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  1. Oh my god. Its like the internet exploded over this. I'm all for this though, it sounds like an extremely creative idea and it just opens up a universe of possibilities for both this character and other character ideas.
  2. Listening to the original Kid Icarus music, I'm not sure how the Underworld song in general can't be uplifting. Its a generally cheery tune.
  3. God is that epic looking or what?
  4. Maybe the second part of the move only works when it actually hits someone, otherwise he just rises. Then again that could be mighty abusable by the opponent..
  5. Yeah. Apparently there was a crapload of scenes cut from this, either not finished or actually finished but cut at the last minute. Some of those scenes include: -Scene with angry mob going to the DMV, its that scene you see Patty and Selma credited for in the credits, although its not there. There was even a clip of it at IGN. -Marge originally went to Reverend Lovejoy to talk about Grampa going crazy, but it was replaced with the Comic Book Guy scene because they felt it lasted too long. This was also somewhat animated. -The scene where the entire town runs the Simpsons out of town was massively redone from the original animatics released. -When the Simpsons are on the run from EPA there was originally a chase scene with them in a truck, throwing Egyptian antiques at pursuing EPA in a tunnel. -Springfield's breakdown was expanded a little more. -The scene when Wiggum, Apu, and Hibbert run out of Burns' house is expanded. -There's a scene right before the town blacks out where Krusty tries to comfort the scared kids in his audience. The director, David Silverman loved this scene. -When Homer is on his way back to town to save everyone he hitches a ride on a truck delivering sausages. Brooks himself said it was the most regretable cut because its his favorite scene. -You were supposed to see one more scene with the pig in the very end, to close that up. -Kang was supposed to make a cameo appearance in the credits. -The "Springfield Anthem" during the credits was supposed to have an animated scene. -This one is just speculation, but at Comic-Con Matt said that he was glad Ralph could "open the movie and close the movie" since he's his favorite character. He sings the 20th Century Fox theme which is opening, but he does nothing in the end so some speculate maybe it was a cut he forgot about. He did mention in an earlier interview that Ralph had a somewhat big scene in the movie he really liked but there were no guarantees that it'd make the cut. Also Sideshow Bob was slated to make a speaking cameo of some kind but that seems to have not happened. Also Minnie Driver and Erin Brockovich. Don't mind that so much though since the guest star count was just right really, I don't like it when they get too overboard. I'm definitely getting the DVD just for a lot of this stuff alone. It'd be awesome if some of the more finished scenes were completed and included in the film. I especially like that Krusty scene, seeing some more of what happened in town in the meantime, and the anthem during the credits. The Krusty one in particular looks like it could have added some more weight to whats going on.
  6. I have to admit that maybe we could have done without Alaska. Considering how much was going on they paced it surprisingly well I thought, but I can't help but wonder if it would have been better if they kept it all in Springfield. Similar plot, similar outcome, just minus Alaska. Also, I guess Spider-Pig bit the dust, It was kind of odd how it just dissapeared considering how much the damn pig was hyped. The not so happy part of the ending.
  7. Knuckle Joe is a great addition. SSB is all about obscurity so really anything goes. The usual rules of "they'd never put that in there, it hasn't been used in forever!" in most games is really out the window. You know I wouldn't be surprised if one of the assist trophies is going to be a bunch of Metroids. You have to admit, that'd be pretty cool. And it would work well too, they cling to you and slow you down while draining life.
  8. Here's my thoughts. SPOILERS here but I've kept it as minimal as possible. Now I'm a huge fan of the Simpsons, a really big fan. I do the whole whack, talk about subtext over the years, meaning, hidden character qualities, you name it. I remember episode names too, I'm such a dork. lol But anyways, although I have my fair share of gripes over some of the directions the show has taken over some of the years, with writers coming and going, I still watch it now. Call it habit, but I can still casually watch it even though sometimes I wish some things were different. But this really is a big part of our generation, its not just a comedy cartoon really, its (or was really) a full blown caricature of the human condition with all its humorous oddities, and even some complexities in there. Of course like a lot of people, I wish that some of the writers would look at how multi layered this show was at its best, to see what made it really good, but I don't like to linger on whining. Maybe I'm just easygoing. But one thing I can say about this movie is that it did have some of that substance in the humor, satire, writing, and even sincere drama (something the show's had a huge problem with lately.) It also did have a lot of the overobnoxious, nonsensical physical comedy that irritates old time fans, you could really see how different the writers' comedy writing styles were since many who haven't worked on the show in a long time worked on this movie. So its kind of a movie with multiple personality disorder as far as comedy goes. Surprisingly, my theater laughed at very few of the over-the-top gags like the wrecking ball, but the more subtle things and downright sly dialogue that was very old style got quite a few roars. Thats really where the comedy is at, we can only hope they learn from it. This last season was a little better than the other ones these past few years so you never know. But the obnoxious stuff mostly came from Homer of course, and you know in a way...the movie kind of critisizes how over the top he is. Almost like it "de-jerkass-ifies" him so he's sorta better in the last part. To me, the movie was all about how this obnoxious man's actions affected -everyone- else. Thats where the real heart of the story was. Homer was just the catalyst to last the film. So really, its a big mishmash of lots of things but there was some greatness in there, some "now THIS is the Simpsons" that really made it worth it. And it was just beautiful to look at. I love the supporting cast and it was kinda bittersweet you saw so little of them, but its understandable too. They all had a great moment in there, Wiggum's my favorite character so I'm just glad he got that scene with the bomb-robot. My friends and I had fun seeing it. Those who are dead set on hating the Simpsons are probably not going to accept it, but its got more substance to it than the show itself has had in quite a while. So it had some things strict traditionalists will scoff at, but it also had some surprisingly great moments. Oh and Bart's... thing. You know maybe its a satire. Think about it, so many are making a huge deal over a little squiggly line that probably took the animator who drew him there half a second to draw. Whether its casual people who can't believe it, or stingy oldtime fans whining about it. Maybe thats why they did it, to poke at us. I mean, is it really honestly ^that^ big of a deal? Looking at it like that, its the kind of nudity the show has used before.
  9. If Zelda doesn't transform into Sheik in this game (we still don't know for certain.), then at least this'll really help her out, since her down A in the air in Melee was kind of ass.
  10. Yeah as much as I love MGS I really, really hope this story has a conclusion of some sort. Hell even if it leads to a completely new Metal Gear series in the same world with a different lead or something or something, just as long as Solid Snake and the Solid series gets some sort of closure that'd be the coolest thing ever. I don't want to get my hopes up though, knowing how sequel centric gaming is. But if anyone'd be willing to try that its Kojima at least, although I don't know how much control he has over such things. An interesting thing I was thinking about was how the Stinger Missile Launcher and more modern PSG1 style Tranq rifle were replaced with an oldschool RPG and the Mosin Nagant from Big Boss' time in the 60's and 70's. Do you think maybe its a hint of something? Like, maybe since Solid Snake is aging rapidly to Big Boss' original age that he's starting to aquire a lot of his traits like CQC, his preference in older guns maybe, stuff like that? Or maybe...that crazy crazy theory that MGS3 is Solid Snake reliving Big Boss' first big mission through Virtual Reality is true, and he grew to like that equipment. I'm reading a lot into it but you know how crazy these games can get with that stuff.
  11. Man the edge-guarders are going to have a field day with this new technique. lol But I'm sure there's other counter uses for it too to balance things out. Every character combo wise I think's going to be able to benefit from it in some way at least.
  12. I've heard nothing about it coming to the 360, its not for all intents and purposes. But supposedly the guys at Konami have thought about the -idea- of whether its possible or not, more exactly. Heard nothing about an FFVII remake either, although we all know it'll happen one day inevitably. I don't think so quite yet though. Yeah the PS3's looking pretty banged up right now, I'm just a huge MGS fan though. And this looks like a pretty big game, major people from all of them are appearing in it. I know how games work now and everything, but if this really is Solid Snake's final story (not the end of Metal Gear mind you.) like said I can't wait to see what happens. In the very least, even if it does continue after this the game itself looks like it'll be pretty good. What I like the most so far gameplay wise is the real sense of immersion in the battlefield. I love MGS but while 3 was great, I have to admit the gameplay style of it was becoming a little "mechanical", and I'm not saying its going to be a full out evolution of the series. But it looks like its building on the more immersive stealth action that MGS3 started to move the series down. With all the stuff Snake can do it looks a lot more dynamic in even how he moves but still having some of that classic Metal Gear style to it. I also love the idea of giving the player options on what to do in the actual battlefield, like maybe Snake could have helped the PMCs here instead of the militia, or just done nothing alltogether. Its up to the player. It goes pretty well with Snake's personal "symbol" in this game, that little Kanji symbol that means "let the world be". He's just an observer in a world that he's no longer fully a part of. Just around to take care of some unfinished business. That sorta thing. The crotch grab is pretty out there though. But you know Kojima's weird sense of humor. I've personally warmed up to the idea too of playing as "old" Snake (even though he's not really literally old), I think its a gutsy move.
  13. I just can't wait to hear a modern rendition of a Kid Icarus tune.
  14. Hmm Was the first thing on my mind too. You know...you have to wonder whether it was on Sakurai or whoever takes these screenshots minds or not. Its not important, but whenever something like this happens I always wonder if it was intentional or not. Like can someone really be that dense?
  15. Its a pretty big game so I figured maybe it was worth its own thread. Especially now that actual gameplay has finally been revealed. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/22703.html And official stuff on website. http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/event2007/index-en.html I don't know about you guys, but I think gameplay wise its looking surprisingly good. Like they didn't just stack on some things onto MGS3 and made it look prettier, there's all sorts of gameplay additions that make it look much more intense and natural almost. The big thing for me so far is how much more you can do in the crouching and crawling modes, and they also finally improved corner shooting but I think just how much in way of options you seem to have is pretty exciting. What do you guys think so far? Also. Old EVA is old. (Although thats uh heh, pretty damn impressive for her age.)
  16. I'm going with Tempora on this, it looks like Mario breaks the rule and uh...sorta brings Kirby "back to life" cause he's such a good guy and all, and I guess shit hits the wall because of it. Everyone always used to joke that in a way, the first Smash Brothers could be seen as the "toys" or "characters" rebelling against their master...us, or the kid making them fight. And thats why the kid runs out of the room in the end, his hand got bitch slapped by lasers and Master Swords. lol So maybe in this game that idea is actually being taken literally.
  17. Kiyosuki


    Yeah I think so too. Its like with Spiderman, I don't know if anyone else agrees but I always thought it would have been cool if they just left it at the first movie. Even if there were open ends thats part of the charm, comic books never end so its almost like giving you a cinematic taste of it and just leaving it at that. Sorta the same with this movie. Its one big homage to the original Transformers so just leaving it at that would be cool. But yeah...like said unfortunatly that won't be the case, since big time box office film follows a largely mass production based mentality.
  18. Heh, like I said I'm probably thinking too much into it. But I do still bet Sakurai is dangling the question at the end of a hook so to speak since the character was pretty popular. I bet with the suit there will be at least a way to "jettison" it off with a certain button combination or something, I can't imagine them programming a whole character just to regulate her to a single items' use. Doesn't make much sense to me. Either that or if you think about it, if they really really beef up Samus' speed and give her some undeniable strengths over standard Samus (as well as some disadvantages of course.) then if it is just after the Final Smash it may not even have to be seen as a "punishment". Another possibility is that beam looks really really powerful so maybe it could be more powerful and deadly than your average Final Smash, and the suit coming off is to just balance that out. This isn't that important, but I wonder if she has two different models (ZS version and standard Version) or if she just has one model, the ZS version, and they just put the armor over that model for armored Samus. That'd be kind of neat.
  19. I'm very happy that the beam wasn't wussified at all for its in game appearance. On the subject of Sheik, they've been sticking Zelda in a lot of screenshots I noticed. I bet its to really taunt people with the question of whether she can change or not, since Sheik was pretty popular in SSBM. I'm probably thinking too much into this but I wonder if Zelda appearing in that last screenshot was a subtle hint. They've said one of the ways (as far as we know) you can get Zero Suit Samus and its not a change on the dime thing like Sheik...so maybe that could mean...
  20. Oh yeah the individual entrances is something I'd definitely also want to see come back.
  21. Kiyosuki


    Yeah that is something I liked too and was actually a bit surprised with, how they didn't make humanity completely helpless in a battle against these things. I know people mostly want to see the giant robots and the whole story leading up to the Transformers was a bit long (although I think it was necessary to set things up really, I would have liked some more robot fighting though too.) but while there were plenty of "silly humanslol" moments at least many of the protagonists -tried-, and actually did some noteworthy things despite being so far less advanced.
  22. Kiyosuki


    I liked this movie quite a bit. I wasn't going in expecting the classiest and most thought provoking cinema imaginable, I was expecting Transformers and its what we pretty much got. Now I was never a die-hard fan of the cartoon. I've never bought a Transformer toy before in my life and I could never get to quite the same level of passion some fans had over building melodrama over this movie's pre-hype, but at the same time I do remember the show casually and the old movie and know about a lot of the traditions and catch phrases, the Transformer names etc so all the little things in this movie registered as well so I guess I was in a good position with this film. This movie is one great big nostalgia fest. They got all the old Autobots and Decepticons mentioned by name, a lot of signature moments like Optimus' roll out line, and Megatron bitching out Starscream were snuck in there, the old Volkswagon Beetle next to the old Camero, it was great stuff for old time fans and those who could catch that stuff. I mean, the whole movie was basically leading up to that one last big climactic battle but I have to admit, when all the military+Autobots and the Decepticons are all rushing towards the big final battle, in a live action movie...I got that distinct "oh shit this is so awesome!" feeling you mostly only got when you were between the ages of 8 and 15. That pretty much sums up what I think they did great about this film, its a movie you go to watch and get pumped up. Yes it is true that there's a lot of corny dialogue, but even the original show was like that. Its kind of unavoidable and I'm glad instead of trying to serious-itself out rather it just concentrated on making itself a fun movie. There were a couple of maybe unecessarilly silly scenes like the dramatic slow motion hand-holding in the middle of the last battle with everything flying around. But its almost self-referentially silly and I thought was hardly worth holding against the movie. So while some will either love or hate it because its just not the type of movie for them in general, I thought it admirably did a great job of being exactly what it was meant to be, one big homage to the Transformers. Great for fans, and for everyone else its got that same cheesy but awesome cheesy something that made those fans fall in love with it in the first place. I still don't consider myself a huge Transformers fan but I can acknowledge that its a well put together "just for fun" movie. I have a feeling Spielberg's contributions to the movie may have made a big difference in getting this done. It has that almost "timeless silly fun" thing a lot of his adventure films have. There is obviously a lot of room for a sequel. I mean...the remains of the Decepticons are just dumped in the water and its assumed they'll be crushed by the pressure? That sounds like ample "oh shi- we were wrong" moment right there. I also knew they wouldn't kill Starscream. I just had this feeling since he's such a fan favorite. I really liked how the Decepticons spoke their own language, and how the Transformers all adapted to our machinery when they got here as opposed to always looking that way. Great minor but notable details in making this transfer to a live action film more seamlessly. Also, I have to note that while there was a lot of CG the good use of animatronics as well as more traditional elements really made this look even better. Its just proof that CG alone is inferior to CG being used along with all the tricks of the trade that film making has picked up in the last century. I liked how Megatron never adapted and just transformed into an alien aircraft, its very like him to be so proud that he wouldn't be able to "lower himself" to Earth technology even in look.
  23. I know he's a fan favorite many want in, but I still have trouble seeing Ridley as a playable character in this. As an assist trophy sure, anything's possible there but as a playable it just seems kind of hard to imagine. Not saying I hate him or anything like that, I don't. And if he were in there I wouldn't complain either but I just have trouble seeing him work as a playable.
  24. Yeah I know. But hey they did get mentioned in his Melee trophy and SSB is all about nostalgia. I mean, they have Pit in there as a playable so I think anything is possible. I'm coming a bit late into this but on Final Smashes, the one that racks my brain the most is Snake's. Its kind of a tough one to think about. Someone I know suggested that maybe just like in MGS, Grey Fox could come out of nowhere to back him up (complete with the bloom-filled cinematic moment where he's jumping in from the air towards Snake.) as a second character for a limited time. Different from Assist trophy's in that Fox can do a lot more than just one action and he stays on longer, helping to attack whoever Snake (who's still fully playable) attacks with slices, high jumps, lasers and all that good stuff.
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