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  1. Oh hey I made something !
  2. @The Vodoú Queen Take care, We'll see you soon, I hope
  3. Too late. Next round then. Congrats to all contestants for this one !
  4. Welp, T'is been a long time since I posted something here, Count me in, I'll come up with something.
  5. Guys it's round 420. Who's going to make the joke entry we all need? Who's devoting himself to that noble cause? Well not me, but I'm just sending ideas. I might get something for that round. I'll keep an eye on it though. Nice one !
  6. Welp, 'twas fun. Technical issues came at the last minute and wrecked my participation in this one, but I'll see y'all next year ! Quite excited to see what you guys did.
  7. Welp, time to let my 10-year experience express itself at it's fullest. Submission done, It's an original track I made exclusively for this round. No VGM this time, only my style. Hope you'll like it. (Oh and yeah, it's repetitive).
  8. Already finished ! I'm quite excited to hear the full album !
  9. Ohohohohohohoooo noice. I'll see if I have enough time for that one.
  10. Congrats @Wassup Thunder ! It was a pretty nice round, I'm glad I managed to slide in something in the last hours lol Well done everyone !
  11. Gosh, @TheVideoGamer, you always pick the hard ones lmao. Let's see where this is going, I don't have enough free time for this one so I'm going to sit this one out. But if I manage to find some time I'll try to squeeze something.
  12. Oh hey hello there. Just submitted something. Oh you gotta wear those headphones for the full experience, I'm kinda abusing sub basses rn. Glad I made it in time !
  13. What a round. And I'm so sad I couldn't get my things done. That said, I'm still rofl at your remix @TheVideoGamer
  14. Mad props to everybody deeply involved in the compo scene, I swear if I wasn't that much busy IRL i'd be spending most of my time here x)
  15. And I'll be working with that ! I don't have anything ready but I'll submit a demo as soon as I have time for
  16. To be fair, leitmotivs are the main reason, I do think. They are an easy go for remixes, and they scare remixers a lot less. That's mainly why retro tunes are now one of the rules, because they heavily relay on leitmotivs to deliver, when more recent OST is more free due to less contraints.
  17. Added my vote, I may sound a bit mean sometimes, but I promise you I'm not, I try to be as constructive and relevant as possible. Nice round, and props to everyone that submitted an entry !
  18. I do hope so because I really think I'm stretching through some rules xD
  19. "Why bother (try to fit the rules)? xD" That's what I meant lol
  20. Added a bonus mix. Fits the rules? Dunno. But it's a bonus mix so why bother? xD (Imo I'm still clear with this one though, even though I skipped a part lol )
  21. Yooo ! Thanks for the kind words! First fair win in a compo ever ! But your remix was really well done, Hoboka, some loud elements but great remix overall ! My source for next round is coming, I'm still checking some things. Sorry if I don't answer fast though, I'm in 4 competitions at the same time
  22. Ooh those changes in tempo and tone are going to hurt a lot x) A tough one but a nice one ! Count me still in !
  23. Oh, so someone doesn't grasp the Iron "E"... Don't worry, you just got wooshed, you'll be fine Props for being faster than me, that is a feat !
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