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  1. Someone's biological clock is ticking, no?
  2. Wow, this is great. I haven't checked on the newer submissions here in a long time, and this really exceeded my expectations.
  3. Kind of reminds me of songs like "Race for the Prize" by the Flaming Lips, but with more electronica . . . this could be one of the best "happy" songs I've heard on OCR.
  4. The orchestration is already beautiful, and the way that's it's pulled off in a trance format makes it even better--this is a top remix, on my MP3 player among my other favorite 34 OC Remixes. Really, I can find no fault with it--it's perfect given the track and the style.
  5. Words can't describe how awsome this mix is. This is as beautiful as any piece of classical music, or even more so, and it can show the true potential of video game music to any non-believers out there.
  6. Actually, I never liked the original much, but this is pretty good--until the end when vocals get a bit messed, though I must say that I would be pretty hard to sing the female part. I would have to say that SSSC's theme is better, and you could probably do a pretty good cover of that, too.
  7. I really love all the directions that this piece takes throughout its relatively short span . . . you never know what is going to happen next in this mix, unlike most mixes that fall into a predictable groove that doesn't stray too far from the original piece. This ambience kind of reminds me of Radiohead--very enjoyable stuff.
  8. Wow . . . you must have a really good bass playah--Claypool calibur stuff to do something like this. I'm really speechless about this mix. All I can say is:FUCK YEAH!!!
  9. oh my god . . . WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????!!! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! This is the best vocal work I've heard since . . . uh . . . some dead person who was a good singer decades ago!!
  10. man i forgot about demon's crest...i had it somewhere stashed in a box...i wonder if i can find a rom somewhere...it was a good game...and that true endboss was CRAZY!!!! You know what? I . . . no joke here . . . personally KNOW the inventor of Demon's Crest!! He was a bully in my elementary school that picked on me for years. One day, he made this really cool drawing of some demons in a graveyard and whatnot with a title, "Demon's Crest" on it. Months later, nintendo made a game under that same name with a very similar art style. This is pretty frickin' cool, but I doubt he got any credit for the idea.
  11. I was stuck on him for months, and would probably get my vote too, especially because there's no althena statue anywhere(!!) The way I finally beat him was by, in his second phase, taking time to move everyone as far away from each other as possible before fighting. Another thing that helped is . . . you can take out one, or maybe even two of his arms before Lucia heals everyone for the REAL battle (if you gots the mad skills). Everyone should be at or above level 50 to beat this boss, so unless you don't have that many healing items, level up until Hiro gets Triple Strike (you will be SO screwed if you don't have it) and Lemina gets "Catastrophe". I never got that move, actaully, but I heard it helps. I had 8 silver lights, which was more than enough. Between the two angel rings I know of (maybe there are more?), your best bet is to equip them to Hiro and Ronfar, and equip the tri-ring to Hiro to make sure he can't get muted, paralyzed, etc. The key to winning this is, when only two or three people are left standing with medium-low health . . . use Recovery Coin. This move is freaking awsome. Oh, and . . . there is even a THIRD form! Bwahaha! But he's rediculously easy.
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