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  1. So I have a rather deep love for the compositions from ZUN and the touhou series, and of course, I really like the chip-sounds he had created with the PC-98 stuff, which in the past year or two I've tried recreate in some way or form but nothing really gets close enough. As for technical info, that system used the Yamaha YM2608 chip, the big brother of the Sega Genesis's sound-chip, the YM2612 (I happen to own a VST that's based off of that chip, can't remember the name right off the top of my head). Here's an example from Touhou Mystic Sqaure: So my question is, what's out there that can get me close to this? Maybe that shiny new VST that OCR has out?
  2. Yeah, alot of youtube "cover" videos of this particular tune tend to do just that (but without the magic of mix and master polish), and honestly I think it just takes away from the spirit of the song if I tried to play all of the parts with guitars. Plus I'm more of a rhythmist than a soloist, so let's just say that it took a few (no, many) tanks... I mean, takes, to nail the solos right.
  3. I've had this around for quite awhile, but considering the amount of kirby remixes around, I was abit heistant to post it here since it's an older work that I recently re-did the mix and master for, but I decided "screw it", and whelp here goes nothing.
  4. Hey Guys I'm Jon and well, I've been doing my own recording since around 2013 or so, and only recently someone has shown me this site and I almost forgot that I signed up here after that particular night. I hail from the Sunshine State and I tend to do alot of "remaster" style remixes with gaming music, mainly going for the "what happens if we replace bit-sounds with real sounds", such as this piece: However, I've done much more remix-level stuff, such as this, though it's quite old for me: I have stuff planned to make in between my normal YouTube content and such, but hopefully I can pick up some new tricks and maybe even collab with someone.
  5. Hello Guys, posting my first real piece of work that I feel like I can truly be happy with game-music wise, it's a remaster of the 4th level theme from Metal Slug 3, as in it stays more or less with the original source material, however all of the original instruments were redone with either higher-quality samplers or recorded with real guitars and bass. The track itself is looped once but it does have a definite ending piece worked in, as this song was basically a testing ground for me to really get my mix and mastering workflow just right, I have much more detailed remixes planned for the future. Tracked, Mixed and Mastered in REAPER through a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 with Audio Techinica ATM-M50X Headphone Monitors and the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors.
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