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  1. Bummp =D Still workin away =) I like this project. Easy and it really benifits something good.
  2. Bummmp! I've made 2 Thingies now =D woot! My name is "conexion" on the thing though o_o... Nex was taken or something.
  3. Fantastic. I was beginning to think nobody would take that track. Also, if you don't mind me saying, your old Dodge Ball remix from way back when (which was posted in this thread, BTW) partially inspired me to start organizing this project. Haha, that actually means a lot ... although I think I've personally grown a lot since then musically so expect somethin higher quality than that XD. edit: And ya know I'm here if ya need any gfx help =)
  4. Alright, I got China. I know exactly what way I'm goin with this.
  5. I'm DEFF in ... omg yes <3 I'll look at what's open and figure out something @_@
  6. Yup yup. Thanks everyone for the reviews. You guys rock! PS. Lightwarmth, you should show SquareSound this recording in the 'FF9 > Piano Recordings' section
  7. Heard this when it was on VGMix and I still love it. Very nicely done. I would deffinately suggest [as I did on vgmix] that the brass lines are more 'realistic' as well as better constructed, but overall it is very nicely done. Something I'll deffinately keep arround to add to my 'holiday' collection for next year . -Nex
  8. I've been listening to this song for a long while now and I finally got around to reviewing it . I love everything done with this track. Solos are seamless... drums are top quality... Its great. Only thing I would suggest is the main lead right when the theme comes in to be slightly less dull/bland. Nice work overall though. -Nex
  9. Hey guys. Great job as always. Recomended + 2. I have always loved your guys' stuff (with exception of *ahem*...one mishapp *coughTheLegendofZelda2002cough*)...... . Excelent stuff. Greatly intergraded. Lots of little things thrown in there to keep it interesting. Now, as a trumpet player, i noticed a problem. When you record trumpets right up to the mic, they sound very loud, blant, and open. This is not a problem with the mic! When you record farther away, the sound matures alot more, making it sound brighter, fuller, and not as 'bleh'. Great trumpet playing, but i wish you had recorded farther away. Beside recording issues (note, this ain't against you at all), Great playing! Great Piano stuffs, I have tried getting the Game Over theme down on piano, and thats hard to lay back on. Kudo's there. Great Bass, not much to complain about there. Perc. is very tight. Sax was very nicely recorded, though it could have had a little more vibrato in other areas. Excelent Job guys. ~nex
  10. McV has dished up a skillet of cavish goodieness right here. This is a mix ill be listening to over and over. You can get lost in how excelent and how right it is. This is a must have. Download now...or else, yeah ~nex
  11. Very kickin, awesome beat, sweet drums, pure brilliance from djp. Possibly the best Square mix ever. I cant belive how few reviews this has gotten.... ~nex
  12. Hardest boss of all time would HAVE to be the computer 2nd player on MONOPOLY!!!! I have never beat him....within 20 turns he ALWAYS has Boardwalk and parkplace with atleast 3 houses on each...ITS INSANE!!!! If anybody knows a weak point(s)...please tell me. I need it!!!! ~nex
  13. sorry dude...beat him when i was 4...no cheats... ~nex
  14. This mix is exactly what DarkeSword said.... This would have been a keeper if you had got the melody right..... I would like it if you fixed that and put the corrected one on the message board. I know that i would keep it if you corrected it. Nice job though. Besides that, everything went real nice and smooth... 7/10
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