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  1. Nice banner art, Boss Lady.  :3  Lol...Bone Mama instead of Bone Daddy.  Nightmare Before Christmas vibes.

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    2. The Vodoú Queen

      The Vodoú Queen

      Cheers. ♥ Kind of the idea, tbf. Was trying to brand myself as a sort of strange mix between plague doctor / voodoo Baroness Samedi and the Mexican Day of the Dead-style. It kind of describes my weird on-and-off Gothic personality with the niche exotic flavor of being of the darker persuasion. xD

      At least it came out OK. :D

      And yeah that, funny enough, fits with some people's nickname for me, which is Big Mama. Boss Lady works too. xD

    3. HoboKa


      Oh, right, I thought of Mexican Day of the Dead too...but it didn't quite fit into the joke Q_Q.  I'm on and off with dark dismal shit too.  Like Jordan Underneath is/was.  

      Yeah, it looks pro.

      Also: Big Boss Lady?  SNAAAKE!!  

    4. The Vodoú Queen

      The Vodoú Queen

      COLONEL! xD


      Glad it does! :D

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