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  1. This is simply amazing. This is truly a work of art. It's a beautiful arragement and even more well laid out. I am a violist as well and I've never played or will ever play anything like this. And lets just say I might give my left leg to do so.
  2. Wow! I really enjoyed this....its very beautiful and it has a very real orchestra sound to it. It also convoys alot of emotion and spirit. If I saw any room for change I would say made a little more dynamtics would of helped. But otherwise a great piece ^^
  3. wow! this was abostuely beautiful! I'm not a big fan of jazz for the most part but this was one of those exceptions. Its a very soft Jazz and fits the song more than I ever would of guessed O__O. Its great!
  4. Sweet ^^ I love when people preform stuff like this live ^^ tho this songs sounds really kewl nice on the cello
  5. wow!!! I would think that a very quite song like this would sound horriable with techno...but it sounds wonderful!!! And the vocals are really good!!!
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