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  1. Oh, is that what it was? I was gonna ask him what "eclectic steep" was supposed to mean.
  2. No kidding. Flex is certainly bringing the heat this week. I'd even go so far as to rate it at the level of audible beer.
  3. Real sorry you weren't able to enter. I know how hard it can be when stuff comes up.
  4. Ok, turned it in. =) I for once am pleased with my entry. Every week I've been trying to attempt something ambitious. The first week, I completely screwed up and couldn't finish my ambitious idea. The next time I was up, I got an ear infection. This week, I had unforeseeable scheduling conflicts, but damnit, I went with my ambitious idea. Time constraints be damned. It's not as complete or polished as I'd like it to be, but I'm happy with it. I plan on completing it and submitting it. I'm kinda sad this is my last normal round. They went by so fast! Good luck to everyone on your last normal round. I hope you can make something you're proud of.
  5. I'm sure OA will now reveal his second form....
  6. That sounds very similar to a thing that happens to me when I'm in the beer imports store.
  7. This compo has been enjoyable so I'm glad you're going to have a round 10. I look forward to finding out what it is.
  8. Yea, I noticed that too. I figured that he was just following the storyline. =)
  9. Awwwwwww. That's just the cutest thing. DA, you may be on to something there...
  10. I used to participate in meme battles, but then I took an arrow....oh never mind.
  11. Of course, but Flex is just trying to be a gentleman in providing fair warning. I agree. Definitely a strong round. Nice work guys.
  12. Oh man, that's like how I was last week with an ear infection. I'm just now getting over it. Seems like we get sick at just the wrong times, no? I recommend Dayquil, Nyquil (the medicine, not the song) and tons of vitamin C. Because it's fun =)
  13. Maybe. It's possible that DarkeSword planned to use it for this round from the beginning and you guys requesting it was just a coincidence. It's not the only theme people have been requesting. Edit: And it wasn't even the same theme. Lulz.
  14. Sorry you had a rough week. I'm glad you got it done though. =) Also, Darkesword the link is broken in your above post. Listening to it now on Youtube. Sounds like a good theme for The Concrete Men. =)
  15. I like. On the instruments one, can you get rid of one of the controllers and add a mouse? Some of us play games using a mouse, and some of us write music with a mouse. That's one thing I liked about the original instrument shirt -- it included us mouse musicians. =)
  16. Wasn't Cold Man born in the freezer of an 80's disco bar? You'll have to elaborate on his back story. =)
  17. A splendid idea. I noticed you've reviewed every (or almost every) mix on the site which I must say is an impressive task. I've considered reviewing a large number myself (though probably less in total) but haven't gotten around to it. Challenge accepted.
  18. I wasn't aware girl's shirts weren't available before. Making them available seems pretty important in the grand scheme of prioritizing.
  19. I don't think that'll be an issue. If the shirt is adopted, you'll see the phrase mentioned a lot more on the site.
  20. I see a robot building team at a university. That's the second result. We're the first result. I'm sorry, but I don't see the problem. If anything, the fact that there is no real Overclocked University is a good thing -- no one to confuse us with. And again, we are the first result. I know you are concerned that people won't know what the site is based on the search terms, but I don't think that'll be a problem when those same search terms lead them directly to the site. Agreed. One of the most reasonable forums period.
  21. I agree that few if anyone is going to see the university shirt and immediately reach a complete understanding about OCR as a site, but I don't think the second shirt accomplishes that any better. I don't think that the purpose of the shirt should be to completely explain the mission of this site either. The purpose of the shirt, in my view, is to catch others' attention and get them to look it up for themselves. Frankly, I think both shirts can do that just fine. I prefer the first shirt because I like it better personally. Someone better tell Dave then, so he can take it out of the mission statement. On a more serious note, I've said many times the primary purpose of the site is rearranging game music. That doesn't render all other intentions, especially ones explicitly stated in the mission statement, completely meaningless. No matter how funny a joke may be, there will always be people that don't get it. You are correct that it's the ratio that's at the heart of the matter. The fact that there are so many shirts suggests to me that a lot of people get it and get it very easily. I was concerned about that, but I couldn't think of a better way to word it while still getting the same idea across. Maybe, "Do you see the difference?" or a statement like, "That's the difference," would have been better. Regardless, it wasn't my intent to come across as patronizing or condescending for that matter. Sorry if it seemed that way. I think we've reached an understanding.
  22. I never said we were literally a university...Saying two things bear a similarity is not the same thing as saying two things are identical. Like I said before, the site's primary function is rearranging music, but it has an educational component to it as well, and is certainly invested in the musical appreciation of video game music. Musical appreciation is taught at a number of universities in different forms. We have workshops where people can learn about creating music or creating better music, and even our judging system provides helpful feedback which can help an aspiring artist develop. This site is chock full of educational opportunities. Uh, what? It's an objective fact that a lot of similar shirts exist. Are you suggesting that people buy those shirts because because they don't get it? As for projecting, you very specifically stated that if you don't get the joke, then others won't: Other people have different opinions and find different things funny. I think others will get it because there are similar shirts and people get them. You said you don't think people will get it because you don't get it. Do you understand the difference? I can agree with that.
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