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  1. The synths literally hurt my ears. Had to take my headphones off after 30 seconds. o.o; they need to be toned down or removed to some extent. I'm not being metaphorical to any extent. I got a headache and my ears hurt from the noise. I'm not sure where this was trying to go in the least. The introduction seems... rambly... excessively rambling. 1:30 it's kind of going to the song... then kind of not... making that a very long "intro".
  2. Uhm.... o.o;; err uhm.. eh.. how to... describe... this..?? It sounds like a seasick orchestra that transposes the feelings in their stomach to the slip and slide of the notes as the boat tilts around. Also, there is a feeling that the instruments are not completely tuned which also leads to this sense of believing the orchestra to be heavily seasick and unable to correctly turn their instruments. I can detect an attempt at being Middle Eastern.. but.. it's overshadowed by the strange sliding noises that almost eclipse the attention of the entire song. I was utterly confused listening to this. About halfway through it begins to sound like a haunted clown-house, very reminiscent of Big Boo's merry go round in Mario 64, adding even more to the disorientation. But eh, opinions are opinions. I'm probably missing something, which is why it sounds so strange to me. Hmm.
  3. I was very distracted while listening to this song. Do you have a Pop Filter for your microphone?... or am I hearing the hiss of braces? Eh. Those S's are rather poignant. If you could tone those down at the recording stage, you'd have something quite nice to listen to. Eh. I know its probably unintentional, but the intro says: "to come and sit in my presence, and yes, it is so precious" Which implies: "you are not precious, so you should value me more than yourself" It's a spike of arrogance that feels completely out of place with the rest of the song.
  4. The entire song reminds me of kind of floating along, I was trying to visualize something of wispy islands in the clouds until the melody hit at 1:58. Hmm.. It sounds like the notes were simply "permitted by the song" to be there and they made a rather hasty retreat after they were done doing the bare minimum of what they had to do. The notes cut off rather abruptly compared to the flow of the rest on the song.
  5. I would love to hear something like this with more organic instruments. Here's an example of what I mean... plus it has about 25 Mill hits! http://youtu.be/aHjpOzsQ9YI Hearing this mix is what made me decide to look around a bit... and after hearing that linked song, I began thinking what this would sound like with... I don't know a tuba, trumpet, or piano accompanying it.
  6. Uh.. Great song... but. what's with the maraca in the first half?.. could be a brush on a cymbal too.. but it feels. Rather out of place, like it was just added so both people could have one "background" instrument playing. And that end vocal.. aside from sounding kind of drunk.. it practically annoyed me. (probably because my little brother yodels around the house like that sometimes.*sigh*) Other than that it's nice to listen to, I'll probably try to get people I know who aren't as... uh.. "opinionated" as I am about it to listen.
  7. I was cringing a tad when the first male vocal session commenced (29s), as it sounded a bit flat. I also noticed that listening to it in segments, such as starting at 28s onward it doesn't sound flat, but then when listening from 19s it does. I guess the preceding part leaves me expecting a tad more energy in the vocals. I realized later in the song that the openings sounded a bit sour because they were designed seemingly for the duet that happens later on. Kind of interesting really. It sounds awkward isolated, yet much better in tandem. Hard to forget Locke and Rachel.
  8. This song makes me thing of Halo for some reason. I used to have an Animal Crossing town until that one fateful day when my brother reset my town thinking it was his own (cause we had two copies of the game for DS)... meh. I restarted a new town, but eh... Anymore the town feels---- Kind of dead. Its creepy to reload the game and wander around the town full of weeds when you know that nobody who used to visit the town bringing chaos and gifts... will ever come back to it... and... well to put it bluntly, this song just kind of fits that mood. Its a happy place, that has fallen into haunted memories, yet still retains its feel of happiness, persisting, even after death.
  9. I'm not exactly sure where Purplecowadoom is comin from with the idea that techno doesn't fit this song. It does, and does so well. If I recall, it was a heroic upbeat tune, and techno just takes upbeat songs and gives them more... well.. beat. The artistry is a bit patchy in places slowing down prematurely, but it also has some nice rest to it. It's a good place to start. Especially with a Crono Trigger mix. *giggle*
  10. What's up with the vocals in this song? the first half is completely devoid of vocals as far as I can tell, then suddenly you spam-drop a steaming pile of vocals into the song? That's like putting both people on one end of a see-saw and expecting it to balance. *sigh* The song is nice though.
  11. I really like this song but.. uh.. I'd say the over-excessive application of a single sentence probably did it in for me. This song does need vocals to spice it up yes... Trying 3 or 5 different sentences probably would have sounded better, as the repetition tends to get on the annoying side after a while.
  12. Okay. It seems that everyone else who posts here sees this as all "unicorns and rainbows" so, here's what I think. + The music, as in the background is great has a nice beat and doesn't get too boring. The lyrics have obvious amounts of thought put into them, which is nice to know that people are trying to vary their vocabularies here, and the song itself is put together very well. - Now... my whole family has played Parappa at least once (thats right parents included) and even with the kitchen lyrics, not one of them even thought once that this song was geared toward Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken. Most remixes have a flow to them that stand out as clear identifiers. In other words if I played a remixed song for you without telling the name of the song or what game the song is from... if you've played the game you should be able to pick out parts of the tune unaided, unless its from some obscure stage that hardly anyone goes to. The only part that this song seems to stick out notably and say "HEY PARAPPA HERE!" is the "Kick Punch" portion, then it's referencing kind of fades out again. I can identify the Cheap Cheap's beat a little after listening to the original song again, but it's still hard to pick out at all. Another point I'd like to make is that Parappa's songs have a mostly upbeat feel to them, but this one has an overly depressive feeling to it... Although I will admit the negative vibes have complete clearance here because song is a remix. The problem here (to me at least) is that Parappa is all about the emotion mixed in, which might be a good idea to think about when remixing. The beat is a bit too light for depression, and a bit too heavy to be happy, kinda deal. And finally, a few of the rhymes.. kinda trip over themselves "spinach" and "critics" definitely do not rhyme, and Parappa is all about the over-abundance of rhyme. (taking out the rhyme kind of feels like taking out the bounce from a Mario game). The rhymes that do come don't have a set pattern or positioning flow that I can pick out, as they just kind of pair up whenever. Position flow.. well its not a real term (and I don't know if there is one) but some examples are: 2 lines rhyme 2 lines don't 2 lines do etc etc, and 1st line no rhyme lines 2 & 3 rhyme, 4 doesn't (or rhymes with 1), 5 & 6 rhyme and such. Of course you don't have to go with a pattern, I mean that's what this whole community is about making new frontiers for our favorite music... but eh I feel patterns give some song types more solidification. Okay, I've said my part for this.. I firmly believe that just saying "it was great" does nothing to help the future development of the music industry.
  13. Hmm... You know, the last thing that came to my mind was anything even remotely haunted. For some reason it just goes the other way... The whole time I'm picturing a group of people working in a futuristic garage with holograms they're clickin away at to get parts for customizing some kind of vehicle... be it a mecha or car of some kind, all the while they're snackin on foods and joking with each other. ... or it could just be a side effect of too much Phantasy Star Online... *shrug*
  14. Not only was the concept of Power Rangers unexpected to some extent. But the fact that I can't hear anything from their main theme in this. Uh... except for a few twings here and there that have the same flow as their theme song. Any particular reason it didn't hit down in this song? Like, is it a more obscure piece because you didn't want your local friends to listen in and go: "is that... Power Rangers?..." then stare at you funny?
  15. I'm actually surprised that nobody prior to this post has referenced the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?". Although it probably had nothing to do with the title. Still, I just had to ask... soo similar...
  16. Blah.. I had a whole ranting post.. but then I decided to crop it to this to avoid being... ostentatious... or whatever that word is...obstinate?...Blargh? *cough* I liked the lyrics of this song, and I think that it is a new stepping stone for songs to come, or at least I will be comparing them to this one's performance. I don't care how well people sing when it comes to lyrics, what I care about are the lyrics themselves, and how they are placed in the music... mostly. *uncough* Oh my throat... don't ever try to do that in real life folks... hurts like the dickens if you succeed... *grabs throat and walks away*
  17. I will admit that I liked this song, but about halfway through I confused myself and had to double check the song being remixed. I could have sworn that someone should have yelled "MORTAL COMBAT!"... or mabye I've been listening to their soundtrack too much... oh well.
  18. Hmm... I see my previous post was rather misinterpreted... Hmm let me try to think of an example to emphasize what I meant by it drops dead... Say you were at a rock concert, all jammin away, then in the middle of the song the vocalist suddenly decides to clean the microphone off with his/her shirt, and you hear the rustling,and microphone static from the cloth coming from all the speakers for a few moments, and the instrumentalists, unsure of what to do kind of keep playing trying to figure out whats going on until they get their bearings back. But by this time all the energy that was being put in to rev the crowd up has been dispersed through confusion. Its not the words I was referring to, but rather the Encasing of the words. It sounds more like the song WAS complete, then someone just decided to insert a line or two of dialogue in the middle while the music kind of piles along in another direction over the top of it. The lyrics don't carve to flow with the song... Something of that sort, although I can't pinpoint it exactly, as this is an impulsive Feeling. Also, I'd have to guess that the other half of what made the lyrics feel so out of place to me, is that the song itself didn't feel like it was crafted FOR lyrics, as songs that have the lyrics in mind when they are made usually carry themselves with a different air... because they integrate similar sounding parts where the lyrics would come in, into the song, but in this one the lyrics kind of forced themselves in... (I'm listening to the complete version over and over again as I write this. Trying to figure out why it feels dead and I'm realizing now its more of a personal impulse as I can't clearly quantify it. >.<
  19. When I listen to this song and "I feel this big empty space and think, if I had know this was coming I would have done things ddddddiferently".. As in not listen to this... seriously. The song itself it great!.. but... its a high energy song, then suddenly very low energy lyrics are placed in... they're not just low, they're downright pessimistic... No song "wants to die that way" like this one does apparently. I mean I can listen to it now that I've completely erased the vocal segment from my copy, and its much better to me (no I'm not gonna post the edit anywhere)... I have no clue how such a faceplant made it by the judges... I mean the song is like something vibrant and alive at first.. then the lyrics come in and kill it dead Dead DEAD!... then the corpse gets back up and tries to dance...pretending as if nothing ever happened. >.<;
  20. Mmm..Yeah, thats a good song ya got there. I think it'd sound even better if at about 2:00, another bass guitar comes in to counter/twine with the lead guitar with a series of purposeful notes that.. well would be a series of quarter notes with a somewhat heavier resonance to balance out the speed with some feeling of power.. Just my opinion though.. Nyan
  21. I keep trying to insert the lyrics that I heard from the "N Geneeration" disc from Tokyopop into this song while I'm listening... Hmm... yeah I think it'd sound a bit better if it had been formed with them in mind.. but mueh, tis just an opinion, and I can't hear what it would sound like if it was crafted such.
  22. Something feels wrong about this song.. The music is excellent.. the lyrics are wonderful.. but the rythm of the lyrics at parts completely seems to disrupt the flow of the song like parts when she suddenly punts 2 syllables into a single beat, they could be extended a bit and still sound good.. or even start some of the lines a few beats early so that they don't have the collapse feeling. hmm.. Anyway overall Song: Excellent Lyrics: Wonderbug
  23. Ah.. Superlative. Could do with an encore if I do say so myself. As to the regional direciton this comes from.. I have no clue.. lol.
  24. I loved how the music started to play with the ears at about 5/6th of the way in... meh, it sounds so complicated, yet relaxing too...
  25. It is truly Earthboundesque as it follows the strangely intriguing randomnes and bizzare effects that are prominent throught the whole game. I wish they'd make another game of it... And when the rhythm kicks in its a whole new adventure that awakes within. The high "wave" notes with the lower techno notes give the song a sense of "angelic chaos"...or mabye it makes it sound like Mr.Saturn... hmmm.. N E Wahay it tis GOOD Mon!
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