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  1. Ah well, not to worry. I've worked on many projects since & never been paid a penny... Getting kind of used to it now..Ha! Once developers/producers ect have what they need from you, they seem to just take It & run.. Anyhow, enough ranting.. How about you, you still making music ?
  2. Ha, really. They paid for music?... did you get paid? After i did the mixes of your tunes, i never heard from them again, ha... Shame really, It looked like a promising game.
  3. Hi there ... I think i remember the one you mean, was it "Cool Clash" ? ... That's the only one i can recall, ha. If it was that one, then you welcome... Although you did all the hard work... Good tunes you came up with I wonder what happened to that game, I never even got a free copy, haha...
  4. Hello all, my name is Glyn from the UK.. I've been visiting OC remix for many years now but I've only just decided to joined the group. Looking forward to meeting you all & continuing to listen to all of the great tunes on here Thanks ...
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