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  1. Thank you for watching the video and writing up such thoughtful and in depth feedback! That's a good point about the shrine theme. I do agree a few variants would have better served the overall experience. I probably should have mentioned something about the shrines (and Divine Beasts for that matter) in my video. As for your second point, I totally agree, and that's one thing I was somewhat struggling with while writing the script. I was trying to strike a balance between arguing that the sparse and impressionistic music was good on its own merits, but also arguing that quiet atonality isn't all the soundtrack has to offer, if that makes sense. Upon reflection I think it may be a bit imbalanced, as I talk a lot more about the songs that aren't sparse and impressionistic. Raising a few more points in favour of the sparse overworld themes probably would have strengthened my argument overall; your point about the smooth transitions would have been a good one. Thanks again for the critique - thoughtful comments like these help me fine tune my writing style for future videos.
  2. Hi all! Last year I made a post here about my video essay regarding Super Mario Odyssey's soundtrack. Well, recently I made another video essay - this one is about why I think The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's soundtrack is effective. BOTW's music seems to be a bit divisive within the Zelda community: some criticize the game for being to quiet or having too few good/memorable songs. I'd appreciate if you'd check it out, let me know if you like the video! I'm looking for feedback and constructive criticism, what did you like about the video essay and what could be improved? And what are your thoughts on Breath of the Wild's soundtrack? Do you think the change in approach was good for the game, or did it lose something important from previous Zelda soundtracks?
  3. That's an excellent point. I tried to touch on that element a little bit with the Cap Kingdom being more of a general spooky song rather than a specific reference to Victorian London, the Cascade Kingdom having a sprawling orchestral overture rather than an accurate reflection of prehistoric music, and the Lake Kingdom being a relaxing water level theme following in the footsteps of Dire Dire Docks. But I agree that I didn't explore those ideas thoroughly enough... which resulted in those three segments being particularly short. I'm glad you brought up the Jurassic Park connection, which is honestly something I have been kicking myself about ever since I finalized the video! Shortly after uploading I realized how that would have been a great connection to mention and would add more 'meat' to the Cascade Kingdom section of the video. Definitely wish I had brought it up now... Thanks for the critique, its much appreciated, especially for my first attempt at a video essay. I'm hoping the second part, as well as some of my future video ideas, will improve on this one.
  4. Hey all, Hopefully this is the right place for this sort of topic. I recently uploaded my first video essay on the subject of video game music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO78Jchtd6I Its the first video in a two-part analysis of the cultural background, history, and music theory behind many of Mario Odyssey's songs! I feel that Odyssey did some very interesting things in terms of style and genre, and this video is meant to be a thorough exploration of just that. I'd be interested in hearing some of your feedback, critique, constructive criticism, etc. - as well as your own thoughts/analysis on Super Mario Odyssey's eclectic and culturally-driven soundtrack!
  5. I'm so pleased to see that the reception to my song has been positive! Despite the fact that my competitor seems to be the victor (well deserved, I'd say), I'm proud of my arrangement. Interesting to see the varied reception to my instrument samples. Feedback was a little all over the place on whether it was realistic or not - which isn't a bad thing, I really appreciate the range of opinions. I was indeed going for a live band sound, so I'm glad to hear my efforts at humanization worked in my favour. (But my sax VST is probably the worst offender for fake-sounding instruments...) I'm happy everyone seems to like how I integrated both themes. I worked really hard on balancing both songs and especially trying to get those piano parts sounding just right, so I'm glad it paid off. Also, I tried some new things in terms of harmony and chord progression, which seem to have turned out pretty well. MindWanderer raises a great point - I probably could have gone for a better introduction, it is rather sudden which detracts from the live performance feel I was attempting. I think my biggest next step is brushing up on the overall production - my track definitely could have benefited from a cleaner mix. This is my first OCRemix contest entry, so thank you all for the fantastic constructive criticism
  6. Going to give my thoughts on some of these arrangements! First, my opponent's song, which I was very excited to listen to: "Crash of the Tornado" by Ridiculously Garrett -LOVE that funky bass, and the percussion is really good too! -The piano and keyboard add a really nice flavour, I'm especially loving the chord progression on the grand piano -I really enjoy the disco vibe when the Tornado Man part first kicks in! -Some nice reharmonization going on around the middle section -Staccato strings are always a fun addition to funk/disco I really enjoyed this one, had me bopping my head from the very start - and it only got better and better the more I listened! Definitely a worthy opponent, seriously awesome arrangement. I think yours is superior because of its overall cleaner production and higher quality sound libraries, great work! Now I'm going to give my thoughts on each arrangement I personally feel wins its match-up. "Razor Wind" by Arceace: -The slow build-up for the intro was a really cool effect -Love the way you sampled those classic sound effects, makes for quite a funky, retro beat! -The synths sound great, loving the chord progression - and personally I like the last chord! -Both songs are integrated quite nicely - doesn't feel like it leans to heavily towards one song over the other "Dopamine" by Mak Eightman -I like the choice of genre here, suits both songs quite well - I also like how it alternates between a more grungy sound and a lighter feel -Intro does a good job of adapting Fire Man's weird, wonky groove -Both themes are well integrated, and tied together with that cool guitar riff "Drill Bits" by SuperiorX -I like the 80s-ish beat and that cool bass sound -Overall a very catchy, funky vibe -While it does seem to lean more heavily to Ground Man, I like the subtle incorporation of motifs from Shade Man's theme Those are just my opinions on the winners, but I really enjoyed listening to every single entry! Good job everybody!
  7. In regards to the file name, would it be an issue of my "artist name" is slightly different from my username in this forum? I like to go by "pixeltea" for all of my music now.
  8. I'd like to join! 1. Air Man 2. Tornado Man 3. Snake Man
  9. I've been working on video game covers and arrangements for the past couple years. I mainly focus on orchestrations, but I like to experiment with all sorts of styles. After about a year of working on and off, I've finally finished my first major project: an album of arrangements for the game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror! While it is by no means perfect, I'm proud of it. That said, I would love some constructive criticism and feedback to help me for future projects. Things worth noting: -I use FL Studio and Kontakt 5, and the main audio library I use is the Kontakt Factory Library -The album has 20 tracks in a variety of styles; some stay very true to the original while others are my slightly different interpretations -I really went out of my comfort zone with the rock-style tracks. My guitar samples aren't the greatest - I tried to make do with what I had - so bear that in mind -My biggest struggle comes with the mixing and mastering and general post-production aspects. Any tips about what I could do better in that area would be greatly appreciated Thanks for taking the time to read/listen! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to some feedback!
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