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  1. Amakusa wasn't actually that bad, if you had the guts to look like a fool and hit him a few times and wait for the time out. ^^; Nothing beats Samurai Spirits 2's last boss though. I can't believe I forgot to mention her. Man, SNK loves to make its bosses painfully hard. I can't wait to see what monstrousity they make for their version of Arcade SNK vs Capcom. Heh, Shin M.Biakuochi Goenizerogill. With raging demon, M.Bison's speed and supers, Goenitz's regular moves and power, Gill's ability to ressurect, Zero's cheapness, and Shin. Sounds like fun.
  2. Oh I passed Dante Must Die, but it wasn't easy. The whole game strategy is to basically survive till you get enough power to use your Devil Trigger (I HIGHLY suggest you get as many devil stars as you can on previous difficulties) use your devil trigger to its fullest power and advantage, then when it runs out survive till you get enough power to use it again, then repeat. The whole game was bascially to try to get to devil trigger. ONLY way to survive....o.O; My god it was hard. DMC2 was nothing compared to this madness.. It took me 2 tries to get Ridley, he was definitely tough but if you were fast enough on the reflexes you could rough it.
  3. Ino from GGX2 is kind of hard, but once you know her pattern she's pretty easy actually. You just can't rush in like you normally can, she's designed to counter that. She doesn't take hits very well I noticed. Justice has just ...no. No pattern, no nothing. just lightning quick reflexes and execution on moves, no mercy, abuse of the instant kill, counters, super speed, did I say no sense of mercy? Justice was just chaos unleashed on you, (But once you got the hang of just how abusable Sol's dashing HS was, the rushing flaming kick he doesn't have anymore, nothing could withstand that.) still no match for Goenitz though... I forgot about Ridley, he was actually pretty tough in Super. Very little pattern to follow, it mostly depended on your reflexes and how much you could last really. Oh, lets not forget Nightmare in Devil may Cry, on Dante Must Die. Annoyance level like, infinity.
  4. Goenitz from King of Fighters 96. No fighting game boss has yet to even reach his level of pure, ridiculous cheapness. (Justice from Guilty Gear is second, but not close by far) And the multiple boss fight in Gradius III. Not the SNES version but the Arcade version. OMFG. I never did beat the arcade one...
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