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  1. I disagree with dethgrwl. The synth melody and the violin sound very natural. Po! plays them smoothly, and it makes a great contrast with the drums sounding quite mechanical, "square"-programmed. The e-piano chords change from usual and simple major and minor ones, that you can ear in a lot of other mix. (sorry for my too bad english writing...)
  2. That's the kind of remix I like, with simple synths, stereo delays, a big bass and a little pad. Well, it's true the brass lead sound is special...
  3. downloading... listening... head beating rythm... right foot beating rythm... feet beating rythm... standing up and dancing... OUCH! The drums are soooooooooo good! Also like the beautiful chords of the syn'pad. Conclusion: downloading other mixes by Disco Dan... Thanks for your music, DD!
  4. Miam, miam. This is good. What I like the most: the vocal "pad" background, the bell sounds. The sax sound is quite impressive.
  5. good bass + good lead + good arpeggiator + FX sounds from the game = very G O O D remix !!!
  6. Bravo! Bravo! What a song! Strangely, my prefered part is from 1:28 to 1:57 with all those synth sequences.
  7. IMHO, judges have taken the right decision in voting YES for this one. The bass line is perfect. What I prefer in the drums is the use of the crash cymbals. A bit short... a lot of good things are too short...
  8. You know what a guitar hero is, right ? Here we have a keyboard hero: the synth solo @ 2:45 is, IMHO, a masterpiece. And I wish I knew how to do these ambient space sounds...
  9. Yet another favorite of mines here. I specially like the FX percs with the bass pluncks, and the synth solo @02:30
  10. So good! Mix full of pure energy! The work amount to do such a mix is impressive! One of my favorites.
  11. I like this mix, I tell you. What I prefer in it: -the "8 bit" intro -the stereo lead (nice sound!) -FX @ 01:40 What I find less good: the ending is a bit "sudden".
  12. I generally prefer synths to guitars. But this mix is anyway one of my favorites on OCR. The marriage between filtered synths and guitars (distorted lead and rythmic) is here a real success.
  13. One of my favorite remixes on OCR. I find the synths so great that the drum loops sounds a bit "cheapy" to me.
  14. My favorite remix on OCR so far. The voice is so good and so funny!
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