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  1. Round 6 Results! 1. Sir_NutS - 23 points (31.1%) 2. Phonetic Hero - 21 points (28.4%) 3. Flexstyle - 17 points (23.0%) 4. TheRexAsaurous - 13 points (17.6%) 5. Team Goat Rotisserie - 0 points (0%) 5. Team GBA - 0 points (0%) Another close round. Round 7 is up. There were only 3 entries turned in for round 7, which means the rules will be a little different. If your team turned in a mix, you are allowed to vote for your own team. You won't have to share first place points, since, your team got their mix in. For everyone else, voting is still the same. Modus, I suggest perusing some alphabetized game lists or just browsing vgmusic.com
  2. Sorry, been a little under the weather so I didn't get to the uploading right away and now it's taking forever. As soon as things are up, I'll post them (and the results.) For this week, you can remix the title theme from any game that shares the first letter of your forum name. I'll explain the concept behind the theme in a little bit. Go ahead and get started.
  3. OP has been updated with new scores. Spreadsheet forthcoming. Rounds 7-9 will have some additional rules. Each round from here on will grant an additional 100 points added to the score of the winner. So if a track wins with 34.7% of the vote, it'll get 347 points plus the 100 point bonus for a total of 447 points. In round 9, points will be doubled after applying this bonus. (This applies to everyone, not just the winner.) Why? Round 9 will have the same rules we've been following up to this point but with a (fun) twist. That twist will require FL Studio-specific know-how and will make the round more difficult. It only seems fair to double the points. Time allowed will also be double. (Two weeks.) I recommend a lot teamwork and selecting a capable primary mixer for round 9. Needless to say, there's a lot of chances for reaching your team's score goals in the upcoming rounds.
  4. Yea, I totally forgot to do that last week. It's one of my projects for today. I'll also upload a spreadsheet to show past progress.
  5. Round 5 Results! 1. DDRKirby(ISQ) - 31 points (33.3%) 2. ectogemia - 27 points (29.0%) 3. Cash and Change - 22 points (23.7%) 4. Modus - 13 points (14.0%) 5. Team Floaty Lizard-Bee - 0 points (0%) 5. Team GBA - 0 points (0%) Sorry for the delay. Round 6 is up.
  6. I looked it up and it's not an RTS. Sorry. You might get another chance to remix a source from it in the remaining rounds. We'll see.
  7. Yes. Pikmin is real time strategy. Any songs that play during the strategy portions of the game are fair game.
  8. Round 4 Results! 1. wildfire - 40 points (29.6%) 1. Ghetto Lee Lewis - 40 points (29.6%) 3. Ben Briggs - 35 points (25.9%) 4. Black Panther - 17 points (12.6%) 5. Team Goat Rotisserie - 3 points (2.2%) 6. Team GBA - 0 points (0%) Talk about a close round! As I was tallying votes, the lead switched places many times. I didn't know the order of the results until the very last vote was counted. Round 5 is up. Modus's file contained a non-FL loop. Fortunately, it didn't seem to be used anywhere in the mix itself. I understand you might want to import disallowed files for brainstorming purposes, just make sure they're gone when you send in the final mix. Like today, mixes (and votes) are due at 10pm ET next week, 2/3/13.
  9. Just a reminder that the deadline for votes/mixes is today at 10pm ET. That's about 8.5 hours away.
  10. A release is a release. So yea, whichever came first. Also, ecto if you're having technical difficulties that you can't resolve, feel free to send me the flp and I'll take a look at it. If I can't solve the problem, I should at least be able to find you a work-around.
  11. Round 3 Results! 1. DDRKirby(ISQ) - 44 points (36.1%) 2. ectogemia - 35 points (28.7%) 3. Theory of N - 24 points (19.7%) 4. Cash and Change - 11 points (9%) 5. Zerothemaster - 8 points (6.6%) 6. Team GBA - 0 points (0%) Aaaaannnnnd, Round 4 is up. Again someone used Edison, but not in a way that seemed to affect the mix. Please check the list in the OP if you aren't sure if a plugin is allowed or not. Also, because of the delay on my end, you have more time for next week's deadline. Mixes (and votes) are now due at 10pm ET instead of 2pm ET.
  12. Sorry for the delay guys, been running into internet problems all day. I'll get the tracks up as soon as I can.
  13. Nope. Don't see it. If for some reason your pm's aren't working, you can leave a message with me on skype. I'll be sure to check it before tallying the votes.
  14. Chrono Trigger, yes. I've never played Ocarina of Time. As long as the passage of time occurs in the game-world that equals greater than 1 year and is indicated as so by the game, then it's fine. It sounds fine here. I compared the flp you sent with the mp3, and they sound the same. Do you think maybe it's a problem with your comp? If you are still concerned, you can send me a new file and I'll upload it. You didn't provide the info so I guessed. Nine. The ninth round will be a special round. KTHX3 will be involved.
  15. Round 2 Results! 1. Flexstyle - 33 points (33.3%) 2. Sir_NutS - 23 points (23.2%) 3. wildfire - 19 points (19.2%) 4. Modus - 18 points (18.2%) 5. TEAM FAUX VASECTOMY - 6 points (6%) 6. Team GBA - 0 points (0%) Also, Round 3 is up. About those Round 3 songs...there were two that contained a couple disallowed plugins: ectogemia's and Zerothemaster's entries. Neither were used significantly in their respective mixes so I don't think it's a big deal, but please check the list in the OP when you mix to make sure you aren't, say, using Edison. Voters, you may want to consider the roles of these plugins in the mixes when casting your votes.
  16. Sorry I didn't get to responding to this earlier, but it's been a busy week. Looks like you guys resolved it without me though. Nice work. DDR, there's a list in the original post of things you can and can't use. That's kinda the whole point -- that it's more challenging with the limitations placed on the tools we're using while still trying to achieve the same results one would with more powerful tools. The reason for using the demo version as the standard is that it's free and still contains many easy-to-use tools. Indeed, what PH said.
  17. If the stage theme is named after a character then yes. I think we should try to avoid repeats whenever possible. And it seems ToN is available after all...
  18. Meh, I guess an extension wouldn't hurt, since we won't be voting on anything else this week anyways. EDIT: Round 3 go! Also, voting extended by 1 week.
  19. Good music is good music regardless of where it comes from or how it's used.
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