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  1. After not hearing this song for a couple of years, I just had to sit down and play the game. I love the bass drum, which get's my whole room shaking and the melody itself it's just another Capcom masterpiece, that MP kind of made to his own here. One of the best slower techno song on the site. Lovely!
  2. Oh this one´s so good, I really loved the song in the game and now I just... Ah! Truly sweet sweet stuff! Good work Dale, now I´ll get Needles!
  3. A really great remix! The piano in the end reminds me of the first four minutes in Tubular Bells part 1 by Mike Oldfield =)! Very nice and relaxed, I think I´m gonna go after some more DarkeSword!
  4. Well it was about time that we got this fine remix!!!
  5. Wow! This remix really does blow you away. You better donwload it now! Can´t stop listen to this remix. I love house and rockmetal, so this remix is just so... Gaaaaaaaaaah!!! Download it NOW!!!
  6. I´ve never heard the original theme, but this remix is just great, I just love it!!! Schweet, Baby, Schweet!!!!
  7. Maybe The Nigthmare in Metroid Fusion, He´s kinda creepy don´t you think?
  8. Wow! This remix reminds me of when i had this game to the original NES. Nice solo guitar throu the half remix and then some nice drum path. This theme was the best song on the game at that time, and this remix is as good as the original. Like a little boy on a summerday, when the wind blew into my room. Well... it took me like 3 years to complete the games, like a 8year old.
  9. This remix does really bring back the old days when my Zsnes had sound. It gives me that feeling that you just want more and more, and yes I´ do, I wan´t more from DJ Abjurator(or other remixers that feel that they wanna give some RockMan & Forte remixes). It´s a great remix and I really hope they I´ll be more of those coming. Sucha shame, I´m not a remixer myself, so I could do the same to all of you out there//Dafter
  10. I readed yesterday a post from DJ Terra himself that he would put up another Mega Man X4 remix, other then Stageselect. Hope so cause this guy rules!!! The theme of Gravity Beetle is great indeed and this remix is even better!!! Hope that the new X4 remix will show up soon on Overclocked. Peace to all the Mega Man lovers out there!!!(This is my second post ever, I´m new here LOL)
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