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  1. Hrm. This peice is definately different, if nothing else. But fortunetly thats not the case, as the song is pretty good. It changes style many times throughout the song. I found the small Queen section added in a nice touch, but as someone else already stated...the farting noises....arnt exactly the greatest thing.
  2. Whee, Castlevania music is simply awesome in normal form, and then when someone remixes it beutifully, it just gets all the better. I loved this peice and the only injustice it puts on us is the lack of stronger drums in places that could use it.
  3. Way to go Djpretzel. I didnt think this song could get much better, but now it jams on my computer, soon to be on disk, making it instantly better. Also, the tune to the song now is much more happy then ninja like then the game had originally had it, but that suits me just fine, as the game makes me happy, and not a ninja.
  4. Whee! A SaGa Frontier song, but a little awkward, and out there, much unlike Facinaturu's theme, which is much, much more depressive. This sounds like you were mixing that with something that would be involved in Red's story line in the game. Also, the gaps in between certain parts of the song, were kind of annoying, kind of making me want more, which is what I got fortunetly, but at the same time, making a bit more void then would have been there had this been more complete. *Note* Complete is the best word coming to my mind at the moment...sorry. But other then that, it sounds very nice, expecially the intro until it reached the increased volume and "heavyness". But as you got into the second part, it was completed, as the heaveir section of the song was carried out in normal depression. The third part , were quite a bit happier, unmatching the songs original spirit. Maybe as if you did finally escape that town, curse that boring town...and the four life points it took to get the Asura. Anyways, great song in my oppionion. Hopefully someone out there creates another someday.
  5. Hrm. This peice was very odd sounding. The drums sounded a little funny, as well as the guitar being a little scratchy. But other then that its pretty good for the most part.
  6. Great...just great. Now I just feel as if I really DO have a metroid sucking at the back of my head. This peice is another simply stunning song. It horrifies you from beginning to end, making you want more. Its everything any song in any horror movie/game wants to be, plus more. More then once when I was listening to this song did I look over my shoulder to make sure nothing was there, which, to my luck, there wasnt. If you ever want to know horror in the game metroid, you must listen to this song, it even gives you what the game couldent, the knowledge of what the metroids sound like. You feel as if YOU are Samus Aran herself. Play this peice in the dark, for a truely stunning affect, making you wonder what is lurking in the shadows by your closet. Yes, this song truely does play tricks on you. This is another song by AmIevil that you MUST download...you have no choice in the matter. You wont be disappointed either, and once you hear the song, you wont be thinking about four little metroids floating around any more. You'll be thinking of one, very LARGE, metroid, hunting you down, until of course, you find the save room.
  7. Simpily stunning. Sounds exactly like the orginal, yet, nothing like it at the same time. It follows the orignal song from Castlevania PERFECTLY, until the originality comes into play in the song, but by that I mean, same notes basically, and following their main pattern. This is by far, one of AmIEvils BEST remix's yet to date. By the sounds of it also, it doesnt seem as if he had a 3 month break, it sounds as if he has been working FOR 3 months strait... I wouldnt change a thing in this song, perfect in every way. A must hear...thus...not a recomendation. You WILL listen to it, or I will send my troupe of Ninja Panda's after you, and they are armed with those little cheese-its...so beware...and listen.
  8. This is definately a strange one for AmIEvil. Though, I still enjoyed this peice, it was lacking something within it, which was probobly an ending. The old style blues sound was unique, and caught my attention very quickly, then lost it at the sudden halt at the very end. In other words, I dont really think this song was anything extreamly special, but thats my oppinion, which is everything. But, you make the call, download it for yourself and find out what you think.
  9. Ah, another lovely AmIEvil remix. The greatness of this song easily lies in the percussion section, creating easily, one of the best beats in OCR yet. When the clock strickes 01:49, the song just gets that much better, as another repetitive intrument enters the scene for a bit, and adds into the excitement of the song. Long after I listened to this song, it stayed stuck in my head. As most people have said, this is very good, so its recommened to nearly everyone out there...kudos.
  10. Ah, another great remix by AmIEvil. This song flows very smoothly, and reminds you of great times you had playing the game itself, but with new experiances. To me, this song reminds me of riding over a river, which leads well for the title of the song, though pouring rain, which would be kind of hard to miss, unless of course, your not auctually listening to the song. This song pulls in many peices from the Zelda games, putting them in a plesant, scerene situation, and hordes your attention for much longer then the peice lasts. I definatly recomend this peice, to just about anyone, expecially if you need to fall asleep, which is not an insult. Just very relaxing, the type of song that leads to nice dreams. Great job!
  11. Finally, a game I have never played. This is on SNES...isnt it? I'll have to go find the game so I can make another post and review this remix with the games original. But, to the sounds of it, it made me feel like I was in some sort of runes, laying in the middle of a forest. A soft meledy swarming at you from the very beginning. A nice touch to this peice is that it isnt repetitive to the point of exaustion.
  12. This song was very strait forward in its electronic sound, nearly too electronic for my tastes though. But I have yet to hear an AmIEvil remix that I havent liked. It has a very nice bit of originality in the beginning, and a little more in the end, and when it finally reaches the main Zelda song that every know's, it all just falls into place, and you start becomming addicted to the song, just as you knew you would when it was a Zelda remix.
  13. Dang, how I could reminesque about this game, and shooting all those evil flying bee's and worms, and I'm only 15 years old here. This was a great game, which was very long for the time of games like this. I enjoy how happy this song is, and when I listened to it, I smiled quite alot. I nearly wanted to hop out of my little spinny chair, and dance, but then I couldnt tell you how good the song was. This is definately recommended in my oppinion. Its sounds are quite smooth, are pleasing to the ears.
  14. This song is great. I could even tell that before I downloaded it. The first thing I did was save it to my harddrive and burn it to a CD as it was from Wildarms, which has a great western beat in nearly all of their songs. Then, when I finally did listen to this, I was amazed at the style. It stunned me, even though I probobly could have anticipated something like this, from Dj Pretzils review, being pop-like, but yet, it still retains its western style music. I would recommend this to anyone, unless they only enjoy loud, somewhat obnoxious songs. The instruments used in this song all work together, and never fall of beet to eachother, and follow perfectly in their predissors footsteps. Way to go on this peice.
  15. Ewwie. This song is much to electronical for my tastes, though it does sound like others rather enjoy it, and I can see where they are coming from, but I dont follow that path. It sounds a bit to repetitive to me, but I do enjoy the electronic chime sounds which flow through the song very nicely. But other then that, I really didnt enjoy this song too much. Sorry for the lame review...but...its just not my style. So...in short. If you like electronical songs....listen....if you dont...it probobly wont be worth your time, but you might as well listen anyways, as it definately didnt suck by all means.
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