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  1. Wow... O.O It does sound like a full-scale assult but in general I have to agree with Genoism, and I guess Evaguy too... umm... minus the spasams... yeah definitely no spasams... those hurt...
  2. Whoo I love the piano quartet! It is a bit extreme at parts, but thats what makes this song interesting, it goes from the seeming norm of having one speed for the entire song, and sends the music speeds out in controlled "waves". Heh. this could even be thought of as Ryu's training, in that it follows a cycle of focused, and slower music preceding the "action" parts.
  3. This is a lovely song. It definitely seems to flow like a river, back and forth on its own. Schala's tune made me envision this whole song to be taking place upon the floating islands of Zeal. But a more oriental~styled kind. With giant pagotas and a monk's temple. hehe
  4. The music in this song is awesome! Sure its not Chrono Trigger.. but its just as good to me! Listening to this without being told that there were multiple songs being integrated I would have guess that this came from a single track. Even though I have played Kingdom Hearts clear through to the special "preview clip" I was unable to revisit the locales to enjoy the musics... as my PS2.. kinda.. umm.. croaked..
  5. This one is a lil nostalgia trek for one such as meself... ahh... another fine Chrono Trigger song... I didn't recognize the first part as it was just starting. At 47 seconds the familiar tunes started coming in, quiet and full. The background music seemed to soothe the song in its transit through the times that be. The alterations near the end help promote a feeling of distance and.. I guess.. light..
  6. The music feels the same was as I do when I encounter a great new videogame. Its hesitant at first as everyghing such as the rules become layered in front of your character. As the music progresses, feels as if you break through the boundries of caution, and throw the risk of collapsing to the wind. The new land opens up before you, as you begin to delve through these new relms meeting new people and traveling across these far off and mystical places. That piano...is.. well.. wonderfully played... as for me?... lets just say I can't do Chopsticks...heh..
  7. O.O WOOT!! I luv all stuff that is CHRONO TRIGGER! even my name says it... Crono... but this may be a Courtroom Classic!
  8. This is one of thoes songs that seems to scream out quietly for a massive CG cinema to pair up with it. Scrolling from the gently flowing plains, into the air "upon the wings of an airship". Okay.. mabye not a massive CG but any that fits the flow of the song as if its revealing a whole new world.
  9. I think I've heard that soundbyte from the 2'07" point before.. heh.. the tone is haunting
  10. Well I was feelin kinda down untill I heard this remix!! Man, did that ever put some zip in my step!! Ooohh a nostalgiac blend of FF music, peppy beat, and it came just at the right time also! Ah!! I was a bit down before because I'm behind in my schoolworkz... (sigh...) but now.. I think I can manage it. Thanks For The Great Remix!!
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