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  1. Hey ! Thanks a lot for the feedbacks. I think I'll try submitting a song just to see how it goes. Maybe Espers, maybe Dreaded Mist (might have too much repetition). Cheers !
  2. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if it's the right forum or not, but I wanted to share with this community an album I made, composed of heavily inspired VGM songs remixed in an atmospheric black metal style. You can find it here : Track List : 00:00 Pandemonium (FF9/FF2 - Pandemonium) 08:28 Espers (FF6 - Terra's theme) 17:09 A Scent of Lavender (Pokemon - Lavender Town) 25:12 Endless Battles (Age of Empire 2 - Pudding Pie/Pork Parts) 33:42 Eternal Rain (FF9 - Freya's theme/Bluemecia) 41:04 White SeeD (FF8 - Succession of Witches) 51:55 Old Knights (Knight Online - Intro) 01:00:00 Cetra's Memories (FF7 - You can hear the cry of the planet) 01:07:07 Dreaded Mist (Silent Hill - Lisa's theme) I've got a lot of support from this channel and I'm really happy about it. I wonder what you guys might think about it. I'm not sure if one song can be submitted to OC-remix due to the lenght and sometimes repetition due to the AtmoBlack genre. Thanks for your attention !
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