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  1. Original Lagrange Point (FC) - Theme of Isis (Opening Theme) Sorry for removing the original topic. I had to fix some things.
  2. I like the how you kept the Sonic aesthetics in the remix. The main problem I have with your song is the lack of bass and low-mid range. Your drums are also kinda quite and more in the background. Otherwise, the song would fit something like a menu theme.
  3. Here is my version : https://youtu.be/jVZpHFm6WUM Here is the Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEnYrJynuSc
  4. Would it be cheating if I use Fl Studio for eq, because FM Composer lacks plugin and eq support.
  5. Thank you for the reply! What parts do you think I can make the sound fuller?
  6. I will be using FM for the rest of my covers. I dont mind the arrangement being similar.
  7. Made Using FM Composer. Criticism is welcome. https://youtu.be/SrGSUKi4Dfc
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