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  1. Nice groove; various breaks and transitions. Also liked the "8 bit section" @2:41, quite well integrated in the mix.
  2. OMG! OMG! On OCR, I usually prefer electro mix than orchestral. But on the other hand, I am a big fan of Gershwin and John Williams, among others. This tune is E X C E L L E N T ! Very, very nice sounds (where the damn can you find such good soundfounds or whatever it is) and perfect orchestration, IMHO. Waiting now for other submissions here.
  3. IMO: the beginning sounds like a recent version of Tubular Bells. The "vibraslap"/"quijida" perc is fun, but a bit repetitive. Good synth sounds and interessing bass line.
  4. My prefered part is the main central electro one, from 1'27 to 4'33. Excellent rythm effects around 2'30 !!!
  5. Excellent electro sounds. They create a very original climax. Thanks.
  6. Excellent mix of electro and classical sounds. I think it sounds like the other excellent remix: Zelda 3 'Triforce Majeure' by Disco Dan.
  7. I like the filtered synth sounds, and the breaks, for example @1'05, @1'24 and @2'58.
  8. Nice wedding of guitars and synths: beautiful rocking baby. Nice demo of what a "keyboard head" can do.
  9. I usually don't like so much orchestral remix. But the quality of this one is really amazing.
  10. My opinion: the pad, the bass, the bell sound and the arpeggiator are excellent. But I can not bear (stand) [*] those the too hard panned percs in my headphone. For me, they ruin the whole mix; can we have a version without ? [*]once again, sorry for my horrible english speaking and writing.
  11. I'm afraid this mix is a bit too rich for my little brain. The orchestral parts are f******g excellent! Perfect sounds (especially the strings) But my favorite part is that daftpunk-like flanged (or whatever) synth @2:15 & @6:00. The double bass with the drums reminds me of "Art of Noise". Thanks again, D.D.
  12. Excellent funky groove (e-piano, clav riffs, and synth bass line). DJP, on this mix, is what I call a "keyboard hero", who knows how to design electro-sounds, and how to use his synths controllers, wheels and benders.
  13. Part1 (beginning to 3:06): Good groove (bass, rhodes, and rythm), excellent synth and even better piano! I also like the beat break @2:11, BUT: I really do not like the intro (30 first seconds); I'm sorry, I can not stand the voice there. Part 2 (3:06 to 4:14): excellent Kratfwerk-like arrangement with original and perfect vocoder. I also find the arpeggiator sehr gut. Part3 (4:15 to end) nothing negative to say about that old piano ending. Very, very, very good mix, IMHO.
  14. I've just discovered the Rydia Theme. This "clean" version is excellent. I feel tears in my eyes. Thanks, thanks Kaijin.
  15. Perfect Kraftwerk style remix of the excellent "Crazy Comets" tune! If there's an instrumental of this mix (no vocal), thanks to let me know.
  16. Great, great, super great! I really like the "2:40-3:30" crazy part. Until now, this remix is so rich (where/how do you find enough time to do such an amount of work on a remix ???) that each time I listen to it, I hear new things. (please excuse my so poor english writing...)
  17. MHO: very good sounds choice (choir pads, bells, piano, analog synth bass). Nice arrangement ! My two thumbs up!
  18. The voice samples and the orchestra hits remind me "Art of Noise" (one of my favorite bands) and their virtual singer "Max Headroom". MHO: nice bass sound, excellent drums solo!
  19. This mix reminds me 2 tunes by "Art of Noise": "Moments in Love" (bass and percs) and "Robinson Crusoe" (island style)
  20. ' sounds like a masterpiece to me. -Excellent slapped bass -Excellent synth solo @1'20 -The arpeggios do the "game style" (reminds me my good-old-C64-games) -various excellent breaks -The entire tune is soooooooooo groovy that I can't prevent myself to dance, move my body, clap my hands and disturb my neighb'rs shouting more than singing! Let me say "excellent stuff !".
  21. As usual, I don't know the original music. This remix is excellent! I love the bassline and the bass sound. The snaredrum (or clap) sounds a little low-fi. But the congas(?) roll is so funny (@0'59, @3'08, @3'38 for example). Favorite_remixes_count := +1 (thanks:)
  22. The very beginning, drums intro, makes me think of "Art of Noise"
  23. This mix is now in my winamp, with the "Repeat" button ON... What an impressive amount of work (and talent)! Each tune's got his own atmosphere, but the whole thing is perfectly coherent. As I am working (only 2/3 minutes a day, unfortunately...) on a steel band style remix, I appreciate, with its right value, I think, the tropical samples (steel pad perfect @1'43, excellent marimba in the background @1'57; but the one @2'44 sounds a little robotic...) The drums track is very impressive too (listen to this little break @1'00, listen): bravo, bravo. "One more time", says my winamp! (once again, sorry for my so poor english... )
  24. That IS the kind of bass lines and bass sounds we LOVE ! (on the contrary, I would probably prefer without the effect at the very beginning...). The gapped guitar and the voice make me think of the german band "FRONT 242" (< this is a compliment). Nothing to add about the pad chords ending: the shivers on my arms speak for themselves.
  25. Different from my usual favorites (full of synths). This one's filled with guitars sounds. The two parts (starting at 0:30) match very well together. The layers are arranged to make the very simple chords not too repetive. (please excuse my too bad english writing)
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