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  1. Well done I love this interpretation, is all I can say. Great instrument work, but it's all about how well this mixes the original theme into something new and interesting. I love it when a mix can do that well.
  2. Wow, I'm very impressed. I love the mood this sets up. Oustanding stuff
  3. Wow, this song is incredibly pleasing. I love the arrangment. I agree that the flute could be a bit better, but everything else is absolutely perfect. Nicely done!
  4. I think I see why many like this over the original. The original had such a cool melody, but I felt Uematsu didn't do much with it in terms of sound quality. So that why I enjoy this one so damn much Ziwtra doesn't dissapoint and I'm truly impressed with the style here with the complex drum programming and calming beat.
  5. Quite an amazing piece, and entirely different from what I was expecting given JigginJonT's Chrono Trigger piece. Damn, though - this is definitely a very beautiful and creative piano arrangement with all the little bits and pieces that go deep and show real heart was put into this. Yeah, 5 stars n' such
  6. My eyes lit up when I saw a new mix from bLiNd. Awesome stuff! I love the light feel of the melody. Very cool take on the song, and a wonderful trance masterpiece
  7. Sweetness, this is definitely a favorite o' mine. I didn't really like the green hill zone music much, but this makes it sound friggen awesome. Great job!
  8. I really enjoy this mix. The synth's and drums are really satisfying and just have a lot of energy. The beat is very well done and I think that Sir Nuts did a good job with creating a fun song. Definitely one of my favorites from the site. I have to admit I'm surprised that some people are saying they think it isn't even good enough to be posted
  9. Damn...the piano alone is enough to make this song worth hearing. The smooth jazz part is just so nice Alot of different styles, moods for this, all which transition and work nicely with the song. Despite it's low bitrate, it has high-quality sound. Great instrument work, great everything! Definitely a favorite.
  10. There's something about this mix that stands out from any other version I've heard. I don't know what exactly, but it makes for a pleasing version of the CT version. Whether or not it's part of an ever-growing list of CT remixes, it's stands on it's own as a powerful song.
  11. I have one word for this: Smooth. This clean and high quality mix is fits the mood of the original really well and elaborates on it. Plus, the original was a bit repetitive, while this changes enough to get rid of that effect. Very good. Highly recommended.
  12. One of my absolute favorite remixes on the site. I remember playing the first few bits of FF3 and hearing this song..I was just blown away with what Uematsu could do with the NES sound chip. Imagine my delight when I see a remix for the song is here. This remix sets up a great mood and feeling with the wind sounds, piano, and following beat, then the sax comes out and you just can't help but close your eyes and feel relaxed. Anyway, GREAT song. Highly recommended.
  13. This is definitely up there with Winds of Eternity as one of my favorite Remixes. This is what trance should be, in that it creates the same feeling that a trance-fan looks for without being all too repetitive or boring. The constant changes in melody and rythm kept me enthralled and continue to do so each time I listen. If you are a fan of the genre, there is no reason for this to be absent from your playlist.
  14. At first, I wasn't into this mix much, but as I've listened to it more and more, It has grown on me quite a bit (something that happens a lot with me). I like how this changes from a more gothic, scary type of orchestral piece to a fast-paced techno rythm. It makes a good transition too...I had to listen a few times to even realize that was happening. Great job on this mix!
  15. The intro is what made it for me. I really think that something like that adds a little flavor to a good remix (and it IS a very good mix!!)
  16. I've noticed that when I first listen to a song from DJPretzel, it's not as appealing as the 2nd or 3rd time I hear it. My point is that his songs grow on you. This and Pachelbel's Ganon are two that seem to stray from the original and that put me off a little at first. However, the unique flavor of this song and others are what gives them their lasting appeal. This has such an awesome feel to it that fits in well with the story behind "You're Not Alone!". In addition, this great variance of style makes this interesting all by itself, even if you don't pay attention to the original melody. Another great song from DJP...highly recommended!
  17. This is probably my favorite from Protricity, and after going through and downloading all his songs, I have realized how unique and amazing his remixes are. This mix is dynamic and is like a roller coaster ride for your ears. It's fast paced, the melody and beats change like crazy, making for an incredibly interesting submission. Thank you, Protricity, for making such amazing music for us OC followers to listen to.
  18. Wow, this song just makes me really happy. I can't explain why really, but i tell ya...it's a very good remix. Smooth and even...very good instruments and a mellow tone that you could fall asleep too (or drive to during a nice summer day).
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