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  1. I'd like to be added to the list. Username: legendarysword
  2. I actually utilized my PS3 for a PS3 function last night, namely playing the DMC4 demo. It's been in its box since last March, when I last tested GoW on it.
  3. Not true. Same thing with TimeSplitters.
  4. As Coop pointed out, this and MS3 are the only Metal Slug Xbox offerings.
  5. Whoa, they put RayStorm on there? Upon further researching, it seems the Xbox version was released in Europe with RayForce and supposedly this version works on the North American Xbox with no modification (No citation on the article, but they acknowledge PAL & NTSC. Can anyone back this up?)
  6. Crazy Taxi I'm going to have to give this a NO based on the simple premise of the entire game, pick up and deliver passengers. I'll be fair and mention Crazy Box where you do specific tasks in a time limit, but that stands for what it is. That's not to say it isn't fun or entertaining for a little while, but I can't justify it being a must-have even with the smaller DC library. Twisted Metal: Black I will say YES on this one. This game is based on a simple premise, but adds more such as an interesting story and memorably disturbing CGs. I find the game to be fun, but I really think the lat
  7. Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny Console: Playstation 2 Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom Meta Score: 8.4 (73 reviews) Release: Aug 28, 2002 I'm going to have to give this one a YES. This is where the Onimusha series began to shine. It lacks the fast style of DMC, but Block & Issen allows for more forgiveness even with the D-pad restriction. It's a good marriage of DMC action and RE pacing. The Friendship & Scenario Route system places more of an emphasis on the story as opposed to most action games. Extras such as Man in Black, Team Oni, and Issen mode are actually quite fun. Bea
  8. I'm guessing this can't be run on Vista (I have RC1)?
  9. I remember seeing a one or two reply post about this a while back, but I see nothing about it now. Anyone else playing it? What'd you think? Titan mode is a pretty good challenge. Also, the demo for God of War Chains of Olympus PSP is available on a first come first serve basis since yesterday. Good luck.
  10. Daxter is $20 at the ToysRUs site. Free shipping. It was $21.64 for me after all was said and done. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2309110&cp LocoRoco is $14.90 for the English/Chinese version at Play-Asia. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-bl-49-en-70-1eco.html
  11. First advice I can give is strengthen your weaknesses. What specifically is giving you trouble? What you do to one side of the equation do to the other, slope-intercept form for graphing, and factoring are really the main topics of basic Algebra. Having a firm grasp of those topics would be a recommended start, and then move on to more problematic areas. Keep doing the type of problems that give you the most problems.
  12. Touching, beautiful, and from my favorite portable RPG of all time. Had to give respect where it was due. Everyone's pining for you to take risks because we think you have even more spectacular things in store for us.
  13. Just found this little gem by way of this. I enjoyed the song very much. I've only been with the site for about a year now, but I'm sure when this song was released that the bar was raised. It's amazing how high quality this is and that it was only the 40th remix on the site.
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