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  1. Playing slow is hard. My first teacher always told me "if you can't play it slow, you can't play it fast". I think there are exceptions but this is usually the case. When I was in college we got to see professional musicians from all over. Lemme tell ya they ALL make mistakes. But If you can improv your way out with a sweep and keep rhythm you're doing okay.
  2. I like your solo. Nice and slow. That Chet Baker version is really the best. With the incomparable Paul Desmond and Steve Gadd. Legends!
  3. I like your piano sound. Your progressions are nice. The sound moving back and forth from left to right is distressing though. The Sinatra version is the standard imo. Fantastic!
  4. A lot of firsts here: my first time to record, arrange, play drums, use a DAW, play all instruments, mix. I don't care for the song but my daughter challenged me so I used it. Before you critique my guitar playing too harshly remember I like sloppy, lyrical musicians like Jimmy Page, Chet Baker, Andres Segovia. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Thanks for the tip, I'll check It out. As it is, I'm using the iPad ear buds or my $20 speaker/monitor (or no monitor at all). Sometimes I like to record electric guitar without monitor then listen afterword and run the track through different GB amps. As for the truck as a sound lab, I'm in the very early stages of mixing. I've put together a few mixes of non VGM that I'm proud of, but I've spent my entire life as a solo guitarist so I'm trying to address very basic stuff like who gets more reverb, who gets low tone, etc. I've also had to learn drums which I NEVER CONSIDERED. There are a few OCremix tracks that I'm copying because I like the way they sound in my truck and it provides a baseline reference for my clone that I also check in the truck.
  6. I am completely new to mixing/remixing. So before I invested money in an expensive DAW I downloaded GarageBand and did a 21 Pilots Heathen tutorial I found on YT. My daughter suggested the song. I'm not hip to these current pop tunes. This was a priceless experience. When I was done it did not sound exactly right and many YT commenters said the same thing. This began the mixing/tweaking process which is what it's really all about. My final test is what I now call the "truck test". I noticed right away that what sounds good on an iPad or iPhone may not as good on my truck stereo system. So I do my final mixes in my truck! It's the best way to make sure bass isn't too low as is the case oftentimes on OCremix songs. It really helps to set the reverb ranges and track output balances.
  7. I'm watching the course now. I see FL Studio can run $900. Should I assume the version used in the tutorials is along that price range?
  8. Okay now I think I'm getting somewhere. I'm making a trip to a music shop this weekend so I'm taking on info. My Casio CTK 3200 has a "USB port for midi implementation". Does this mean it's a MIDI-controller keyboard? It ports to PC and Mac. It does not look like the other MIDI-controller keyboards when I search the term. And if I may add, I was wrong about my initial impression of this Casio. It has some cool synth and drum sounds as I dig deeper into this thing.
  9. Okay, so my original question was about proportions and so is this one. I get that a DAW is a symbiotic product but to what level is it used for melodic creation? I've used slow downers and track isolation tools but are there melody/chord creation tools in DAWs or are musicians recording from keyboard and transferring? I'm assuming the typical remixer is using DAW/keyboard combo.
  10. Thank you. This will at least be a good start getting my feet wet and maybe conversational. Without offending anyone I'm partial to the large sound in Disco Dan, Star Salzman and Palpable (and of course djpretzel). I'm still learning the artists/music because for years I had all this music loaded on my ipod but never payed attention to the artists/music. Regarding the DAW, do they rely solely on VST's? Are they merely a shell/mixer? Last night I was going through all the built-in rhythms and sounds in my Casio and they don't come anywhere close to the sounds I want. I imagine like many I'll rely on the DAW as I'm no where near ready to record live sound.
  11. HI all I'm a long time OC Remix fan and I've decided to take the plunge and try some creating. I had an electric piano about 30 years ago that was MIDI compatible but never used MIDI. I think MIDI was new then. I've been reading Remixer profiles and the forums learning the lingo, etc. This led me to FL Studio. So let me ask, overall what percentage of the music here is 100% sampled? I don't know if sampled is the word. The other way to ask this is what percentage of music here uses outside instruments? And, of those, what part is digital (Keyboard) vs. say, electric guitar. We play violin, Casio keyboard, and electric Jazz guitar in my house. I'm laying the groundwork for investing and potentially mixing these instruments. When I listen to the music here I really can't tell which is digital vs non unless I'm listening to Audix (guitar) or music with voice. Any input would help, Thanks-
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