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  1. Yeah, I'm palm slapping myself for not figuring that one out.
  2. This also means the Boy and his Blob could be characters in Super Smash Bros. Imbroglio.
  3. Thank you for that wonderful idea.
  4. I believe ringtones shouldn't be music you enjoy. See, you learn to hate the songs you once loved after a while. It is my policy to use a song/sound that you don't like. So this is my ringtone. This is my text ring tone.
  5. Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles - Three Castlevania games in one. Me and My Katamari - Katamari Damacy in your hands. Exit - Get out of here! Patapon - Beat off! Metal Slug Collection - Power up your PSP. Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokais - Actually damn good. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops - Metal Gear!?
  6. I was playing it with the D-pad and then I realized "duh, this was an arcade game." and then played it with the control stick. It's perfect. (It was also unlockable in Shenmue II)
  7. I found the second episode underwhelming.
  8. Once you beat the Elite Four, you can go to these new islands they made for the game to catch some of the later generation mons. You can trade between Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald as well.
  9. First of all, there is no such thing as "too much keyboard." Ever.
  10. I could bitch at this collection not having S3&K, but it's easier to pop Sonic Mega Collection in my Wii and play it from there.
  11. Red/Blue/Yellow will always be my favorite, even if Gold/Silver/Crystal are better. Kinda like how Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) are better than Sonic 2, even though it's my favorite. But, those games are completely incompatible with the current gen. Platinum is coming out next month, so I suggest getting that. In the mean time, get Fire Red/Leaf Green.
  12. NNY

    Retro Game Challenge

    Haggleman 1 and 2 is pretty unique. (Haven't unlocked 3 yet.) And the other reason to buy it is to encourage the sequel to come out in America. Thanks for signing your name in the post. I would never have known it was you had you not.
  13. I'm assuming. DLC is the new standard. Considering that this collection was done by a Backbone, a completely different developer than Sega Mega Collection (Sonic Team), and The Sega Genesis Collection (Eclipse), I'm can understand them having trouble with emulating S3&K. I'm giving Backbone the benefit of a doubt in believing what they're saying as the truth. There is no criminal conspiracy involving S3&K. This is a game developer, not a politician.
  14. The collection is still worth buying.
  15. Dreamcasts and Dreamcast games are still cheap, and easy to find. On the other hand, Saturn consoles and games are difficult to find. There's no way in hell you'll find a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga at a reasonable price. They could also translate unreleased games while they're at it. Would it be hard work? Of course. Would it get our country out of this recession? Yes.
  16. I am well aware that Saturn games are hard to emulate, but doing things like that is what I give Sega money to do. I would give $60 American for a Saturn Collection. I believe that is the general asking price for new video games.
  17. Do your research. http://blogs.sega.com/usa/2009/02/10/sonics-ultimate-genesis-collection-shipping-this-week/ Time restraints, not laziness. Also, they said several games; which I believe gives them enough material for downloadable content. Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Blue Sphere, Toejam and Earl 1 and 2, Gunstar Heroes, and whatever else I can't quite name. And then next year Sega needs to follow up with a Saturn Collection.
  18. For those of you down about the lack of S3&K (I know I am), there's always the possibility of downloadable content. If they charge, it'd be a rip, but whatever, I'd buy. There just isn't any way for Sega to patch the Sonic 3 screenshot on the back of the box labeled "Sonic The Hedgehog 2."
  19. NNY

    Retro Game Challenge

    Retro Game Challenge 2 trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyb717vw5ks Let's just hope this gets a US (and Euro, to a lesser extent) release too. Toriotos looks addicting.
  20. This is Mother 3 ends up being Contact all over again. Even with Marvelous Entertainment doing it.
  21. I always thought you were a bit more assertive over your personal property....
  22. I always thought you were a bit older...
  23. "Goes" as in the opposite of what you want.
  24. It is my thread and I say the Chrono Cross discussion goes.
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