speaking of which, I posted the album on The Mega Man Network: http://www.themmnetwork.com/2011/09/07/mega-man-is-back-in-blue-and-ready-to-download/
  2. Wow, I really didn't expect my song to be one of the ones used in the trailer. Cool! I have begun spreading the word: http://www.themmnetwork.com/2011/08/29/the-mega-man-9-remix-album-gets-a-trailer/
  3. Now that the tournament is over, I plugged it on The Mega Man Network and encouraged people to 1) Download everybody's sweet sweet remixes and 2) Participate next year. http://www.themmnetwork.com/2011/08/01/the-grand-robot-master-remix-battle-wrap-up/
  4. Congrats, Willrock. It is a shame I failed to crush you. But there's always next year! I'll get you next time, Willrock! Next tiiiiiiime! *shakes fist*
  5. I almost chose Star Man, but I only really had one idea for it and wasn't convinced I could take it enough other directions.
  6. Pretty sure Geoffio had Gyro Man in his list as one of his backups. Maybe he'll do it next year. Also, it's a shame he was moving to another state the week of Protoman Round 1 and didn't have time to finish his entry.
  7. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!! Willrock and Neblix both hit it out of the park. Those are 2 really sick remixes we got here. It's gonna be a tough vote. Great job guys. Since I lost and won't be making any more tracks for the competition, I threw the three I did make on bandcamp (don't worry, it's set to $0 as it should be). So if anybody wants them in other formats like FLAC or whatever, now you can: http://mainfinger.bandcamp.com/
  8. Votes have finally started to trickle in again the last few days. This is gonna be a close match!
  9. Considering there's only 2 matches to vote on by this point, the fact that people can't be bothered to vote in all of them is kind of hilarious... in a sad way.
  10. Blind voting works in DoD because almost every song is rock/metal. It would be super easy most of the time to tell who did which song in GRMRB.
  11. Well in all honesty, no matter what I do there will always be somebody ready and willing to call me an ass. That's a given. Joking aside, even though I have enjoyed my own songs more than my opponents (I make what I would want to hear, afterall), I just feel like a jerk saying it out loud. Crap. Now I feel like a jerk. Thanks a lot! =P
  12. It's a weird balance to strike. On one hand, I wish we didn't have to vote in every matchup so that we could choose not to vote in ones we didn't feel strongly about and just vote in ones we did. But the flipside is that forcing votes on all matchups is a nice protection so people don't try to stuff the ballots on a single matchup. On an unrelated note: I kind of wish that artists voting on the matchups they're participating in didn't count, but were free to vote in the other brackets of the same round. I want to vote on the matchups next to me, but I feel dirty voting in my own matchup >_>
  13. Is there any actual plan for what to do with a tie? I sure hope so. 'Cuz if "what happens in a tie" is decided after there is already a tie, it will be hard not to come off as bias.
  14. There's absolutely nothing wrong with going mellow. In fact, "obviously lower entertainment value" isn't even guaranteed. Some people prefer mellow to high energy and some people find intentionally harsh compression/limiting too abrasive. Different strokes for different folks. I once showed a friend a song from Justice's debut album that I liked quite a bit. It was high energy and intentionally mixed very abrasively. He hated it. But everything he didn't like about it was something I did. Everybody's different and it's cool to see such a big community of people with such diverse musical backgrounds. As long as we can continue to give each other friendly, constructive criticism and stay away from petty pot shots (which thankfully don't seem to happen too often on this board) we can continue to be an awesome productive community. Ok, I think I need to stop writing. I'm starting to sound too much like an after school special. =P Edit: If this post came off sounding weird please note that I am very very sleep deprived right now.
  15. Comments like this make the crazy time crunch worthwhile Honestly, I'm already farther than I thought I'd get. Heck, I thought I'd lose in round 1. I'm glad I got to do at least a few rounds (if not a few more). It's been fun. I've never done one of these OCR competitions before and I look forward to doing more in the future. Time permitting, I'd love to do the Grand Maverick Remix Battle if it happens again (I only found out about the first one recently).
  16. Whooooa! Really digging your track, Neblix. It's a bit on the short side (I want more!) but it's right up my alley.
  17. Ok. Submitted my remix. I swear I worked on it for like... 7 hours straight today. I don't even know what's good and what isn't anymore. Bring on your destruction, Willrock. I have prepared my soul.
  18. I used EastWest's Voices of Passion http://www.soundsonline.com/Voices-Of-Passion

    I then used side chain compression to cut the volume in and out ;)

  19. Could you be more specific? Like... which song and maybe the time index of when it comes in?

  20. Oh man... last night to remix and I feel so behind this time. Usually I get most of my work done on the weekend, but I was gone most of last weekend. Not to mention, what weekend work I did do was on concepts 1 & 2 (which at this point are scrapped in favor of my 3rd concept). I'm gonna have to CRAM tonight! =P
  21. Thanks! And ya, I was planning on doing that. I mean, what do I have to lose? It would be nice to not have the only representation of my work on OCR be a terrible terrible remix I did almost a decade ago
  22. Uh oh... it's already Tuesday and I have 3 completely separate concept remixes going. I need stop being so indecisive before it's too late.
  23. I just wanted to give props to AeroZ. Yes, he lost, but he had my favorite mix of the whole bracket. Good job, AeroZ. I miss you already *sniff*
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