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  1. I'll chalk this one up to the Great Remix Shortage of 2000---it's a masochist's dream.
  2. Don't usually like your stuff, DJP, but this one got through to me.
  3. Very nice. I love the sound, you really did a great job mixing two distinct styles, but I was most impressed by the production quality. We're finally getting into some radio quality stuff here on OCRemix.
  4. I agree with my mom, who said, "Oh my, are you listening to that ethnic music again?" Just kidding, I don't have a mom. Am I at 200 yet?
  5. Wow, so much controversy. I speculate that what happened here was a backlash against minimalist style (which, curiously, few of the persons attacking this mix have mastered). That being the case, I have to say something in the song's defense. Stating that the drum beat loops "virtually nonstop for 6 minutes" (I won't name names) not only reveals a prejudice against the song but is false (we could call it a lie). The drum loop in question plays for a combined 190 seconds of the song. What does that make the other 180 seconds? Yes, that's right! Something different. Half the song is different, which is more than I can say for many other loop-heavy mixes that have been accepted without so much as a blink of an eye. Now, about the remix. I really enjoy the weighty feel of the pulse. It's very tangible, as are many other elements, including the muff-distorted drums at 2:10 and 4:36. The "Item Room" theme was great at 1:54, and the 8-bit bass coming in at 2:26, genius. The repetitive nature of the song is what makes it stand out from many mixes that try to "go somewhere" but end up being convoluted and difficult to sit through. It's a minimalist piece that fits the style of the music that inspires it. Thank you Marc Star, I'll be the first to say it.
  6. Yikes, this is my second post in a review thread... just wanted to reaffirm what I said earlier, and say that this mix has now climbed its way up to my top 2 list. It's like drugs.
  7. I can't explain it, but this mix puts a smile on my face EVERY time. Thou hast verily kicked this song's ass.
  8. I love how you kept the thread alive with a post telling everyone to let it die. Good job, thread Nazi.
  9. This is an odd piece to critique because it's neither music nor comedy, but something inbetween. On a comic level, I think it succeeds, but you have to sit through the song to hear the end bit. On a musical level, rather, it's hard to say because Flik was obviously trying to create something cheesy, so I don't think I'm being overly harsh to say that it, well, wasn't great. If you put those two items together, you would ordinarily get a stinker, but I can see why people would like it. Looks like being fun and creative can swing the vote.
  10. A few trouble spots, but I admire the guts it took to give the Zelda theme a new chord structure. Nice. I'd even say that 3:00 to 3:20 is beautiful.
  11. Eh... the work that went into this piece is probably the only thing that kept me from closing it out. Yes, it's a novel idea, and the melody is there, but I don't think Zelda was meant for the jazz club. I would call this piece, "Zelda Fitzgerald meets The Wiz."
  12. I thought we were playing Warcraft 2, but oh well, good job. --->progressive19
  13. Hmm... yes, this is very relaxing... so relaxing, in fact, that someone goes pee pee in the middle of it. --->progressive19
  14. Am I in 'build mode' on The Sims? Nice arrangement. --->progressive19
  15. I think I just wet my pants... short and sweet. --->progressive19
  16. Congratulations Kimchi! I knew ya'd do it. Great as usual; the Outset Island theme blends so nicely. But I've said all this before, so here's a big fat "nice work." --->progressive19
  17. Dun know how you did it, but it's magical. Thanks for this.
  18. Took me forever to recognize the Brinstar theme. Cleverly disguised. Good job.
  19. Sounds like someone's first tinker with Fruity Loops. Mediocre at best, both musically and technically.
  20. Great understanding of the source material. One of the best OCR has to offer.
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