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  1. Like Gaspode's Metroid Mix "Vast Infinities", I wasn't sure if I liked this very much, but after a few listens it's quickly growing on me. I've waited a VERY long time for someone to remix the Great Temple theme so my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. I'm glad to hear the source tune finally get some love. Thanks for this!
  2. Interesting that this song is essentially Koyaanisqatsi by Philip Glass
  3. Don't rush on my account. I've waited at least 15 years, I can wait a little longer
  4. Hey everyone, I would love for anyone to do a remix of the final palace theme from Adventure of Link. I'm partial to EDM and Synthwave, but would be happy with just about anything as long as it's upbeat. Thanks everyone!
  5. I would love to hear more remixes from this game in general as the site only has one, but I would love to hear this song remixed in particular. The chipset is here on the site, and "Just Like the Mountain, He Will Not Move" is track 26. Awesome game with a sorely overlooked soundtrack!
  6. I've added ya Along with everyone else in the thread. and i gotta say... most of the people here need to get off their butts and add everyone else! C'mon people!
  7. ok, for those who are counting, I believe there are now 25 wii friend codes posted in this thread (counting myself). So if you missed someone, get off your lazy butt and add 'em!
  8. There's myself. The photo is a good year old. I've lost the chin hairs since then And here are some of my favs that ive created. You've got Harry Potter, Jacko, and Hitler. and on the right, Noface and Mr Smiley. Good times.
  9. I've had a Wii since launch, but I guess I've just been a reclusive bastard Here's my Wii friend code: 4026 4114 9386 3105 see you all in the Mii parade
  10. You gotta love the hologram on the sticker for MM limited edition. Cause you totally know you're gonna want to look at that sticker instead of playing the game
  11. Ah Aghanim. I would absolutely LOVE to see that character again Although I'd settle for having a classic Wizzrobe as a boss again (like in LA) Wizrobe was a recurring miniboss in Majora's Mask, with a beefed-up strategy to beat him. I, too, would like to see Aghanim again. true, but he was a crappy Wizzrobe. I want to deep robes and the bent waves of energy. I miss reflecting such things with a shield.
  12. Ah Aghanim. I would absolutely LOVE to see that character again Although I'd settle for having a classic Wizzrobe as a boss again (like in LA)
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