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  1. Hello tous le monde. I'm looking for a soprano vocal, a horn and a violin players who will be intrested to be a part of this Golden Axe Tribute track. https://youtu.be/ouKja1PAd4M chears jmabate
  2. hello ! in 2017, I've worked on the MUSHA Aleste soundtrack, to make covers of this awesomes 16 bits metal pieces ! I played this game when I was 15/16 years hold and I was subjugated by his metal soundtrack with a lot of nice melodies and strongs rythm guitars. I've made midifiles from the emulators vgm files and I'haved try to performed, recorded all parts as close as the original source of the 10 songs from the game between "Theme of Musha" (intro) to "For the Love Of..." (credit) So, I'm proud to present my MUSHA ALeste Covers Album ! you can listen and download (f
  3. hello everyones ! here's my last Musha Aleste cover with this boss theme..."Stratospheric Struggle" it was a challenge to covered but I finaly did it : enjoy not submited ! too close from the original source
  4. hello ! here's my cover from the genesis game Devil Crash (also available on PC Engine as Devil's Crush) ! it's not submitted cause it's too close from the original source, but I'm proud to share with you this fabulous OST ! composer : Toshiaki Sakoda also available for free (download) on my bandcamp : https://jmabate.bandcamp.com/track/devil-crash-md-opening-main-table enjoy best regards jmabate
  5. Hello everyone ! it's started in 1991, when I was 16 years old ! I buy this game first for the music ! I heard it in a VHS game demo and I fall in love with that sound, that shred and this great Shoot them up ! I begin covering on my keyboard in 1992, but one year ago I wanted to remake it. So I'm glad to share with you my Remixes of MUSHA ALESTE VGM. it take me one year to remake this OST. So I hope you will enjoy this. Fullmetal Fighter guitar cover by jmabate I've made 10 titles : Theme of MUSHA Fullmetal Fighter Galvanic Gear Armed Armor D
  6. Hello every ones I'm jmabate from france and I'm a Sega genesis music fan. I've maked somes covers like Musha Aleste, Devil Crash, Thunder Force 2 and 4, Decap-Attack and more to comes. I've eared about OC Remixer on severals music forum, so I came here and share my VGM passion and make collabs. thanks.
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