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  1. hosted on my image shack account but image belongs to www.destiny3fates.net In no particular order.
  2. See, I used the candles to clear the room out (save for two or three hauntings that happened when I didnt have any candles) and she still got in pretty bad condition. With the hitting herself and the "Where mommy? I'm scawed" and whatnot. Okay, something else that the game doesnt answer... Why does little Walter save Eileen, but not Richard? He's there for both of their deaths, but he stops big Walter from killing Eileen (she said so). Also why can other people leave their apartments? Presumably they're going through the same thing Henry is, but they can get out of their rooms (you can see them through the peephole on the door). This one isn't a SH4 one, but the others in the series...why does it change who can and can't see the alternative Silent Hill? In SH1 Harry had to explain to Cybil what the other world was like...but in SH4 Douglas and Vincent both see it as its alternative version. What's up with that? I personally think its because everything every Silent Hill character goes through is an individually experienced phenomenon, different from person to person. Thats why Cybil didn't see anything that Harry had gone through until the very end when everything was getting fucked up anyways. Maybe people enter that parrallel world without others around them knowing. Its an interpretive thing. But I do think it differs from each person's individual perspective. Its hinted at in SH2, where Angela see's a monster that James see's as something completely different than what the player (James) is seeing when she describes it. As for Eileen? I guess he just liked her better than Richard. I mean, Eileen's a pretty likable person. She has nothing to do with any cult, she's not a bitch to anyone really, she's just a nice girl going through life. I think while Walters' adult side, who was considerably more warped and neautral in mentality saw her as just another tool to use in his plan, Walters' child side, the last bastion of his better self saw things more simplistically and realistically. Eileen just didn't deserve to be in that situation at all, and neither did Henry really. I think that kid was the part of Walter that was still "sane". Portrayed as a kid becuase thats the last time he really was sort of..sane. He just liked Eileen and Henry, thats why he helped them out while his other half tried to kill him. I know some of the other characters like Cynthia didn't deserve any of what happened to them either, but like I said, Young Walter just liked Eileen and Henry better. Its as simplistic as a child's point of view. It was a way of saying Walter's in conflict with himself. Thats how I saw it. Personal conflict is a major theme in Silent Hill afterall.
  3. Heh..I once had a conversation with my best friend about future SH idea's and we said "What if a main character in this Silent Hill game was handicapped in some way..?" kinda jokingly.. But now when I think about it..the idea has a lot of room to be absolutely terrifying. If done right, because it also has a lot of potential to be inadvertenty silly. ^^;
  4. As long as she doesn't go Matrix on the monsters. That reminds me of Milla J ,from the RE movies :vomit: Aw yeah, Silent Hill XTREME ! Oh and Eric-Jon at Insert Credit.com has a very interesting viewpoint of the purpose of Silent Hill 4's storyline, and how it was supposed to scare you. http://www.insertcredit.com/reviews/silenthill4/
  5. Harriet? If they named her Harriet..that would of been too fucking funny.. What are we gonna name the sequel's heroine "Jamie?"
  6. The metal and rust can still very much be used there, just not as much. Just imagine these old fashioned colonial slaughter houses with hanging stuff, and the hospital when first created could have an alternate version thats just...filthy, absolutely filthy, even filthier than the usual alternate world. Why? Because its a much more primitive world, there's so much disease and famine going around and less regulated bloodshed about that well, I think that makes for a bloody terrifying alternate world. I was thinking the best times for something like this to take place was either when the major epidemic spread during the Civil War when the hospital was first built (You know, the shack), because there was a bit of a town existing then. Another is an undisclosed time right smack in the middle of the turning of the 20th century. There was this point when the town was abandoned and recolonized I think because of that coal mine thing you mentioned, maybe another good time would be right when thats happening..and this mysterious town is being built up a little and recolonized. That would certainly be good for surprise factor (For the characters anyways) I think a Native American main character would be just pure genius if the SH team ever decided to do it. I mean, its a racial minority thats seen very little exposure in Video Games, most especially Japanese made games and we're at a time where I've noticed quite a few major Japanese developer's are experimenting with character's who are not only of a ethnic descendancy not used often, but are also accurate and not quite accidentally offensive. ^^; Looking at SH's history as well with the lands strong Native American background, I think its just a perfect opportunity. To me, the scariest sounding aspect to this is the the wilderness area around Silent Hill. Imagine that the town doesn't have to be all scrunched up together, maybe there can be various settlements scattered all around the area and inbetween is mostly unmaintained forest and plain area's, basically pure rural. Imagine how scary it would be to walk in an alternate version of that...but you don't even have electrical lights around to guide you, its ALL dark. I have this image of you having to walk to this lone structure thats separate from the main town, and you have to follow a small nature path into the woods that eventually dissapears and you just have to find your own way. But then..it becomes Alternate, and the tree's are either dead, or they have dark red leaves and have rather grotesque things stuck to the trunks. That..and there's a LOT of tree's, like totally untamed lamed. The only problem with this, is that unless it was at a time right near the end of the 19th century, there'd be a major problem. Most buildings back then weren't nearly as complex as today's, so there'd have to be a lot of outdoor's stuff or secret locations to cover for that.
  7. Yes, gameplay is very difficult to think of isn't it? Especially with SH. Now here's a topic worthy of at least 5 pages. When I think of Silent Hill gameplay, also remember that its usually very closely tied to the main point of the story. IE: First one was all about not knowing what the heck SH was, it was all confusion, much like Henry's dillemna. The metaphor's of Room 302 for Henry take a central role in the game's gameplay mechanics. If there's future SH's, they have to mix this a lot more. We can't just have random people visit silent hill even if its a good reason too much, or its going to get stale very quickly. Here's one idea...what about a flash back tale...back to a time thats anywhere from the civil war era (where the cult began) to maybe early 20th century..when the Cult is in its prime and its evil is first taking over the town of Silent Hill. You'd play as a person from that era, maybe an innocent townsfolk or someone who's in the cult..but realizes the evil of what he's doing and wants out..but it isn't so easy. Or if Konami wants to be daring and wildly original, a native american main character who's a descendant of the tribe who used to frequent the land before it was taken over and colonized/corrupted by the cult. He's either fallen out with his fellow tribesman and has tried to fit into the white mans world..but ends up needing his ancient boyhood history and teachings in order to survive old Silent Hill. That or just some random drifter, whatever floats your boat. Imagine this, game's gun's are limited to the weapons of that time period. There'd ofcourse, be no radio if this were pre 20the century. Maybe something like a ringing charm..or something like a background noise like in Siren (like creepy tribe chanting you only hear) in its place. Also imagine..this is a time period with NO electricity of any kind. Thus all you have..is lanterns, and thats the foggy Silent Hill. In other, its like..PITCH black, all you have is a Lantern to see, and it can blow out...you can relight it any time..but it could happen at bad times. Man...old Civil War era ghost stories scare the shit out of me, just imagine how this game could be. Also of note...the bodies in the lake are fresh..and the hospital is new and infested with disease and poor, primitice medicine. Scenery would be Colonial ofcourse, this could be the events which cause Silent Hill to be abandoned in the first place, because the people were messing with things they shouldn't of. And you're main guy just happens to walk into it and has a connection to it and the land. As well as the primitive town, there could be a certain degree of wild fields (my god imagine alternate version of this!) you can wander or maybe even ride a horse around (a brave ass warrior horce you'd need for that..) And realize mysterious mountain sides have appeared around the town trapping you in it for some reason. You're goal is to escape, and in order to do this you must confront this warped spiritual evil with the spirit of the land before it was desecrated. But in order to do this, you must traverse not only the town, and its lake front..but possibly quickly hop into different time's in the town's history (Either psychological, spiritual vision of some kind or maybe something vague) But thing is, is its during its most grusome points..the epidemic, the slaughtering of the Natice American people, the first coming of the cult...all done in a very warped manner. You must do something in each point in order to "rechannel" the spiritual energies of your ancestry. All the while however...a spiritual battle between your people's energy and the energy of Samael rages inside your head..causing you to become more and more chaotic the more you go into the game. Sometimes you may even lose control of your character for random periods of time as they're "possessed" and do anything from Run straight into monsters to just go in random directions. Would that not scare the crap out of any of you? Suddenlly realizing nothing you do to the controller is controlling your own character anymore? Thats one of my idea's...I have another but it entails more of Heather's storyline. I think there's still a little room left in the main plot/Alessa/Heather plotline. Its a bit fuzzy though...
  8. Hmm..its true there's no end to storyline possibilities, then let me rephrase and make this a little more challenging. What about gameplay mechanics? New ways for the story to really rip you apart, and for you to play? New ways to emerse yourself in it as well. Like how SH4 took some major chances with some big experiments it could sadly not completely meet thanks to those time limits..
  9. You want something creepy, if its relatively safe to, go for a jog at night listening to Broken Notes or something Silent Hill inspired. There's nothing like it.. On Henry in Silent Hill. As said Henry is really an innocent bystander who just happened to have been in a place for Walter to take advantage of him. Henry's just you average joe Photographer, straight out of college and livin' on his own building the guts up to ask the cute girl next door out. But well...he just happens to have chosen Walter's favorite room. Heh, poor Henry. But everything that happens is a product of Walter's doing, the cult, Samael, or Silent Hill itself have little to work with or really want from Henry..cause he's pretty much alright. Even among main character's who are defined by being "normal feeling", Henry is as normal as they come. Just your every day mid 20's sturdy young guy. Hey, here's something I'd love to get very indepth about. Where from here, can the Silent Hill series go and still stay fresh? Do you guys have any idea's?
  10. OH! Maybe thats what the Mother and Escape endings mean! In Mother, maybe the room is all messed up, and Eileen (and possibly Henry) don't leave because Henry hasn't cleared out all the demons out of his mentality, so maybe they find themselves bound to the room..thus Walter's Dream. If we're going on this way of thinking. Maybe its the games way of telling you that the game is going to go in a cycle, and maybe...just maybe..Henry will follow the same fate as Joseph. And in escape, you actually do escape by leaving the room and everything associated with it behind (hinted by Eileen's statement about "finding a new place" Obviously, the happiest ending.
  11. You should really go back and read some of this post sometime, you couldn't be further from the truth. Believe it or not, the monster's in 1, 2, and 3 actually have psychological reasons for being there, even officially. Like the monster's in 1 all represent Alessa's anxieties and fears, in 2 the monster's are all elements of James psyche and things his subconscious is trying to tell him, and in 3 its a little more vague, but its been said that the monster's are there as representations of all the things Heather finds putrid and undesirable, or which she fears in order to fuel her hate. Not sure about 4 though..they're probably things derived from Walter's warped views but nothing official's been said.
  12. Ohhh! Like, Henry will go unconscious or go to sleep, and you'll go to the other worlds.. But..then stuff starts to happen outside, like Eileen talking about this happening, and that happening..making Henry wonder weither it was a dream or not..thus challenging his mentality even more. XD Now thats interesting. See, if we have a character who's perfectly normal, and has no inner demons like Henry, we gotta challenge that to its full extents to get his full potential out.
  13. Well he climbed through the hole because it was the only way he'd be able to retain his sanity from being stuck in the room for so long. It would of been cooler if Henry was stuck in the room for a much longer period of time, (say two weeks) and started to slowly lose his mind as well as health because of lack of food/water etc. So when the hole appears he has to escape in order to not only keep his life but also his very mind. You could throw in hallucinations and everything, that would of been creepy as hell. Its really amazing though how much of a difference the character's background made on the games overall scare factor. For some reason, playing as Henry was less freightening than the other three because of the fact he was very normal. There's something that clicks inside of you when you feel like your character is truly tied to whats going on around them, and if its something horrific then that just makes the experience of playing as that character even more freightening. Harry feels like such a pawn in a bigger game, Heather has no clue whats going on inside of herself and feels so frail, James you just don't trust at all, however because of the fact he has no connection to the events at all other than being one of the Sacraments, and his normal mentality, Henry feels much more like a hero battling evil than something lost in wonderland (of hell). Now for some reason I like Henry as a character, there's something about the "poor shmuck who was in the wrong place at the wrong time hero" type of deal that always hit a chorde in me. Its why I like characters like Leon Kennedy, Ryusei, etc. They're heroic because of they're own initiative, not big prophecies or obligation or anything. But for Silent Hill maybe it wasn't enough for the main character. Although I think the central problem was the enviornments itself and not so much Henry.
  14. Well also, Henry was arguably far more mentally stable than James. Henry is just a normal guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, where as James is in his situation because of his own frail mentality. Those holes were always a metaphor for his psyche, so maybe Henry didn't go there..because he didn't have to. Henry is probably the most mentally balanced male character in the whole series..
  15. You know those are really good points. I don't know if the designer's would even really be thinking this deep about it all, but maybe they do. Yeah, but with most who have played SH4 that I've spoken to, they weren't repulsed by Beaten-Eileen© at all, they tended to be very sympathetic and protective at that point. I think its because in relation to all the other character's, Eileen was really the most normal of all the female character's. She had a cheerful attitude, liked to hang out with friends, was cute, she wasn't pompous or bitchy in any way. She was a very likable person who really didn't deserve to be hurt at all, so when she is I think rather than have the effect of repulsing the player, I think it had the opposite effect combined with her personality and looks. This person didn't deserve any of this..I'm gonna make sure she's not hurt anymore! And you go into kickass mode a little. Thats how I felt too.
  16. Heh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. To be honest, even though i think her character design is really cool, I don't find Heather particularly attractive. Her model is pretty yes, but she's very errie looking at the same time. But you see thats whats cool about her design to me, she was designed to be an interesting looking Silent hill character, not just another piece of eye candy for the guys. ^^; I mean, they could of made her look like Mary, or Aileen, but instead they didn't concentrate on making her cute, they wanted to make a design that was fitting of that fact she's a pretty important character in the story. I like that kind of mentality behind character design. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like an attractive or alluring lady just as much as the next guy, but I like balance too. I like a mix of different kinds of character's and I think it becomes redundant if too many are too pretty or cute, or alluringly dressed etc. Heather stands out among SH's female character's cause of that I think..
  17. Yeah I totally agree, Heather's one of my favorite female character designs in all of gaming because she looks so natural and real. I mean, who here hasn't seen a girl who looks even a little bit like her in real life? She's not sporting a graceful feminine build but at the same time she's not exactly unattractive, just not the type who regularly butter's up her own appearance 24/7. She has some bags under her eyes just like many of us end up having around those ages (And its a cool detail too considering she hasn't been sleeping well lately in the story) Hell, although I imagine her being a mostly good girl, we can't overrule the possibility that maybe she's doing a little teenage experimenting with some leaves. Its all these little details that tell you so much about a character, its something I always felt SH was one of the games that really did wonderfully. Harry's contemporary, casual look. James' somewhat unkept appearance, Henry's neat and youthful look, and Heather's "in the middle" kinda appearance. Not a social outcast type, but not the most popular girl type either, just kinda drifting along. Its not that alone that makes it great, its in comparison to 90 % of female character designs out there, its quite a departure. I'm glad that rather than make an overly busty and bubbly main character just because she's female, they stuck with the Silent Hill motif and made a very middle of the road, realistic character design. Plus her vest just looks awsome. That is a very nice picutre. It shows this quality she seems to have where she's kinda not the most feminine girl around, but she's still a girl/young woman kind of thing. Its the same thing Aya Brea's design has..
  18. What part of the game do you see that part? I never saw that. BTW, I read your analysis of the endings and thought they were pretty interesting... particularly, the "Mother" Ending, since I thought the ending itself didn't make much sense. Thanks for sharing. When Eileen is beaten and after the first journey through the alternate Apartment, when you look in the hole the bunny doll on the chair just points at you. Its really unnerving, mostly because that thing gives me the creeps. I hate dolls..
  19. Major Spoiler: The Mother ending makes the least sense out of the 4 endings I think, but in my opinion what I think it is, is a way of telling you that although you escaped (As Henry), in a way Eileen didn't, as the evil left by Walter still infests the Room and will eventually infest the rest of the building again. Basically a way of saying that you didn't escape the danger really. Another thing it could mean is that in order to finally put everything to rest, you had to not only save Eileen but also erase any indication of Walter/young Walter's existence there, which meant purifying the room as much as you could. So in escape..you do literally escape, the soul of young Walter is finally put to rest and the curse of Samael and all the cult's evil is lifted from the building, thus you have nothing holding you there anymore, and nothing will come after you, you're free. Where as in Mother, maybe Eileen says she can go back to her apartment because the evil is still there, and its drawing her back, and will probably draw Henry back for Eileen's sake. In other words, you're out of the red now, but its only a matter of time until the Room beckons you or another again.. Eileen seems so unnaturally calm with the idea of going back to that dreadful place (Hell, even if It is purified, if I was in my right mind I wouldn't even step foot in there again!) So naturally..maybe she's not thinking totally like herself..maybe since you didn't erase Walter's presense in the room..his mission will eventually continue after a while. So really.. 21 Sacraments: Your ultimate failure, you lose not only your life, but your love's life and the eventual lives of countless people. Eileen's death: You escape yourself by erasing all ties to the room, but its a bittersweet and ultimatly "James like" situation that you'll probably be scared for life with. In a way..you don't escape because of the grief. Mother: You save Eileen but you didn't take care of the curse, so it may come back to haunt you again... Escape: You truly escape, the curse is lifted and can never again touch you, you saved Eileen, and the two of you can move on away from the horrible events and continue with your normal lives. You are teh Hero! XD
  20. When I looked in the peephole and saw Robbie pointing at Henry, that seriously freaked me out.. Its really too bad they didn't put in the UFO ending, its such a long standing tradition. Plus since it seems like the character's keep collecting in them (Like how Its Harry in the first one, then its James and Harry in the second, then its Heather, James, and Harry in the third.) So much potential for enormous comedy having all these characters acumulate after a while, especially if the ending is done in a funny art style like Silent Hill 3's. Oh well.
  21. Daddy! Look a SPOILER. Oh my poor Ch**** Anyone who complains about this spoiler's gonna get some BUSTED HEADS! Alright Dad! Your the coolest! The damage rating for Eileen is really odd.. I know your supposed to keep her safe, but there are lots of times where I've really put her in a lot of danger (for the sake of helping me fight), fights that look like she'd end up getting really fucked up, but she ends up walking away without a scratch and ends up walking really slowly just fine at the end. Like one time I took Walter on, and she helped me and took a direct blow from him. I thought she was finished but low and behold, she's just as healthy as when I first got her and in the end, ended up walking snail like pacing at the end. Does this happen to anyone else? Its like...her just being you you constantly helpes her keep her sanity and health. The only times she's ever gotten more cursed is when I left her alone, she's pretty much with me all the time now usually. It was actually more of a challenge to get Eileen's Death or the 21 Sacraments endings to get her to die.. It was pretty awsome having both Eileen and Henry whacking away on Walter too.
  22. I are like Henry. XD Hurray for mentally stable people! lol Spoiler I really gotta remember to do this.. And yeah, although when playing your not supposed to really know for certain who's in the chair. I suspected from first playing that it was James, but I never really completely knew. But a few months ago someone camera hacked SH2 so you could see certain things, and the guy in the chair is definitely a dead James. Perhaps its a metaphor saying that a large part of James died in that room 3 days ago..
  23. Yeah I don't think Henry was exactly badass either, I made a poor choice in words. Its very hard to describe..but he doesn't feel as "vulnerable" as the previous 3 main characters felt. I suspect maybe its because the other 3 had some kind of deeply intertwined connection to the events happening in the game, connections which made you feel a little helpless to an extent. You questioned weither Harry was in a repeating hell or not because of the new game scenerio, James a victim of his own self pity and anger, and Heather being connected to the center of it all. Henry feels literally..more like the random guy who just got caught up in it. He has no psychologically scarring vulnerabilities that help Spawn silent hill, nor does he have some kind of liability caught up in everything. He has no connection to the entire Silent Hill history aside from Walter targeting him for the 21st Sacrament. He's just there, and he wants to save the girl. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but to me Henry felt the least vulnerable of all the characters. Almost like a third party. On the RE characters. Maybe its just me, but generally the tenseness I feel when playing a RE game is more along the lines of being chased, rather than sheer paranoia that makes Silent Hill so hard to play. Part of that is even though a character like..Jill for example does show signs of being a little in over her head, she still has certain cut scenes that give you the impression that she's much more cut out for this kind of thing than someone like James or Heather. The first RE was definitely freaky but that was because it really was the first time any of us played anything like that. But as RE's gone on that initial shock has sort of waned as your charcter's just get more and more armed to the teeth with weapons that could make God cry. XD Although I do think RE4 is a huge step in the right direction from what I've seen, I so can't wait for that. Its more a cosmetic thing with the SH character's, but the little things like your character's tending to have poor aim futher in range, breathing after a period of walking and the fact in all cut scenes they never really feel like they have the situation under control I thought was just an ingenius design detail. And yeah, the atmosphere in SH is definitely in part of the fact it only emphasizes things, rather than spell it out. Perfect example is when James finds the room with the TV running, and the dead guy in the chair. Aside from the fact camera hacks have helped you see that its him, when first playing you had no idea if it was actually him. You just assumed..that uncertainty is why even a relatively tame in comparison game like SH4 still gives me the creeps when playing. Silence is a sound too. So the general word is that people didn't like Silent Hill 4 that much compared to the previous ones. I can sort of see why, although I did like it a lot still. (Still much more sophisticated than your typical Survival Horror outing.) But I'm curious, what do you guys think could of been done to the game to have made it more of a successful experiment? The idea's behind the game are definitely very good, but the main thing I keep hearing is that it didn't meet its potential. In your opinion what could of helped it reach that? And I've played the whole thing so don't worry about Spoilers.
  24. I'm sorry..I gotta ask one thing.. In Silent Hill 4.. SPOILER In the Hospital, was anyone else extremely freaked out by the giant Eileen head that just stares at you? I mean...wtf is up with that? lol. I had braved a lot of stuff in the Silent Hill series but for some reason, that head made me pause and put down the controller for a sec. There was something just so..random and freightening about it. Just imagine going about your business, then suddenlly you go into a room..thats being blocked by a giant head that looks like your best friend, that just states at you menacingly..that'd make me wet my pants 100%. So I gotta ask, do you guys think it represented something? Or was it just there for random scare sakes? Its something I've thought about even a month after beating the game. I'm assuming its Walter's power "taunting" Henry's concern for Eileen, but is there something else?
  25. No other game series has ever given me a bad dream (SH2). I think far more so than any other survival horror game, SH series plays with your own fears and insecurities on a level to where you never really feel like you have the upper hand in anything. (The one exception being Princess Heart in SH3. Then its just funny. XD) I think out of the series SH2 is the real masterpiece here. Not even the other SH games felt as inclosed and paranoid as that game felt. Every monster had a purpose and representation in James' mind, every event had something to do with him, and eventually..the game even makes you question your trust in your own character. That alone I think made SH2 the kind of game it ended up being. Also, much of SH2 I personally think is a big metaphor for suicide. Everything James goes through is associated with his anxieties in life, and if you think about it..all the ugliness of Silent Hill and its horrifics and its intense feeling of lonliness could very well represent James' own life, all of it could be relieved with the release of death. Maybe I'm looking into it too much but the fact there's so many interpretations of the games storyline just shows how much of an experience it was, and also the key to why its arguably one of the scariest games ever made. (For me..it certainly was the scariest because of how well it integrated your own paranoia into the game.) The first game was very scary but I could handle it, third game was EXTREMELY warped in places (God those bloody smiling Bunnies at the fair send shivers up my spine..as did the sounds in the Subway, the sheer lonely panicy feel of the sewer systems..man.)But I was able to brave it because I was genuinly interested in finding out more about SH1's storyline. Human curiousity can cancel out a lot of things.. And 4 had some ingenius concepts but as some have said here, the game wasn't even close to its full potential. But SH2 stood by itself. There was no curiousity at the story, only growing distrust of your own main guy..and growing dread of the world around you. I had to play the Prison area of 2 very, very slowly...its almost embarassing but well..fear tends to be doesn't it? Personally, I think the most ingenius thing about the Silent Hill series..is the way Konami does its main characters. I think the central key to making a game scary is your main character. If you played ...Devil May Cry..with a regular average joe, it'd be scary as hell wouldn't it? But you play as badass Dante..so you're not afraid anymore, you wanna kick ass! Resident Evil has been scary at times, especially the first/REmake where no matter how badass your character was, you felt totally disadvantaged no matter what you did. But your character's are relatively fearless and sporting a mastery of an enormous arsenal of insane weapons that you *know* will hurt the bad guys..a lot. Basically..you may be normal, but your still pretty badass. But in Silent Hill, your characters who are as normal as you csn get. You never feel totally professional with your weapons, your character shows signs of paralyzing fear at times, they get tired, and even worse..you may be able to use weapons..but your never 100% sure weither its even really doing anything real..of imagined. Harry was kind of a putz, a lovable putz but a putz. James was interesting and sympathetic..but also strangely vulnerable as well as almost questionable, and Heather feels so fragile and delicate, as well as lost. IMO one thing that goes to Silent Hill 4 not being that scary, is Henry Townsend is actually kind of badass in a normal "your tough next door neighbor" kind of way. He has no real connection to the events happening around him, nor any reason to really feel guilty or paranoid about anything that happens to him, he's just a sturdy guy that was at the wrong place at the wrong time (and wants to save the girl. XD) That single handedly brought down a lot of the horror factor because I believe if you have real, honest faith in your character, you don't feel as vulnerable.
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