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  1. You know, I feel the same way. I have never been diagnosed with anything, but anytime I'm really depressed or just feeling down, this ambient/electro stuff really helps me so much. Really soothes the racing mind. I am not anxious anymore. I used to very on edge about a lot of things, and that has finally vanished completely. This is probably due to many things, but what Paul says to the Philippians often comes to mind, and really rings true: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." I had no idea this site existed 20 years ago (but my brother & sister and I have found a number of tracks in our mp3 library from the late 90's that originated from OC Remix, so I guess it really has had an impact on me for that long!) But I have been listening to this collection since 2016, and am so happy for this place. Now I'm totally going through and recreating the playlist from @LuckyXIII (are there more than just the 52 tracks pictured in your post above?)
  2. That really is a fabulous list. I recognize many of these (as they are on similar playlists that I made for myself). Especially appreciate how you have 400+ plays on "Another Inspiration". That is a favorite here, as well.
  3. I'm not familiar with this particular one either, but I can share a few resources that have helped me in the past. This first has stuff from older classics: https://archive.rpgamer.com/ Newgrounds will occasionally have a few gems that no one else has anymore (especially since 8bit-collective is gone): https://www.newgrounds.com/ This next one actually has a Mega Man 8 album with the Frost Man stage (similar to the one you are looking for, but missing the piano and light background vocals): https://downloads.khinsider.com/ VGMix Archive is a fine, and very large collection (unfortunately, does not seem to have any remixes from MM8): http://vgmixarchive.com/ A large site dedicated to C64 remakes: https://remix.kwed.org/
  4. Thank you everyone! This has been so helpful. Now that that is all settled, I'm wondering if the source material is really from Seiken Densetsu, or from Final Fantasy Adventure. According to the changelog here at OC Remix, it is attributed to FFA, at least in the title (of course, I cannot see the metadata and comments that would have been included with the original...) But while listening through SD remixes, there were a few that were extremely similar, both in name and style. Mana's Mission: Mission of Mana:
  5. You are a gentleman and an (internet) scholar. You are amazing! It never occurred to me that it may have been posted and then removed later (although I should have suspected, based on some of the other purges in more recent years). Now, I am curious as to what OCR number this was published as...
  6. The only remix by "Compyfox" I can find on OC Remix is here on this page: https://ocremix.org/artist/4383/compyfox/remixes And it looks like he was also engineering lead on the Chrono Symphonic album. But that is all I can find.
  7. After listening to all the tunes I could find from Seiken Densetsu (both on OC Remix and the VGMix archive) I am still trying to track down the artist/album for this particular one. We must have first download this as kids off the net in the late 90's (maybe early 2000's). And it is such a great remix, I just keep coming back to it, and would like to finally track down the artist who made it, or the album it is part of. Any help or guidance on who made this is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. After listening to (probably) every one of the "Shadow" remixes on OC Remix... and the VGMix archive... I am still trying to track down the artist/album for this particular one. We must have first download this as kids off the net in the late 90's (maybe early 2000's). And despite listening to the many other amazing Shadow remixes here, still keep coming back to this one. Any help or guidance on who made this is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Not one I've heard either (and I've heard a lot of Gerudo Valley... by choice... it is a favorite). This remix you linked to is real neat. If you ever get more information, make sure to post back here to share with the rest of us. JAN 20th EDIT: Apparently, I would have heard this when listening through the VGMix archive. I concur with @Lemonectric that this is "Sandstorm Ballad" by Rellik.
  10. Wow. A reply from DarkeSword himself. Thank you! (I don't want to fan-boy it up too much here... but earlier this morning I happened to be listening to the DarkeSword playlist I made that has all your OC Remix tunes. I made a bunch of these that feature many of the artists on OC Remix that I really enjoyed. Yours I have not listened to in some time, and listening to all your songs again was just so pleasant and relaxing.)
  11. I see there has been no response after 7 years. I would also like to know where song identification questions should be posted. (Like the OP, I have a clip of the music that can be shared to assist.) Which forum/topic/thread should we discuss song identification?
  12. Long time lurker, first time poster. Been listening to many of these remixes for a long time (some since the early days, when our family first got online and us kids started downloading free tunes from all over, running Windows 98 on the 486... oh yeah). In recent years, discovered that OC Remix was the source of many of these tunes, and have been listening to (nearly) everything the site has to offer. Fan of classic VGMs, but enjoy all sorts. Cheers!
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