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  1. Beatdrop.... I'm dissapointed in you I know you can do alot better and it displeases me to have to rate this song. eck. Anyways here goes, | 5 | Concept: This song earned a five simply because I had absolutely no clue what Beatdrop was trying to with it. It seemed rather random and out of place. It reminded me too much of old early 80's techno trax. mixed with some sort of semi breakbeat. The reason it didn't earn a one is simple because he was very consistent nonetheless with this if that makes any sense. I'm not sure how to explain it. I guess it's becuase usually Beatdrop would have no problme in this area but he decided to take a big rish whcih turned out to be blunderous but nonetheless there was still the fact the he is no newb and still managed to make it work to a certain degree. I'm still not sure if I managed to adequately express myslef on that on. Sigh. | 8 | Repetition/Timing: Maybe this will help. He kept the song flowing even though he broke some rules and managed to create various recombos that kept it together. No one can say that this song fell apart in any area with the partial exception to that err drumsolo. It built up nicely but nothing really spectacular ever happened. | 3 | Synths/Samples: I understand he mixed the drum himslef but I still don't know why he chose that particular kick. It sounded like the default syth drum on the ancient midi based software I first began using when I began mixing ages ago. Personally I think one of those "Realistic" kick sample would have sounded nicely here or depending on his mixing ability he might have made one himself. The other synths including the rest of the percussion just seemed a bit off. He mentioned he was going for an electro sound. I'm a fan of true electro particularly modern but this just wasn't it. This sounded retro but not nostalgic. | 9 | Structure: Nothing wrong can be said about the structure. It was entirely solid and flowed smoothly. This is a sign of any decent mixer. | 6 | Transitions: Most of the transitions were very simple and plain. there was one however that really annoyed me. It seemed he was turning down low frequencies at random at the very beginning of the song with the bass when he was introducing other voices. It just didn't work | 6.2 | Overall: Skill shown through the darkness on this song despite the poor tools and style chosen with which to implement them. I'm not really sure what else to say about it I think I have already summed it all up.
  2. LOL! OMFG that is funny. I would run it through my normal routine breaking apart and repiecing the song pointing out every little nuance but hey this song isn't serious enough for it. It was definetley at the very least a smile cracker for everyone but for me... hahaha. I laughed my ass off. I'm still laughing and trying to type. You will have to forgive my if i misspell anything. I have a feeling I will be listening to this song a little alot more often.
  3. Hhhmmm. Lol absynth presets. Well let's see dnb junkie and ghostpad to name at least two. Well overall it wasn't too bad. Metroid was one of the few games I actually got to lay eyes on (but never the chance to play) as a child. Well for the most part it was somewhat repetive and plain. I really enjoyed the transitions though they flowed perfectly. That perc and new lead that came in the second part were great. I just wish you had done more with it. The little bass carpetwork here was somewhat annoying in some areas and needed to be turned down. Hmm well i think I should sum up my entire opinion now. Well it was definetly sinister. but for the most aprt not completely entertaining and more "background music" do to the rampant repetition and untimeliness of certain transitions which did by the way flow flawlessly. I give it a 6.4
  4. Hehehe. I liked this song for the most part. Has anye one here ever heard of Dj Trance. No, I mean the ORIGINAL Dj Trance. The guy that basically invented goa and psy trance. Well anyways the style of this song was very similar to one his most famous songs. It is called trancesexual. No, I mean the ORIGINAL trancesexual. There a million songs out now with that name. Anyways this is my little rating system. | 10 | Concept: A perfect TEN! concept is the general feeling that an artist is trying to create when he/she makes a song. In this case McVaffe nailed this one perfectly. All the riffs, including percussion fit flowed flawlessly. | 3 | Repetition/Timing: Ouch! This song's main weakness is undoubtedly it's rampant repetition. It took FOREVER to change in several areas. Any lesser song would have completely fallen apart. This is a huge compromise to concept more than anything else which is why I listed it second. | 8.5 | Synths/Samples: Extremely good synth work here. To some people it may seem like just a bunch of beeps yet it was this exact almost retro sound that really helped solidify the concept. My only problem is that some of the synths caused signifiacant pain to my ears. I think the freq. was too high along with the already top notes pitch on certain sounds. | 9 | Structure: Very well done. Everything seemed to be in the right order. I noted a few very minor extemely insignificant areas where things were a little out of place so to speak. But as far as I'm concerned it's practically perfect for what I think McVaffe was trying to do. | 7 | Transitions: The transistions in the beginning of the song are beyond brilliant; particularly the one that begins at :24 and pitch shifts like mad. Unfortunately as the song progresses..... .....they seem to digress. The intro and and ending were a bit well......... There weren't really any. It just sort of began and then builtup then just ended abruptly. This rating is carried mostly by the few displays of brilliance where Mcvaffe really showed his Vinyl. | 6.8 | Overall: I thouroghly enjoyed this song. Although I have never played the game or even used the system, I somehow get the feeling that McVaffe more than adequately fulfilled and built upon the original's song's intent and feel. I recommend this mix to anyone for at least ONE listen. Once again the hefty length and mad repetition kind of ruins it for me a little but didn't entirely prevent me from enjoying this song overall.
  5. I agree. But not to get too far off the subject of the song being reviewed........ Oh I hate to be the bad guy and point out alot of flaws that other ppl miss when alot of ppl like a song.... oh well. Well here goes: Starts out house style just kicks and a weak bass. Then let's see one of those no low frequencies synths comes in after four solid measures of this. Nothing really happens except a little more drums a hh here and there. The lead or what I think is the lead comes in at :45 seconds. A little bit late 30 seconds would have been just fine. The lead is also running short on frequencies.... not very rich or tasteful. There's nothing wrong with using this type of lead it's just in the wrong song and usually doesn't even work as a lead. Next comes some sort of flute synth. It unfortunately was also very weak. At 1:30 everything drops out except for some sort of low string pad and the flute. I actually like this part. It has a nice mood to it. A few insignificant instruments fade in. then a very very very weak unsupported snare tries to carry the whole transition back to the original theme. This just didn't work. Oh wait hold on. The buildup at 2:25..... things are starting to look up. Nevermind. It didn't really build up to anything. I'm sorry. Probably my favorite part of this song was it's rhythm at the beginning. The first synth was used very well and well anyways I give this song a 4 out of ten.
  6. I just got it to work and I'm listening to it right now. I'll type out what I think as I listen......... Hmm..... .......Interesting intro. A bit long (25) seconds Is that synth clipping? What's wrong with my speakers? Hmm it's just the synth I guess. House? Is this a house song? You started with just the basic 4 beat kick and a weak shaker or some weird HH and let it go alone from :51 to 1:03. Even then all that happens is the HH comes in. (so it was a shaker) still going to 1:13. OMG! IT is house! Mad props. No one bothers to make house anymore. You ever listen to Vinyl Groover? He is probably the best houser of all time; especially when he's collabing with redhead. That riff right there is from one of his songs. I can't quite rememeber the name. It's 1:50 now and you still haven't done anything with it yet. HMM. 3:31 now. Well it never really built to anything. Conclusion after listening to song: The sounds and riffs were excellent house material. Very nice. You just didn't use them right. You had the right ideas about the buildups they were just a bit weak. You could probably fix that easliy with a clever snare and better timing. I also didn't like the frequencies in the song many of the instruments sounded pale as a result of having a short frequency span. This can be harder to remedy in house songs than most other chandres; believe me I know. The main melody which comes in at the end..... It sort of comes out of nowhere. Most house songs are not this way. They are gradual and progressive. Nothing just appears out of nowhere if you have been doing solid building for whole song. With House you usually have to pick one or the other, straight builds, strong beat (oldschool) or spontaniety, breakbeat (modern true house) Once again Mad props on choosing to make house. There are so few people these days that even remember what real house is. You obviously seem to. Those drums reminded me so much of Vinylgroover. and the lead that came at the beginning of the first minute... classic. My advice to you is listen to some more true house and you'll know what I mean about the transitions etc.
  7. De' Jha' Vu. I don't think that's how you spell it. I had the same problem as the professor. Hmm. Let this all be lesson to you all. Don't get xp home edition and play certain songs from OC. JK. Get the professional edition. It's so much better. I promise to review this song for real as soon as I can get it to work
  8. Very nice guitar riffs. I can't play the guitar but I know several proffessional guitarists and I think I can speak withknowledge on this subject. Very clean playing. I felt it was very precise. Perhaps a bit unimaginatve but simplicity definetely has it's place in music, and playing guitar live is definetely more difficult to coordinate with synthetic instruments than a mere sample. Overall high quality concept and playing ability just needs to added to and remastered.
  9. Dj Pretzel made a very simple and clear request. I can't believe people are having troule with it.
  10. Nice song Proticity. I have a few things to point out. The intro was rather slow. It didn't pick up pace till the flute came in. That flute was beautiful. It was obviously a New age song with heavy ethnic empahasis... But it lacked in momentum. New age songs are generally very slow and have very long transitions. This song had no momentum. It was more a jumble of really nice riffs. They never really lead into eachother. It just jumped from one to another. There's nothing wrong with this either. But in cases where you have these types of transitions u generally need a song to be short and of a fast chandre. It just didn't work in this case. This songs also has nice carpet songs but they are all short lived and infrequent. I somehow get the feeling that this artist is used to mxing a different type of chandre. This is the first song by Protricity I have heard and somehow I get the feeling I listened to the wrong one. The panning/ reverb/ delay effects etc are really well done. The samples are excellent. It sounds to me like he is a sound supporter of the reason series. Maybe I'm wrong that's just how it sounds. He might be using Cubase as his platform hard to tell. Oh yes Protricity just so you know I speak from experience. I have been mixing for ten years and have created 200+ songs. I hope you take my criticism as constructive. It was intended to be. Overall excellent concept good mxing just need work on arrangement and structure.
  11. Once again I must comment but this time on myself. If you note in my above reply you'll notice a mistake or two. I would like to point them out. In the first paragraph, "verb in place of a noun", should be replaced by, "noun in place of a verb". Obviouly neither Mr. Saunders or I are perfect. I have another bone to pick with myself and that's that I spoke at all. Generally when you criticize others you should be able to back up what you are saying with some experience. I have ample amounts but unfortunately I have no way of proving that till some of my songs have been submitted. Then it would be easier to point out discrepencies in other people's music becuase then they would know I was speaking from experience. This is my last reply to this review column.
  12. Apparently someone doesn't have a basic command of the English language Mr. Saunders. Prophecy is a noun. Prophesy is a verb. The "y" in prophesy has a long "i" sound. The "y" in prophecy has a long "e" sound. If you look at your response to my review claiming that I am grammatically incorrect you used a verb in place of a noun. I quote you thereof: "I "Prophecy" that you should spell correctly and use less retarded capitilization if you wish to be taken seriously" -- Mr. Saunders Although this is an obvious contradiction he does have a point. I'm generally a bit trigger happy on that shift bar. It's an old habit, rather subliminal. I'm glad he pointed this out and I will work to correct this. However, he needs to think before he types as you can see above the blatant contradiction. I would also would like to apopoligze to "FF Music Dj". I think I was too harsh. I have made over 200 hundred songs myself and I'm new to the concept of amatuer video game remixing. I'm sorry if I offended anyone especially "FF Music Dj". Compared to the people that ususally review most music I have heard I was very nice (trust me). I haven't heard any of your other stuff so it wasn't right for me to judge so quickly. Oh yes and my problem with it not being "dancey" was simply becuase you had a dancy beat. It just didn't fit the lead. The song would have probably sounded nice with a very slow beat and some nice pads. You seem to have nice software and the ability to use it becuase the sound quality was very high. Once again I apologize. I prophesy that I'm very sorry and have been deeply humbled by the experience of finding myself to be so offensive. I think my sincerity on this issue has been represented by the level of effort put into this reply.
  13. The Minus's I Was Utterly Disgusted. I can't Believe This Was Posted. It Was A blatant Attempt At some Sort of Dance Song And It Falied Miserable. I'm Usually Not Very Critical But I was Appalled. It Was Utterly Slow And Repetetive. It Was Incredibly Empty And The Lead Without The Drums Would Have sounded Like a Pathetic Excuse For Ambient. Anyone With An LFO And The Abitility To cut and paste Could Hvae Made This Song. No Imagination Or Creativity. Has Anyone Ever heard Of a counter Melody? The Plusses: Very Good Mastering (With Excetion To the fact That The Drums Were 10 times a sloud as the lead...., Or maybe That's just my speakers). High Quality Sound Samples. However The Thing I enjoyed Most About This Song Was When it Ended. It was only 3:35. ProPhecY: I Prophesy That This "artist" Needs to rethink his "life" And His Failed Attepmts At "music". Once Again I Apologise For Being So Negative But if you look at the other reviews for the most Part, They Agree.
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