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  1. There will be a remix of "Magic Rocks"?! Finally! One of my favorite tracks in the game! I am also looking forward to the whole album as well, of course! Sadly, I cannot contribute due to the total and complete lack of any musical talent or skill, but if a need for more illustrations arises, I would be very happy to help out. (Though I do mostly character-centric artwork, but still.)
  2. I am actually surprised that there are no remixes of the Dog Ending song from Silent Hill 2! It is obviously a joke kind of track, but still very catchy. I'm sure there is a great range of possibilities one could do with it (and not necessary in the comedy genre). To add a constructive suggestion, I think something like ska/punk would work really well here. But a dramatic orchestral variation could also be possible and very surprising!
  3. Indeed. And while I understand that starting with P3 the soundtracks got more complex quality due to the expanded technical range and thus might seem to be more challenging to remix, the soundtracks of the older games are just as good when it comes to the quality of the melodies. It would really be great to hear people remix them more!
  4. There really is a serious lack of MegaTen remixes, aside from the three or so Persona mixes. I second the request!
  5. I'm lacking the proper musical term vocabulary here, but stylistically the track reminds me of the funk/pop parts of Persona soundtracks. (Which is a good thing in my opinion. ) I think it's the piano (?) and string instrument bits paired with the funky beat/percussion. Very fun to listen to!
  6. There is definitely the energy and rhythm to make it dancy and the various themes flow into each other organically. Very fun to listen to! (And maybe even dance along. )
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