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  1. I'd like to be added to the list. Username: legendarysword
  2. I actually utilized my PS3 for a PS3 function last night, namely playing the DMC4 demo. It's been in its box since last March, when I last tested GoW on it.
  3. Not true. Same thing with TimeSplitters.
  4. As Coop pointed out, this and MS3 are the only Metal Slug Xbox offerings.
  5. Whoa, they put RayStorm on there? Upon further researching, it seems the Xbox version was released in Europe with RayForce and supposedly this version works on the North American Xbox with no modification (No citation on the article, but they acknowledge PAL & NTSC. Can anyone back this up?)
  6. Crazy Taxi I'm going to have to give this a NO based on the simple premise of the entire game, pick up and deliver passengers. I'll be fair and mention Crazy Box where you do specific tasks in a time limit, but that stands for what it is. That's not to say it isn't fun or entertaining for a little while, but I can't justify it being a must-have even with the smaller DC library. Twisted Metal: Black I will say YES on this one. This game is based on a simple premise, but adds more such as an interesting story and memorably disturbing CGs. I find the game to be fun, but I really think the latter part will keep one compelled even if vehicular combat isn't their thing. They still stand out to this day. Two-player only serves to give it more life. I think it's the epitome for its genre, however easy that may be. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 NO. Fun game, worth playing, but not worth the trouble you will have to go to own it (to must have it). Your argument for a must-have game in this genre would begin with Street Fighter Alpha 3, and to begin with you will have the 1/5 of the price of MvC2 factor in your favor (based off of Amazon and personal game store browsing experience). Skies of Arcadia Legends YES. Interesting characters and villains. Great atmosphere to the point it's fun just to ride around the airship to explore the world (makes finding Discoveries fun and not chorelike). Battles involving the airship offer more than the standard RPG fanfare. Engaging story and a reasonable amount of extras. It's easy to get sucked into this game for large amounts of time. MegaMan Anniversary Collection YES. For its time, it stood as a benchmark on what a compilation game should be. At the very least, the first three Mega Man games have withstood the test of time for delivering fun, challenge, and great music (scope the site for some examples). I won't get into debate on whether the other NES entries are stagnant, but they are there for you to play no matter what side of the fence you stand on. When it was released, the price was right (and it still is). Guitar Hero YES. This game is accessible to anyone. There's a specific reason this game succeeds in the mainstream where its other counterparts (music games) fail. Superb covers of songs is worth noting. I think even if the higher difficulty levels give you trouble (like me), that you still gain something from attempting it (finger dexterity by playing appropriately and an active mind to attempt reacting quickly). It's easy to let yourself go in private and in public. Let loose.
  7. Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny Console: Playstation 2 Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom Meta Score: 8.4 (73 reviews) Release: Aug 28, 2002 I'm going to have to give this one a YES. This is where the Onimusha series began to shine. It lacks the fast style of DMC, but Block & Issen allows for more forgiveness even with the D-pad restriction. It's a good marriage of DMC action and RE pacing. The Friendship & Scenario Route system places more of an emphasis on the story as opposed to most action games. Extras such as Man in Black, Team Oni, and Issen mode are actually quite fun. Beating the game on Hard (natural progression if you beat Normal, not insanely difficult) will allow you to start the game with uber equipment. Also, it's the cheapest way to enter the series if you find the right Target store.
  8. I'm guessing this can't be run on Vista (I have RC1)?
  9. I remember seeing a one or two reply post about this a while back, but I see nothing about it now. Anyone else playing it? What'd you think? Titan mode is a pretty good challenge. Also, the demo for God of War Chains of Olympus PSP is available on a first come first serve basis since yesterday. Good luck.
  10. Daxter is $20 at the ToysRUs site. Free shipping. It was $21.64 for me after all was said and done. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2309110&cp LocoRoco is $14.90 for the English/Chinese version at Play-Asia. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-bl-49-en-70-1eco.html
  11. First advice I can give is strengthen your weaknesses. What specifically is giving you trouble? What you do to one side of the equation do to the other, slope-intercept form for graphing, and factoring are really the main topics of basic Algebra. Having a firm grasp of those topics would be a recommended start, and then move on to more problematic areas. Keep doing the type of problems that give you the most problems.
  12. Touching, beautiful, and from my favorite portable RPG of all time. Had to give respect where it was due. Everyone's pining for you to take risks because we think you have even more spectacular things in store for us.
  13. Just found this little gem by way of this. I enjoyed the song very much. I've only been with the site for about a year now, but I'm sure when this song was released that the bar was raised. It's amazing how high quality this is and that it was only the 40th remix on the site.
  14. Well, the song is linked above. I guess djp just forgot to post it on the main page.
  15. I played Sonic & Knuckles to death around the time of its release, but I don't remember this track in the game for the life of me. This mix is very easy to get into. Nicely done and well composed. I can already see myself taking it easy from all those damn Engineering classes, kicking back in my chair in front of the comp, and playing this on MusicMatch, letting all my cares and worries fade away.
  16. It's great to finally see this nice piece of work on OCR's main page [i remember downloading the WIP sometime in March]. The original is heavily relied on, and it's definitely to the benefit of the remix, at least in my eyes. I'm always willing to hear a different interpretation of one of my favorite video game tracks of all-time, especially if it's this good. A spot on my OCR's Greatest Hits CD had already been reserved for this track, and today I finally get to add it in there.
  17. Having dl'ed every song on this site and listening to approximately one-half of them, I can honestly say this is my favorite, most played song from this site thus far.
  18. I think the key thing about this song is how it invokes nostalgia. You can't help but laugh and think of those classic CT moments you had while listening to this song. So just as OCR is relegated to a select few insiders, I feel this song has the same purpose.
  19. I heard this piece when it was WIP as well, found it on the boards. I've enjoyed the tune ever since. Nice to have fast and slow paces all throughout the song. I'm no expert, but I still like what I hear.
  20. I have to disagree with just about everyone and say that I actually like this tune. Sure the song is repetitious. Playing the game and hearing the original will let you know that's how the original was as well. It improves the orginal and is a remix from one of the best franchises in videogame history (PSX version discluded). Until someone comes along with a better Contra mix, this is where I stand. Contra AMEN Reflux ain't doing it for me.
  21. 1) Gallantry in Raiden Trad is one of my favorite videogame tracks. 2) The Original and Remix in Raiden Project takes this even further. 3) This track surpasses them exponentially. You're forced to mute the TV and play this superior version instead. Chalk up another for Rayza!
  22. Good song that focuses on the stuck in your head tune from Shadowgate. Remains on my OCR best Remixes CD for now.
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