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  1. There could be some missing/quieter bass in there, I'll check it out when I get home. Thanks for the props and constructive critique!
  2. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions on how to further develop this and where to go with it. Started this morning and kinda just kept going, could use some fresh ears and brain cells. https://on.soundcloud.com/4xFBL
  3. I need a fresh set of ears on this. I'm considering making this general soundscape a staple part of my production, wondering if anyone has input/issues/general feedback on the mix of sounds used in this track. Recently discovered it through a combination of ddrkirby and the pokemon quest soundtrack, and have been experimenting with it. Hoping to get it to a professional or highly polished state, could use some critique. https://youtu.be/yIsPjtawD44
  4. Someone mentioned this track at some point in the discord and it stuck in my head and I love it a billion, so I've been working on a remix. There's two versions of the track that I've seen online. Having never played the game, I represented them both. Originals in their various versions: Here's my remix: Enjoy, and lemme know if I should submit it as is or not.
  5. I prematurely submitted it before I knew this forum section existed, so I'm posting here for some feedback/review. Original Track: Full Speed Ahead! from Golden Sun: The Lost Age: Most recent version of my remix:
  6. No joke. They had the musical energy in that cutscene right too. Was always rewarding to get that sequence after finishing a level. After checking out your soundcloud I'm not surprised it isn't your type lol, but I appreciate the kind words. I'm afraid the coming tracks in the album only get more extreme and loud, so I doubt you'll be interested in the rest of it ­čśť
  7. As of 4pm EST, my EDM album featuring multiple genres will start releasing with 6 tracks over the next 2 weeks. The art and much of the sound design is inspired by the DOS game "Descent" for Windows 95. It was (and is still) influential in both mine and my brother's gaming lives, and I hope the love I have for the game is audible in each of the tracks as they release. You can download all songs for free on Bandcamp as they release, starting with Follow the Sky. https://treyt.bandcamp.com/album/darkness-falling You can also stream them on YouTube Music and Soundcloud as they release. Having finished this album, it's on to new projects. If you're new, seasoned, young, old, wherever you are in life, I'm open to collaboration and jolly cooperation! This is my first album-ish release as well, so constructive criticism of all tracks as they release is welcome.
  8. Hey there, music artist here. I'm looking for a community/project/job/people to get more involved with. People to learn from, geek out over random music pieces, place for more exposure as an artist, etc. Whether you're an artist, or just enjoy game music, would you recommend getting involved here? And why? Thanks, -Me
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