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  1. And I was just about to start playing Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden today. This comes out as a total surprise. Awesome.
  2. Yeah....they should have got that dude to translate CT....
  3. We can all agree that Frog's speech was nowhere near as bad the dialogue for every minor character in Chrono Cross.
  4. Why would people have a problem with Frog speaking in Old English? It added to his character.
  5. NNY

    Sonic Unleashed

    Well that and Sega isn't making Sonic games for you anymore. They're appealing to the kiddies now. The night time stages? They consider that to be the main draw to the game. We're not profitable anymore. Sega's a business after all. You'd think that a speedy hedgehog with an attitude would be just fine for kids riddled with ADD.
  6. NNY

    Sonic Unleashed

    Remember when you were young and your parents rented you a shitty Genesis game, and you played the shit out of it cause you couldn't go out and buy a new game? Same thing.
  7. Trailer: http://www.blackdynamite.com/trailer And here's the restricted trailer: NSFW: http://www.worstpreviews.com/headline.php?id=10932 Can you dig it!?
  8. NNY

    Sonic Unleashed

    I have no problem with the daytime stages. I love the daytime stages. Best minigame I've ever played.
  9. NNY

    Sonic Unleashed

    It's been long established the only thing left of Sonic Team is a shell of their former glory. They fuck up everything in the name for the sake of appealing to all audiences. This middle ground leaves no one happy. NiGHTS Journey of Dreams is a prime example of this.
  10. NNY

    Sonic Unleashed

    I loathe video games.
  11. NNY

    Sonic Unleashed

    played it last night. The opening cutscene was awesome! Little friend character? That's not so bad. First level, wowowowow! That's what I've been waiting to play for years. I'll admit the controls get a little awkward in the transition between the 3D SA style running and the 2.5D, but only momentarily. Then I got to the Werehog level. Wow that was bland. If I wanted to play God Of War, I'd play God of War. I hated it even more since God Of War bores me. But I suffered through that first level. Even if it took me a few tries to beat the boss. I still don't know what I did to beat him. Then it went to the Sky Chase Zone. The boss killed me and then I realized it. I was playing a platformer with a Sonic The Hedgehog minigame. I'll get this once Sega releases a patch that gets rid of the Werehog.
  12. Those Kirby dots. Jack Kirby was one of the best, if not the best comic book artist. Creator of Fantastic Four, X-Men, The New Gods, and a multitude more. Obviously, he created those dots.
  13. It isn't much, but it's put together nicely. I got an LP of the "Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack" . It's orchestrated, track 1 is the Chrono Trigger theme, and track two is a medley. Really nice. Inside is a little paper with Yasunori Mitsuda thanking everyone for enjoying the soundtrack so much. This is not really a preorder bonus, it's a love note.
  14. There are three Castlevania's on DS alone. But only one Chrono Trigger. (And a PS1 sequel, and an SNES text adventure, but those are entirely different.) I bet Order of Eccelsia has only one ending too! CTDS is only $5 more.... ....someone buy it...
  15. I really don't see why everyone is whining about the $40 price tag. All Squeenix DS games cost as much, and more than half of them are crap. I'd gladly pay $50 for this. Guaranteed quality.
  16. Which converts roughly to $40 some American dollars. This game comes out in less than a week! New Stuff: Touch controls! (Class mode available too.) New ending! Anime cutscenes from the PS1 version! (Can be toggled on and off) An online monster battling mode!? I wish I could go forward in time a few days and buy this already.
  17. I hadn't played Fusion or Zero Mission since they respectfully came out. So I decided to play them again. I beat Fusion yesterday and popped in Zero Mission. Now, I like Zero Mission, but I prefer the art of Fusion. It seemed more fluid. I think it might be the backgrounds in Zero Mission that are throwing me off. I know the original just had the standard NES black background, but the ones made for Zero Mission seem so much like generic stock art, like the backgrounds for custom stages in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Although the Kirby dots are neat. Never noticed those before. I will give Zero Mission props for doing something that Fusion didn't get. Zero Mission's scarier. Fusion was pretty predictable. Go to X (variable, not the parasite) location, get X, fight X (variable and parasite). So you're usually prepared for the boss since you get a red X parasite from the boss door to heal you. The bosses have been just popping out of nowhere in Zero Mission. Pretty shocking for someone playing the game on sleeping pills.
  18. Twilight Princess is a prime example of a game full of weapons that you only use once or twice and never need again.
  19. Wow, that wall of text is almost as bad as a Ctrl-Alt-Del "comic" strip. Could you post the manga?
  20. Eh, we don't need the X-ray vision in a 2D Metroid.
  21. NNY


    Spoiler-tag your shit.
  22. Samus might be a bounty hunter, but Metroid has always been about exploration and isolation. Mario's a plumber, when's the last time we had a plumbing game?
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