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  1. Darn right. I marked you down for it. Looking forward to hearing your wip.
  2. Tracklist is updated. I'm really loving the wip's I've been hearing so far guys, keep it up! I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that. If you mean that we wouldn't allow you -- of course you can still be on the project. One of the main goals of this project is inclusion. Just send in your wip and I'll be happy to look at it. If you are concerned about using the pm system because of recent events, I have skype and AIM contacts listed in my profile. Skype is preferred. I may not always see messages right away, but I will definitely see them and respond to them. This goes for anyone else. Feel free to contact me on Aim or Skype. I've talked to mods about this project and the subject has never come up. But, I will ask just to be sure. I certainly wouldn't want for us to go outside of site guidelines. Besides, we're working on getting our own forums, so this thread is primarily for recruitment. I've sent Kyle a pm and I'll let you guys know how that pans out. KNGI would be ideal since I know many of you already have accounts there and have used the forums before. If that doesn't work out for some reason, I can very easily set up some forums myself. I want to avoid making it too orchestral since that's how the original is. I'm guilty of wanting to use brass in basically everything, so I'm trying not to use it, or at least not overuse it in this one. I think you're right though about an orchestral intro. I'm just trying to think of how to lead it into the rest of the song. That is a good idea. I'm sure you know a lot of other talented musicians for that sort of thing. I was trying to think of people that play strings myself, and I remembered I know a couple of local people. I don't know if it's practical, but I'll see if I can get some recordings from them.
  3. Tracklist has been updated with the new rule in place. I haven't really had any ideas for Kefka's theme until just a little bit ago. This is rather rough and much less than a 50% wip, but I thought I'd share it with you guys to get your thoughts: Kefka Remix Wip-1 I'm especially wishy-washy on the intro. I can't decide if I should use orchestral or ambient....or something else. Maybe you'll have a better idea than any of the one's I'm entertaining.
  4. I must concur with a lot of the responses here. You have an excellent voice. Ever considered doing an a cappella remix?
  5. I've decided to go with Kuolema's suggestion. Anyone that has expressed interest in a track up to this point will have a 2 week claim to complete a 50% wip, starting today. In the case of Devil's lab, it will go to Chernabogue who expressed interest in it first if he wants it. If he doesn't complete a wip in that time, it will go to the next person. I think this resolves all issues and raises no new concerns. Let me know if you have concerns about this policy or suggestions. In addition, I am seeking forums for sharing more substantive wip's and complete tracks.
  6. I did, in the very first post. Even put it near the top to ensure it would be read. And I've already requoted it in this thread before this most recent requote. Well, drama is often unavoidable. I frankly can't name any projects that were drama free. Sometimes feelings can be hurt unintentionally and misunderstandings can arise. This is FF6, expectations are going to be high and sensitivities will be on display. Indeed, this is less drama than I expected, though there's still time for more. You are right, my unreliable tendencies are not good qualities. If this is an issue for you, then I feel I owe you an explanation. This is a problem I have dealt with my entire life. When I was an infant, I was on the receiving end of some abuse, and consequently have brain damage. Because of this, my neuro-maps dissolve more quickly than is normal. It's not unusual for someone to tell me their name and for me to have already forgotten it before they finish their sentence. Like many people with disorders, I have developed compensatory behaviors to live as normally as possible. I frequently reread things. I missed a claim earlier in this thread in fact, but through rereading I noticed my mistake and corrected it. I virtually never delete emails or any other forms of contacts. Unfortunately, this is not possible on ocr as there is a pm limit. So, I try to respond immediately to pm's. If I cannot respond immediately, perhaps I need to think about my response, then I will forget until the next time I check my pm inbox. If the pm is accidentally deleted in the process, then I might as well have never received it, as far as my brain is concered. I don't think any of this will be an issue, if people are willing to contact me and ask me for updates if a day or two has passed. Or if they follow my suggestion in the first post and put their claim in the thread. Also, I have Rexy who is easily one of the most reliable people I know. You can always send things to her as well. Actually, if it's in the sitemap for the host it could've been a crawler from a search engine. Or, you could have listened to it again. If I listened to it and hated it like you claimed, one really has to wonder why I'd keep listening to it. Post it here, and I will give a thorough review. You can resolve this issue at any time you like by just posting to the thread. I have suggested you do this multiple times. I hope you will eventually take me up on this. Of course not. But websites can have issues. There's an entire section of the forums dedicated to that purpose.
  7. If their WIP is terrible, it can still be rejected. That sounds like a viable idea to me. Anyone else have thoughts on this? The problem with allowing too many claims is you end up with situations where some people will sit on a track and not work on it while another person may be waiting, really wanted to work on it and be denied. That's also why claims with no wip are limited to just a month. A week is a short enough period of time that that shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Like I said, I may have accidentally deleted it, please resend. A lot of people send me music, and it may not have clicked what the purpose was for or I may have loaded it and forgot to listen. Regardless, I'm suggesting you resend it, or better yet, post it to this thread. I did say in the original post that my preference was the wip's be made public: The main reason is group involvement, collabs, critiques, etc. But another very good reason is because OCR's pm system has never really agreed with me much, particularly because OCR tends to false flag some of my pm's as read or unread when the opposite is true, and I have a terrible short term memory. A recipe for disaster. Posting to the thread is much safer and eliminates the possibility of something being lost or unintentionally ignored. If I felt that anyone with no posted remixes was worthless, why allow them to join at all? Standards, by definition, are not "passing judgement" on individuals but quite the opposite. It's setting certain requirements that are applied consistently, not on an individual basis. If a person wants to do a track, they're going to be doing a 50% done wip anyways. They don't have a posted track record on OCR, so it's helpful to see what they'd do with the track before we let them claim it. Let me ask you something Mirby, would you accept a track that was completely awful? Why not? Isn't that unfair to exclude someone because they can't mix? There have to be some sort of standards. There's nothing unusual about this at all. A lot of projects allow posted remixers to make direct claims while others must do something else, such as audition. By requiring a wip instead of an audition, we are being more inclusive.
  9. There's a lot of open track and in the space of a few hours I think the chance of that is slim. If that should happen, don't worry, your remix can still be on the project. Once the entire tracklist is filled, you can remix anything. So if someone gets to a track before you do, you can still remix it later. We'll have bonus disc(s) for the extra tracks. Right now we're focusing on making sure everything is filled. Once that is done, the sky is the limit. Sounds good.
  10. Whoever sends in a 50% done wip first, provided it's up to standards. If you don't get the track you want because someone else got it first, don't worry. Once everything has been covered, anyone can work on any track they want. We'll have bonus material for extra tracks. We just want to focus on covering everything first.
  11. No, not at all. I didn't make up this "posted remixers can make direct claims" rule. It's been used on a number of other projects. It's not meant to be a judgement on any individual person. Some jobs require a college degree. Doesn't mean everyone without a college degree is worthless, only that people with one have demonstrated something. Quite the opposite. The project is open to everyone. I feel that auditions are needlessly restrictive, so hence the 50% wip method instead. The opposite is true. If John Williams wanted to be on this project, he'd need to submit a 50% done wip. The rules will be applied equally and consistently. You'll have to excuse me on these points. I realize I'm late to the party on FF6, but I grew up poor and didn't have an snes or playstation. I'm unable to play an instrument, so I haven't been following dwelling of duels either. When this project started, I realized my pm inbox was full. Turns out 200 is the limit (thanks Rexy for the heads up). I quickly deleted about 50, and have been working on whittling it down ever since. I'm sorry, but I may have accidentally deleted your PM, please resend. If anyone here contacts me via pm or tries to claim a track in the thread and doesn't get a response or see a tracklist edit within 48 hours, please contact me again. It is not my intention to ignore anyone. Private forums are a great idea. I could set some up at one of my own sites or use the ones at kngi. I'll definitely look into this. Yes. There are compos here where people regularly complete tracks in a week, not to mention OHC, where people create tracks that are sometimes more than 50% done in just an hour. If time is still an issue, I'd suggest just doing the easiest parts first. You can send in a complete midi arrangement or something about a minute long or longer with close to full instrumentation. The mixing doesn't need to be perfect. You can also send a collection of concept loops, provided that taken together it's possible to get a more complete picture of the track. No worries. If anyone has an issue, I'd prefer that it be brought forth and discussed. In sharing your concerns, you did the right thing. I'm looking forward to your track, and I hope you plan to claim more after your first!
  12. Well, in the first post it says this: Of course, it's a long post and only a brief mention of the rule, so I can see how it would be easy to miss. Looking forward to your wip. Lol. I know nothing about "Shizzie" but I'll take your word on it. Done and done.
  13. You aren't being held "liable" for anything. Surely you must agree that we need to have some sort of rules as to who can claim a track and who needs to demonstrate their ability and commitment first. And whenever you have any sort of standards there will be people close to the line either way. If you try to move the line up or down in specific situations, that is unfair to everyone else. I think this is all pretty moot anyways. You said you wanted to do the track which means you'll ultimately end up doing 100% of it. So the work put into the wip to claim it is work you'd already be doing. Na, I understand completely. I wish I weren't reliant on public sample libraries for precisely that reason. I generally reprocess my samples to make them sound a bit more unique. Still, live performers would be preferable. I was just trying to offer help if you needed it. His abilities aren't being questioned. I'm sure he can make a great battle theme remix. The reason for letting posted remixers make direct claims is that being posted and still being around shows some commitment to the community. None of this is in any way a judgement on Bonkers. If we don't apply the rules equally to everyone, then we are applying them unfairly.
  14. According to Bonkers, he has mixes pending but none yet posted. If he got posted tomorrow, that would change. In case there's any bit of confusion, let me better explain the rules and the reasoning behind them. Posted remixers can directly claim tracks because having a posted remix demonstrates the following: 1. That they can make a complete track that satisfies OCR standards. 2. Since posting takes a long time, it demonstrates that they have been musically involved in the community for a while and are not a Johnny-come-lately, Johnny-leave-early. I'm not saying Bonkers or anyone else can't make quality music or will instantly abandon this project as soon as a track is claimed. Rules have to be applied consistently in order to be fair. Making exceptions is favoritism and definitely unfair. Besides, Bonkers said he'd only spent about an hour on the track. He should be able to get it to 50% in no time. We won't be using the audition system in this project. Why? Because sometimes past work can be misleading. A person can struggle musically for a long time, then suddenly have a tremendous breakthrough and make something amazing. What if that breakthrough happened to be a remix in this project? I'd hate to lose a great remix as a result of not giving someone a chance. In addition, someone may simply be not quite good enough, but with a 50% wip we can help them identify those problem areas and fix them. The idea is to be inclusive as possible while still maintaining high standards. The reason for wanting a 50% done wip instead of say a 10% wip is twofold: First, it shows greater commitment, second, it gives us a more complete vision of the track and makes it easier to identify and resolve issues. I hope this explains things. Let me know if you have questions. Looking forward to those wip's Bonkers, Emperor Charlemagne and Omni-Psyence!
  15. I like what you've got so far. Get some more sounds and expand it into a 50% wip and I'll put you down for the track. If you don't have them at your fingertips, placeholders will do. Just enough so we can get a more complete vision of your final wav. Curious, how long are you shooting for in terms of length? That would be cool. There's a lot of capable musicians in this community. But, if you absolutely can't find someone for live strings, I think I'm half decent at sequencing them and could help if strings are something you're lacking. Here's some examples of my sequenced strings: Sure. Just updated the tracklist.
  16. Nope, same deadline lengths for everyone. A 50% percent done wip can be just the arrangement, if finding recording times is an issue. A fully complete arrangement in the form of a midi is acceptable as a 50% done wip. Just make a 50% done wip and share it. I tried the link you gave, but it said the file wasn't there.
  17. Welcome aboard! Got you down for those two tracks. If you think OA should do it, I suggest you suggest it to him.
  18. Just make a 50% done (or more) wip to claim the track. We'll see. Depends how busy this project makes me. =)
  19. Well, January is start a new project month. I think your Cid Project is a great idea. Good luck with it.
  20. FF6 Remix Project It's been inevitable for years. But not for me. I didn't have an snes or playstation growing up on account of being poor. So I didn't even hear of the game until adulthood. Even then, I didn't really understand the fawning or nostalgia that seemed to accompany references to the game. Well, that changed last month when I played it for the first time on an emulator. There's a lot I like about the game: the story, character development, but most of all the music. The music is absolutely gorgeous. How this project will work: I'd like to do this a little differently than other projects. I've divided it into 8 phases. Phases 1-6 will last a month each. You can call a track any time in phase 1-6 if you are a posted remixer. If not, you will can still claim a track for 2 weeks. Three phases (months) after having called your track, you will be expected to be done or almost done with it. If not, you will be dropped from the track. This will help us get through the production process a bit faster. Since different tracks will have different timelines, I will keep dates next each track being worked on. Phase 7 will be wrapup and will go from July 1st til October 1st. In this phase, I will begin remixing or finding remixers for tracks that aren't taken or have been dropped. Phase 8 will be mastering/sorting the tracks and preparing for release. Timeline: Phase 1 January 1st - February 1st Phase 2 February 1st - March 1st Phase 3 March 1st - April 1st Phase 4 April 1st - May 1st Phase 5 May 1st - June 1st Phase 6 June 1st - July 1st Phase 7 July 1st - October 1st Phase 8 October 1st - January 1st, 2013 OCR-goers regularly complete tracks in a week for competitions, so I think these timelines should provide for plenty of time. Don't pick a track someone else has taken until all other tracks are full. If we do get two remixes of the same track, the better remix will be on the main album, while the other will be part of the bonus material. Quality and Community: We have two main goals with this project: To create a quality remix album for the FF6 sound track and to involve/help develop the community. I'd like to see some new faces on this project along with the more established remixers. I'd like to see collabs. If someone needs some help in an area you know a thing or two about, don't hesitate to pitch in. Rexy is my assistant director who will also be providing critiques and help, especially with arrangement issues. Feel free to ask her for help. Other Projects: I know there's a million other projects out there. I personally think you can never have too much good music. This project will take a year, so if a remixer has 8 different tracks on 8 different projects, I'm sure they'll still be able to find the time to do a remix on this one without sacrificing effort on the other ones. If we have difficulty filling tracks, I'll remix whatever is left over in phase 7 and 8. Other FF6 Remixes: I'm aware that certain FF6 songs have been covered a lot already. I'll be remixing the two most remixed (on this site) tracks in order to avoid a stampede. Other rules still apply to these remixes. Despite the large number of FF6 remixes out there, there are still quite a few beautiful tracks that have never been remixed. Once the tracklist is full, all tracks will be open to work on. I realize some tracks are more popular than others, and so we may get a lot of bonus remixes of certain tracks. Nothing wrong with that at all, I just want to make sure the lesser remixed tracks are covered too. Genres: All genres are welcome with 1 exception: It must sound like it could be from this century. This means no pure chiptunes. You can still use chip sounds as elements, just not as the whole mix. Forums are here: http://www.kngi.org/phpbb3/viewforum.php?f=124 Tracklist: Individual tracks: ?? Another World of Beasts (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12) Aria de Mezzo Carattere (Jason Covenant, Terra Matter, and GLL OR Orangedragan) (Wip due 4-1-12) Awakening (Xarnax42) (Wip due 4-1-12) (COSI) Battle Theme (BONKERS) (Wip due 4-1-12) (LFCP: Especially live trumpet and strings) Blackjack Catastrophe Cyan's Theme (Wip due 4-1-12)Celes (GLL) (Wip due 4-1-12) Coin Song Dancing Mad Dark World (Darangen) (Wip due 4-1-12) Devil's Lab (Chernabogue, HoboKa) (Due 4-1-12) Edgar & Sabin's Theme (pu_freak) (Due 4-1-12) Ending Theme Epitaph (Orangedragan, Jason Covenant, AkumajoBelmont) (Wip due 4-1-12) Fanatics Fanfare Forever Rachel (Jakesnke17) (Wip due 4-1-12) Gau (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12) Gogo Grand Finale? Johnny C Bad (Tuberz McGee, Mirby, Brandon Strader, Rexy, Wiesty) (Wip due 4-1-12) Kefka (Jason Covenant) (Wip due 4-1-12) Kids Run Through the City Last Dungeon AKA Kefka's Tower (Rockos) (Due 4-1-12) Locke Metamorphosis (Anti-Syne) (Wip due 4-1-12) Mog Mt. Koltz New Continent Opening Theme (Metal Man, Blastphemy) (Wip due 4-1-12) Overture Phantom Train (GLL) (Wip due 4-1-12) Relm (Rexy) (Wip due 4-1-12) Rest in Peace (Jason Covenant) (Wip due 4-1-12) Returners Save Them! Searching for Friends (Emperor Charlemagne) (Wip due 4-1-12) Setzer Shadow Slam Shuffle Spinach Rag Strago (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12) Techno de Chocobo Terra (Jason Covenant) (Wip due 4-1-12) The Day After The Decisive Battle (Nekofrog) (Wip due 4-1-12) The Empire "Gestahl" (Dj Mokram) (Due 4-1-12) The Fierce Battle (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12) The Magic House (GLL) (Wip due 4-1-12) (LFCP) The Mines of Narshe The Phantom Forest (PabloComa) (Due 4-1-12) The Prelude (Dusk) (Wip due 4-1-12) The Serpent Trench The Unforgiven The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel The Veldt (OA, bLiNd) (Wip due 2-15-12) Troops March On Umaro Under Martial Law Medleys: The Veldt + Shadow (Jakesnke17) (Wip due 2-1-12) LFCP = Looking for Collab Partners COSI = Conditional on Significant Improvement Red = Claimed, wip not yet turned in Purple = Wip turned in, not done.
  21. Well that's just cause everyone knows Akuma's up this week. What's the point of trash talking for your team when your poor teammate is up against the golden-piped man-siren himself?
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