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  1. This is most likely true, very good point. And some artists might like adaptation more than creation. Maybe to the point where it actually makes sense to specialise in it? It's, of course, not wrong to have influences even in completely original compositions. From a business perspective it can even be desirable to give your listeners something that sounds vaguely familiar. Might help in gathering a larger audience a little sooner. But you may also end up being unfaithful to your own creative process/vision at that point. Depending on how idealistic each individual composer/arranger is, that ma
  2. Thank you, I take that as a compliment. Interesting, my brother gave almost the exact same advice to me. I personally don't think it's depressing. Actually, I think it's interesting. It obviously depends on everyone's personal point of view. Let me give you some personal advice in exchange for yours. Since one can learn a lot from remixing (and also covering) existing songs, even going as far as almost changing it up so much it may well be "original", it holds a lot of potential for musical growth. So going about it with creative, open thoughts may be the best course of
  3. Awesome album, gotta say, there is not a single remix I don't like.
  4. Oh, Boy... Here we go. O.K. first off, you all have some good, valid points. Some of these points though, I'd still like to address. As a Fan. Not as Musician, not as ReMixer, just as a Fan (of remixes and music in general). I feel like my english skills are already dropping because I'm nervous as hell (social anxiety speaking) but I'll try to keep this as professional as possible. I've been lurking on OC ReMix since about 2013, I think. I was looking for Deus Ex Style Music and google was like: "Dude, there is some Deus Ex remix stuff right over there!" So, here I am.
  5. That sounds like a great idea. Sad but true. I never finished Phantasy Star 2. The game is not bad, I just lost my motivation. Oh yes. I'd like to remix some of those songs myself, but can't.
  6. Hi. I'm 27 years old. Been lurking on this site since early 2013, but I never really had the drive to register up until now. So yeah, I'm actually not so new here. XD I don't really feel like disclosing more information about me right now. Or do I? Hey, I like Video Game Music (duh >_>). XD
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