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  1. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but when I edit a sample in the FL wav editor, save the edited version, and then load that sample, the sample keeps the same pitch no matter what I do. All the keys on the piano roll play the exact same note with no resampling or anything. Not even the master pitch changes anything. However, when I edit a sample, then say yes to use the edited version instead of the original when it prompts me to do so, it works just fine in that instance of FL, but next time it's loaded, it cannot change pitch. I've found that I can change the pitch using th
  2. The quality of the arrangement is probably better than I could do, but what's with this harping on about 'high quality samples?' A few of the strings and the brass sound pretty good, but overall the song sounds extremely fake. I am actually quite surprised at how impressed djp is with this.
  3. O.O It's ok, man. that's nothing to worry about.. everyone makes mistakes like that, but as far as i can remember, it is Koholint
  4. Well, first off I'd like to say it doesn't really even sound like it's swung at all. It sounds like a triplet-based-echoed piano that is a bit messy at times. the peice is actually pretty simple at first, which can be good. but in this case it doesn't really strike me as being anything original. once the guitar comes in, I definately love it. the... let's say "lagginess" of the guitar sounds really nice. it isn't quite always on-beat, which makes a really nice effect. the ending is a bit bland, but it works. in some of my original stuff i've had some fun with 7 vs. 8. it's easier to wor
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