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  1. Darke Sword, this song inspired me while I was designing a signiture for my friend on a message board (his username is Maverick Hunter Zero) and I was so satisfied with the results that I thought I should thank you for making such an awesome song! I mean, just look at the end result after setting "Stranger in the Desert" on loop and going to town in photoshop:
  2. I actually skipped this mix a while ago, but I was bored today and downloaded it. That's when I realized it also had parts of the Zero theme from X3 in it! I still think somebody needs to remix that theme in jazz style one of these days...
  3. I dunno bout you, but the creepy atmosphere of this song gives me the mental image of Kraid playing the violin in his dark, creepy den. That's pretty dang weird, even for Kraid, but you have to admit, a big fat space monster on the violin is a creepy thought.
  4. I think I also caught a game sound of Chrono or Frog using a sword!..or is that the sound the Epoch makes when it breaks the time barrier? Whatever. *SCHING!* Nice remix.
  5. The ending was a little weaker than I expected from Sir Protricity but I was hooked on the bit from 1:24 to 1:56. Don't worry about my previous comment. Protricity is still one of my top 4 favorite Remixers (sorry there is no order they are all the best)!
  6. Speaking of his other work I believe I heard certain parts of this in some of his Xenogears remixes...and they couldn't fit better!
  7. That one bit of distorted Guitar from 4:27 to 4:31 blew me away! You know it's a good remix when such a small part of it is so impressive! Petricity you are the man!
  8. Heehee, Rejected is funny! But did you forget that I am a bannana and that you're watching the family learning channel? By the way, Tuesday's coming, did you remember your coat? I live in a giant bucket! *Parasite comes out of one guy's head* other guy: F***! *Flying pig/squid hovers overhead...
  9. Fantastic work! You really captured the feel of the game. For some reason it reminds me of that part where you get chased down that rickety old rollercoaster by that giant evil ghost pirate thing
  10. Wow, if not for the "Klaatu Verada Nicto" part, this would have been one of my favorite remixes. I was really getting into it when those words broke my focus and the rest of the song was lost to me...
  11. I really liked that horn that came in around 1:11.
  12. This needs base? What R U NUTZ!? Personally I think base would have ruined this remix. You should realize that someone as experianced as AmIEvil would know when a song needs base. And this song is not one of those cases so shame on all of you who said it needed base!
  13. Spekkosaurus...you got lucky. You're lucky Spekkio's theme goes so good with bagpipes...Damm lucky...had that not gone as well as it did...well...
  14. Lemme just help TalonFFL3 spread the word. (did I get your name right?) This is a remix of the Rabbite Forrest song from Seiken Densetsu 3. The Rabbites are enemy monsters (hence the hostile) but not only are they the weakest and most docile enemies, but they are by far the cutest! (hence the cuddly)
  15. This track IS in the Game BUT you need a cheat device to get to it! There is a hidden dungeon with nothing in it cept some music! Not really worth getting to it when you can just get the Chrono Trigger sound track!!!!
  16. Repetitiveness ain't bad if whats being repeated sounds so good!
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