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  1. I know you guys are talking about Al and not Richard but that reminds me of that old Simpsons episode, with the crazy robot Simmons. I loved that scene.
  2. Yeah. I mean look at this guy... It has a modern look but in so many ways its such a traditional combine super robot. But keep in mind like I said this was way back before the series got even off the ground. I've taken a look at the designs here and there as the series has progressed and I like a lot of it. I still have yet to see any of it. I do like the sound of that mid-series time jump.
  3. I remember when only the shadow of the second new secret character was shown there were all sorts of crazy guesses as to who it was. One of them was Ashley Riot with a hat, lol. So it turned out to be the new Tactics Advance 2 lead. I guess thats alright, but admit it, wouldn't Ashley have been an awesome and fitting hidden character to put in there?
  4. I've heard a lot about this series. When I looked into it way back when, when the series was first starting. the mecha designs were a little too traditional combine robot for my tastes, barring the separated giant heads of course, but I liked the character design. I definitely want to track down the series to check it out now that its over, if only because I am so unbelievably starved for even a decent mecha anime. Its been so long since I've seen one.
  5. Man its been so long since I've touched a 2D fighter but I would love to give the new KOF a shot.
  6. Well...because those arn't video games. You know if I went back in time four to five years ago, and told all of you Solid Snake would be breaking Mario's neck in a future SSB title you'd all probably have called me a delusional idiot. I'm not saying anything about what this series or idea is supposed to be or what it should be, and I don't know whats going on inside the heads of the people who make all this happen. All I'm saying is that you really never know what these guys are going to do at this point. "It will never happen." is seriously starting to become a pretty flexible statement in video games now.
  7. Judging by the fact they don't want to show it, its probably one we haven't seen yet. I doubt those Gekkos are going to be the "big ones" of MGS4.
  8. Mmmm no I'm pretty sure he meant he wanted to eat Yoshi him/herself. At least thats the intended meaning...
  9. I just realized that the "fight" between Snake and Mario eventually ends with Snake breaking Mario's neck. lol Its surreal to say the least.
  10. Its so fun thinking of what the Codec transmissions for the other characters are going to be. And I really want to hear the rest of that awesome MGS remix song. You know what else this may hint too? It may hint that the individual character intros (like from the first game) could be back possibly. I hope so, those were cool.
  11. Stage just totally fucking delivered.
  12. Heh, I remember that picture. But yeah I liked Ness too, but I'm all for the change to Lucas. At least in some form the Mother series is getting some kind of variety thrown into one of these games rather than just putting Ness in again. I loved Mother 3 and its bleaker but still distinctly Mother tone. I wouldn't mind if this was a sign that they were going to release it here after all this time.
  13. I wonder if we'll see Kumatora.. ...or Claus.
  14. I knew it! I so fucking knew it! I mean...its only logical after they revealed the badge right?
  15. You think thats bad? Imagine Ness.
  16. Solid Snake piloting a Metal Gear is still kind of weird to look at for me. Its almost unnatural. I liked it. But even I have to admit though, the Big Mama name is just stupid.
  17. It doesn't seem much more so than 2 or 3 to me. This is just a hunch, but I have a feeling the really weird things like the Beauty and the Beast squad are meant to really show how "alien" the world is becoming in the future compared to what Snake, and in a way we ourselves are used to. I was surprised to see Ocelot/Liquid still piloting Ray. It really looks like he's going all out to make it known that this is the last "Solid" game. One thing though, it kind of looks like they showed Raiden's death scene already. Its interpretable since its only a few seconds but that looks like a death scene to me. I don't know about anyone else.
  18. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25139.html Wow. Ton of story details loaded down. Looks like our suspicions over the mysterious blonde glasses guy wasn't looking too much into it, he does indeed seem to have a part to play. Anyways typing it out can't do it justice. It looks pretty damn epic.
  19. Its not literally them I think. Just the same code names. They have the emotion thing of the cobras too.
  20. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/23891.html What the hell...?
  21. So much for the Princess's badass moment from the last video. I wonder if this video is the overall story, like everyone will have some part in this (The princess's break out etc) or if this is just one version of it for one character. Like in this case, maybe for Mario or Kirby.
  22. Jigglypuff has a huge following and is considered a pretty valid character so I doubt she's going to be taken out somehow. I have an increasing gut feeling though that they're going to replace Ness with Lucas. Does anyone else feel that way? There's no real evidence to support it I know, but I just have a feeling.
  23. Kiyosuki


    You know I hadn't really given it much of a thought, FPS's tend to not catch my attention. But I have to admit this one's got a pretty facinating story and premise to it. The atmosphere from what I can see in the demo is undeniably creepy, but not in a typical Doom style "monsters take over the place" way. Its a very distinct kind of creepy, almost a sophisticated kind since the story is almost a social statement in a way. The Art-deco design style and 1960's flaire is also a big part of it. You can definitely see the dystopian social commentary story influences in this that the team's boasted inspiration from. Nothing can get that certain kind of facinating creepiness across like retro-steam punk and mid 20th century stylings in the little things like even the cartoons that explain the Plasmids. Reminds me of the distnct kind of creepiness the cartoons seen in the Fallout games brought. "out of the public eye" stories that take place in the 60's seem to generally be pretty cool so far. (Like MGS3.) I bet though after this game there's going to be a huge trend in using this time period and art-deco design style in games.
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