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  1. The album is awesome. Definitely the best OC Remix project. Quick Question: Disc 4 Track 2 - Collision. Is this meant to be a tribute to David Crowder Band? Because it's VERY VERY similar to the song 'Do Not Move' from the album... 'A Collision'. Far too similar to be a coincidence
  2. Nice mix, it definitely has a Vangelis/early Yanni sound, which I liked. But is it supposed to suddenly end at 3:44?? That was kind of an odd and abrupt ending.
  3. Free WAV editor/basic multitrack editor: Audacity - Free, open source (win, linux, osx). A pretty nice editor. Not quite as powerful as Cool Edit or the like, but 1000x better than Windows Sound Recorder. Edit: I just checked out the new beta version, and it's even better. Lots of nice features. HIGHLY recommended. There actually IS a free version of Pro Tools, but it's not that great actually. It's outdated, only runs on 9x/OS9, was kind of buggy, and only supported 8 audio tracks. If you could get it to work though, it wasn't too bad. And a Buzz tutorial would be very nice. It seems to be a very powerful program, but I've never really taken the time to get into it. I'd love to see a tutorial that shows you how to make a complete song (that doesn't suck) from start to finish. If anyone has a link for such a thing already, please post it.
  4. OMG That's GREAT HAHAHAHAHA! Beautiful! That would definitely go well at a wedding. If I ever get married, I want some kind of vgm played. I was thinking of Forever Rachael, but this would work too Megaman seems to do well on piano. Both this and Cutman Sonata were excellent.
  5. Sweet. The strings part reminded me a little bit of Bond, which is a VERY good thing. Also liked the delayed piano part a lot. Overall, a very solid mix.
  6. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! This song is too happy! Yeah, it should definitely make you smile. The only bad thing is, it's too short. It probably could have gone another verse with more development, but oh well. Still a fun song.
  7. It's bLiNd trance, so of course it's good. I was impressed with a demo clip released earlier, and the full song is every bit as good. I'm really looking forward to the PMM Trance album. As pretzel said, if this song is any indication, the album is going to rock.
  8. AMEN. Actually, I DID take piano lessons when I was younger, but I quit. STUPID MOVE THERE. Now I'm trying to get back into it some, but working near full time hours kind of cuts down on free time for practice unless you're highly motivated (and I'm not).
  9. BEST.PIANO.MIX.EVAR. EVAR. And as I'm now trying to pick up playing the piano again, I realize how much I suck .
  10. Yeah, I had the VGMix version as well, and I agree that it's a better mix, mainly because it's without those very odd key changes. Still, otherwise good stuff as usual from Russell, who has mad orchestral skills.
  11. This was probably my favorite of the RD flood, and one of my favorite JAXX mixes. It rocks very hard.
  12. Well, I do like the title. But I have to agree, I don't think the piano really fits with the guitars.
  13. Yeah, do a search for mp3DirectCut. It's excellent. I like the intro, it's kind of goofy.
  14. McVaffe on a harpsichord. HOW COOL IS THAT! Then back to a piano, then the way Tetris music was meant to be played, Russian folk style. Nothing terribly innovative, but an excellent arrangement that fits the music perfectly IMO.
  15. Good stuff, as usual from AE. I REALLY like the part starting around 3:00 with all the sound effects. That owns. And the strings at the end sound great. Definitely a must-have mix.
  16. Because WMP sucks . Actually, it doesn't read VBR mp3s correctly, so it will play the whole song, but it doesn't report the time correctly.
  17. Wow. It's kind of odd as a Zelda remix since the keys are different, but in changing it, pretzel has created an entirely different sound to the song and it's AWESOME. It does sound a little like 'Love Hurts', but only because it has that electric organ(or piano ??) sound that the beginning (which I like a LOT). It's definitely not the funky beats of "Love" but an excellent song indeed.
  18. THis is a great song, one of my favorites from Jared. Don't really have much to say about it, but I agree on 'Beautiful'. Recommended.
  19. LOL. Somebody should actually do a Prelude remix called "The Amazing Arpeggio of Doom".
  20. The original was probably my favorite song from that game, and this style fits it PERFECTLY. The only thing I would have liked to be different would for there to be more of it. It's a little short. Also, it would have been cool to add another instrument (jazz style saxophone or clarinet maybe?). Great mix though.
  21. I love this remix, mainly because it mixes old-style harpsichords and such with a modern electronic style. Goes from a very Renaissance-era sound to a bit more modern synth/drum combo, goes back to the harpsichord (very nice) and strings/flutes, then comes back to the 21st century with an excellent synth/breakbeat combo. Ends back like it started. All elements are very cool and goes together quite well. Highly recommended.
  22. Yeah, this is the Prologue, and it is simply BEAUTIFUL. A solo piano piece, but lots of motion and lots of notes. Download NOW.
  23. The last Mizar in Jet Force Gemini was quite difficult. Probably the hardest boss in recent games.
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