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    Albuquerque New Mexico
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    Funky Beats, Diggin In The Crates, Dark Souls,

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    I use the MPC Renssaince at the core. Pro Tools for live recording and final mix.
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    Drum Programming
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    Drumming, Particularly breakbeats, jazz, and funk.


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    Isaac Flowerday
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    Mental Health Therapist.

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Besides drum programming and live drumming, My strong suit may be overall arrangement.  I have a nice acoustically treated room and I have a knack for recording great sounding vocals.  I spend time not only to program my music but to make sure that it sounds good.  Not an expert of synthases, but I mess around until I get the right sounding synths for my compositions. I am better at designing drum sounds and utilizing parallel compression and eq to make things sound a lot better.  One thing I pay a lot of attention to is the groove.  I mess around a lot with the subtle changes to the rhythm of every instrument, until it has the right feel. I am a comedic showmen and a rap battler. I can come up with pretty hilarious lyrics, and deliver them in a way that gets a crowd really riled up. I am no great DJ, but I like to incorporate scratches and cuts into songs to add to the aesthetic.. First and foremost I do Hip Hop. I have toured with a country band, I have won awards for jazz improvisation, I have dabbled in Drum & Bass Production but Hip Hop is where my heart is at.