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  1. I'm likewise ignorant, but I've found the wikia to be a useful resource. Here's what a Maverick is: http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Maverick Here's a list of them: http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Mavericks
  2. I don't have a focus or style preference. Just providing advice would make it no different than most other compos, since a lot of people enlist other pairs of ears to check their mixes anyways. I think passing a midi around would be the most ideal situation. There's also the power of skype+screenshare.
  3. That's not entirely true. Shortly before the private project was announced, Zircon invited me to be part of his project and I declined because of philosophical differences. I made some suggestions which generally involved merging the projects in a way that Zircon also had philosophical differences with and also declined. It is untrue that I was categorically opposed to collaboration, only that we had irreconcilable differences in the way such a project should be run. You are correct that we did agree to work separately and amicably. On a lighter note, congrats on having such a successful kickstarter!
  4. Sorry guys, I'm not going to be able to get a mix in. I had an idea I really liked, but there's no way I'm going to be able to finish in time. I've turned in half-baked ideas before in the past, but I'd rather not do that this time. I was looking forward to remixing my theme, so I probably still will on my own time. If I finish something before this compo is over, I'll be sure to post it as a "bonus" mix. Sorry TheRexAsaurous, didn't mean to ditch on you. Good luck in the compo, and I look forward to hearing your track.
  5. If possible, I'd like to be in the first bracket.
  6. I'm changing my picks to resolve the conflict with KingTiger's picks. My picks are now: 1. Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3, Genesis) 2. Panic Puppet Zone (Sonic 3D Blast, Genesis) 3. Marble Zone (Sonic 1, Genesis) 4. Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1, Genesis) 5. Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2, Genesis) I guess someone had to remix Ice Cap. =)
  7. People may drop out between now and the start of the compo. (It is a couple weeks away.) Since Main Finger made his picks first, why don't you let him in and other people can wait and see if someone drops.
  8. Yea, same here. But when you pick a zone, you get both acts for that zone. Since it seems we both really want that zone, we'll probably have to flip for it. Or rather, SuperiorX will flip a coin to see who gets it.
  9. 1. Panic Puppet Zone (Sonic 3D Blast, Genesis) 2. Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3, Genesis) 3. Marble Zone (Sonic 1, Genesis) 4. Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1, Genesis) 5. Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2, Genesis)
  10. Seems a lot of people could use a little more time. So, every track due today gets another two weeks. I'll update the tracklist tonight with all the changes.
  11. Thanks. I have some soul-style vocal bits that I cut up and reworked into a new melody. I second the motion. You did a great job Nuts, especially with the synths.
  12. I'd emphasize some of the particulars in OCR's mission, namely both the appreciation and preservation of VGM as an art form.
  13. Sounds great! I look forward to hearing your track. I didn't get much chance to work on mine yesterday, but I'm sure I'll find enough time this week to finish something. Good luck! Also, awesome reviews Larry.
  14. Hey, no worries. I don't think you offended anyone. Sometimes other people will have a difference of opinion. Anyways, regarding the missed Gario vs. Zircon matchup -- maybe it could be a bonus round? Gario could make a new remix, but be allowed to use parts from his first one and Zircon could use parts of the wip he started. I think it would be fun as a bonus round, maybe after the compo is over or something. Just a thought. =)
  15. Shame you didn't have the time to enter Zircon. Hopefully you'll be able to fully participate in the next compo. Last week was crazy for me, and I don't know if I could've finished a mix either. I'm glad I'm going this week for that very reason. Hey! I enjoyed competing with you in the last compo. It was a lot of fun. I look forward to our match-up. I'm sure it'll be a blast.
  16. Relax. It's just a discussion of site standards. Yes, it's common here.
  17. I'm really out of my depth on this, but I do want to make one small comment, for what it's worth. I was under the (apparently false) impression that there already were a few pure chiptunes on the site. With so many songs on the site with significant chip-elements, it would be quite a leap to completely ban pure chip songs. There are some very talented chip artists on this site, so I'm sure it's only a (short) matter of time before a pure chip song is posted.
  18. Well, that's unfortunate. We'll miss you. I lost all interest in music a few years back. Didn't last forever obviously, but I can relate to the feeling. Good luck in your non-musical endeavors.
  19. Rose (Alpha 3) Fei-Long (SSF2) Vega (Alpha 3) Geki (SF1) Dhalsim (Alpha 3)
  20. I'm personally getting very frustrated with emulator. First emulator won't run certain roms, then emulator stops working completely and all the save files corrupted. Now you're telling me that emulator is behind on the remix album? What's next?
  21. If you claim a track now, you'll have until 3/15 to produce a wip. Of any of those tracks you mentioned, do you want to make a claim?
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