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  1. The style is spot-on, and maybe that's why I'm not diggin' it. Nice production values, though.
  2. Hate to cite IGN but they said their matches between LA and SF (about 500 miles) were flawless, so... time to trade in the 56k?
  3. First, I've never played Assault. Now I guess I'll pick it up, because that arrangement is amazing, and full orchestration is my big weakness. Secondly, someone commented on that video that both versions would be in Brawl. Anyone know if this is true?http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/music/music22_list.html Guess I'll quote myself, cause I found the answer. From http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=141013&page=34 rename G01.mp3 "G01 - Main Theme - Star Fox.mp3" rename G02.mp3 "G02 - Corneria - Star Fox.mp3" rename G03.mp3 "G03 - Main Theme - Star Fox 64.mp3" rename G04.mp3 "G04 - Area 6 - Star Fox 64.mp3" rename G05.mp3 "G05 - Star Wolf's Theme - Star Fox 64.mp3" rename G07.mp3 "G07 - Fortuna [Original] - Star Fox Assault.mp3" rename G08.mp3 "G08 - Fichina [Original] - Star Fox Assault.mp3" rename G09.mp3 "G09 - Star Wolf [Original] - Star Fox Assault.mp3" rename G10.mp3 "G10 - Space Armada - Star Fox.mp3" rename G11.mp3 "G11 - Area 6 - Star Fox 64.mp3" Yay!
  4. First, I've never played Assault. Now I guess I'll pick it up, because that arrangement is amazing, and full orchestration is my big weakness. Secondly, someone commented on that video that both versions would be in Brawl. Anyone know if this is true? There seem to be about 2-7 songs for each stage, but I haven't seen them use two versions of the same song yet. Notice that Lylat Cruise already has 6 songs listed here. http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/music/music22_list.html
  5. It's not as menacing as the original but the guitar and maracas definitely lend to it a new style. Very Wind Waker. And remember, this track is for Bridge of Eldin, so imagine gusts of wind and a orange-drenched sunset behind you and it fits pretty nicely. As for someone's comment about including a Mario Galaxy song, I thought the best from that game were the themes from Good Egg Galaxy, Battlerock, Buoy Base, Gusty Garden. Oh, and especially Bowser's Boss music. Too bad they didn't have time to fit in a wifi-only Galaxy stage, with launch stars that shoot you around different planetoids. Also, the Star Wolf theme just made my night. Thanks Eulogic.
  6. First the good: -Liked the intro. -Production quality is great. Sounds very polished. -Liked the mixed synth/tech with traditional orchestration. If you could mix opera in as well, you'd have something like Il Pleure by Art of Noise. -Lots of good stuff here and there. But: -Would have liked to have heard the drums at 0:23-27 extended a bit (sounds like Spore Spawn miniboss) but LOTR kicks in a second or two after, so it comes off sounding rushed. -1:30 pretty abrupt change there, too... -Starting at 1:40 I feel like changing the melody (which didn't quite flatter it) was a bit much since at 1:50 you come up with a pretty good bridge leading into the next section. -2:13 Ascending synth is really great here (in fact 2:14 to 2:21 is brilliant), but the only thing this section has in common with Mother Brain's boss music is four notes, of which you changed the rhythm. Had you used the voices to punch out the descending chromatic wails of the source material, I think this section would have been more climactic. The great thing about the original was the juxtaposition of the ascending, pounding baseline against those higher descending slides. -Would have ended better at 3:38. As a whole, though, good stuff.
  7. Aye, aye. Er, aye. Damn 10 character length rule!
  8. Did anyone download the MP3 preview channel? From what the clips showed about "Aurora 313" and the space pirates, we could be headed to Zebes at the end of this chapter.
  9. First minute or so was bliss. From there on, however, I can't say I enjoyed it. Thanks for puttin' in the time, though.
  10. Now to have a conversation with myself: IGN posted a video of how the howling works. I like it, especially the duet with the other wolf. What's interesting to me, however, is that the Song of Healing was in Majora's Mask, not Ocarina of Time. How...odd.
  11. I'm a little worried that the howling won't be as melodic as the ocarina, but I'll be patient and see how it works.
  12. So would angry ticks firing out of my nipples.
  13. Not to interrupt all the pointless bickering over handedness, this might interest some of you. I could have sworn I'd seen it mentioned somewhere before, but take a look at Midna's headpiece. Notice any similarities to this picture?
  14. progressive

    Sony PS3

    Is every game going to have Spiderman in it somewhere?
  15. Hands down one of the best I've heard. Preserves the nostalgia while managing to be completely kick-ass.
  16. I wasn't going to download this...until I saw the remixer. Bladiator, how doooo you do it? P.S. - I might get a tattoo of "1:36" over my heart.
  17. I would say that the quality of this piece brings the phrase "talented improvisation" to mind. But not much else.
  18. This one goes on the shelf right next to "Fragments of Gold" by Beej. In fact, they sound like brothers. And that's a very, very good thing. Seems like the last week here at OCRemix has seen many holes filled.
  19. Well I'm sorry to say that I'm going to have to scrap my idea to do this song. You two created something amazing.
  20. You were about to rival Russell Cox until about 3/4 of the way through. I appreciate originality as much as the next guy, but switching gears in the middle of a piece to display it doesn't exactly help the experience. Nice classical, nice jazz, but even better apart.
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