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  1. Hello everyone ! it's started in 1991, when I was 16 years old ! I buy this game first for the music ! I heard it in a VHS game demo and I fall in love with that sound, that shred and this great Shoot them up ! I begin covering on my keyboard in 1992, but one year ago I wanted to remake it. So I'm glad to share with you my Remixes of MUSHA ALESTE VGM. it take me one year to remake this OST. So I hope you will enjoy this. Fullmetal Fighter guitar cover by jmabate I've made 10 titles : Theme of MUSHA Fullmetal Fighter Galvanic Gear Armed Armor Divine Devise Noh Specter Offensive Overdrive Aggressive Attack Alpha Wave For the Love of... chears \m/
  2. Hello every ones I'm jmabate from france and I'm a Sega genesis music fan. I've maked somes covers like Musha Aleste, Devil Crash, Thunder Force 2 and 4, Decap-Attack and more to comes. I've eared about OC Remixer on severals music forum, so I came here and share my VGM passion and make collabs. thanks.