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  1. Dancing Mad, everybody loves it, and so do I. I do have one problem though, I could not distinguish what the chorus was actually singing, thus, reducing the effect somewhat. it sounds sort of like listening to a chorus through ear muffs, I get a general idea of what it sounds like, but it's entirely unappealing and I'd rather take off the damn things and listen to a nice cleaner, crisper sound. Also, this may just be personal preference, but I think you didn't have enough focus on the lower voices, it's taken me quite a while to distinguish the fact that there even WERE voices in the lower ranges, and the spots where I could locate them were few and far between.
  2. well done, but it feels like it's missing something. for lack of a technical term prowess, I'd say it's missing a bass line, or whatever you wanna call it, for most the song, something for the rest of the tune to be built on. It just feels like the sound doesn't carry.
  3. hmmm, I just really wish I could figure out which theme this is. Also, I think it would've been interesting if maybe you had taken a few more lines from the game and I guess sprinkled them across apropriate parts of the mix. and yes, that last thing after the piano is just poorly done. grats on being the first remix of this on the site though. 6/10
  4. 'tis good, however, and while I understand why you'd have to do this, I feel as if you kind of switch the mood that the theme's s'posed to give, maybe that's just me and my nostalgia. while I'm not knocking your music, I just feel that it's to upbeat for the tune, I prefer this particular theme to be more melodic and slow, maybe not the right word but only one I can think of. for what you set out to do, though, I'd say you did pretty well give ya an 8 outta 10
  5. ... *droolS*..must.. not... drool.. over.. Remix.... must.... *more droolage* D'OH! too bad I can't get the lyrics for some reason, or else I'd be singing this thing ALLLLL the time. Slash
  6. hey Pretzel.. don't feel bad, it was actually pretty good... cept I couldn't understand a damn word in it.. of course that might have been the generous amount of crack I had smoked earlier that made it alright.. I'll try listening to it again soon.. not now.. collloors Slash
  7. well seeing as how SMRPG came out after FFIV, that means that SMRPG got it from FFIV, if you've ever played FFIV with sound , you'll notice during I think the final boss fight maybe that this is the music played
  8. I knew the whole Rabite forest thing, but sadly afterwards the sound on my thingy went out, so I had to play without sound for that game for some reason, anyway. I love this song, but too me it doesn't sound too rabiteish, it sounds more like, I dunno, but something more badass, or mabye something in a desert.
  9. ahh.. great song, as I've said before I absolutely LOVE Square music.. and therefore.. despise any who dislike it... cept really crappily remixed square music which is different... but this brings back memories of the game I know and loved almost as much as FFVI, really the only thing that could beat out FFVI is another FF game.. if they made a movie based on FFVII though, and used this music and all that other stuff.. I would love whoever they is. *imagines* Cloud:We must hurry! I can sense something's wrong, we have to find Aerith! Barret: I know, shut your spikey ass up. Cid: #(&!# lets goddamn hurry up!.. you get the picture.. and I'm done talking.
  10. ohh.. my mix sense is tingling... mmm.. squaresoft music.. *drools*... love the mix, both from great games that I have played and loved... and had dreams about, and... YOU GET THE PICTURE!! Slash
  11. now that I think about it, I didn't like this theme AS much *I love squaresoft music... all that can be said.. well that's a lie* as most other themes, but listening to this... I can only say... many things... FOR EXAMPLE!!!, kickass, sweeeeeet, I love this, I wish I knew how to burn cd's, I'm a total loser, why am I still talking? oh sorry got off topic there... sweeet mix though... sooo sweeeet.. *drools*
  12. heh, I'm sure it sucks writing comments for your own remixes,but this is great, although I think it took to long *or maybe I'm just impatient* to get to the actual theme of mute city, unless I'm missing something. Good stuff.
  13. I'm not a big fan of changing the style of the music completely, like the SoM theme turning into a jazz theme just doesn't sound right, but I still think this is pretty good.
  14. I like it alot! of course I could just be saying this be cause I always love the MMX type of music... I could see myself speeding down the highway with this kind of music.. then crashing cuz I don't know how to drive.. but the important part is the speeding to me. I wish there were more X remixes though.
  15. well I love any music that square does.. and most of the remixes that are here are kicking, and this one is no exception, of course. and besides, SoM was one of my favorite games of all time... just right behind FFVI. Slash
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