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  1. There is one word that strikes terror into the hearts of E.V.O. players everywhere... That word... is BOLBOX!!! Fear him!!! And for those who didn't ever play E.V.O.... Fear him!!! If for some reason you'd like to relive the horrible music of death that accompanied Bolbox, right-click here. --->progressive19 Thanks to RPGC Shrines for the music and picture of the terrible BOLBOX!!! Oooooh! ...don't blame me, I didn't revive this topic. Blame it on......BOLBOX!!!
  2. I forgot to thank shadow and Rellik for their help. I got it to work. --->progressive19
  3. Fruity Loops question here: Is there a "pedal effect" in FL? I'm using the GrandPiano.wav sample, and the lower notes resonate beautifully, but higher notes seem more staccato. I'd like to lengthen these notes, preferably individually, since a global effect would make the lower tones last far too long. Can anyone help? Thanks --->progressive19
  4. I have to disagree. This remix grooves and is very loyal to the somewhat spacey feel of Mariopaint. Disco Dan also made some very mature minimalistic choices. Well done!
  5. I would have preferred a more strict melody, but what the hell you get a 10 for presentation. Great job.
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