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  1. Thx man I appreciate it! Amassing a ton of music to put on my PS3 for those games that let you play your own music.
  2. I see you guys updated the entire song list torrents and broke them up into 3 separate torrents. Are all of the songs represented in the collections and compilations torrents in the 1-2500 song torrent packages? ie if I download all 1-2500 I will have all the music in the various game tribute, compilations, and project torrents? or do I need to download those separately?
  3. Count me in. I'd like a chance to win. Thx everyone for all the great music by the way.
  4. cool thx to you both! I appreciate the help.
  5. I downloaded both large groups of remixes via torrent. I believe that is 1 - 1700. How are the songs numbered and/or how many songs are there? I've been away from the site for a long time and want to get everything released to date. I also downloaded every album/project under the torrents as well. On a side note if you want to play some Fat Princess or chat via PS3 let me know my gamer ID is jwhyrock. Thx for the help.
  6. Anything Fantasy Zone for the Sega Master System.
  7. Flik correct me if I'm wrong, but I notice a similarity to Adam Sandler here. I must be the only Sandler fan on the site. The cd before "What the Hell Happened to Me" whose name I forget at the moment (ironically I own two copies for some reason), but it had a skit that was similar to the the principal here. Also it's like the cheerleading skit where they throw shit at the cheerleader and they scream how much she sucks the whole time. Back to the point though. Excellent work. Very funny and pleasant to the ears as well. First review I've given in a very very long time. Edit: I belie
  8. One word: Outstanding! Very well done. Keep up the excellent work. It rocks and I happen to own the game as well.
  9. I know this isn't the place to request a song, but the music to Alex Kidd reminds of Fantasy Zone for the Sega Master System. That game has rockin' tunes that a remix would do total justice for. So please oh please someone consider doing Fantasy Zone.
  10. Not only is your little protest irrelevant, but it's obnoxious and petty. I'm not knocking this site in any way, but I would hardly say that this community is the "general public". We're all gamers and a lot of us have played Wolfenstein 3D. Those of us who have "any" knowledge of the game realize the game is about killing nazis not celebrating them. The song is along the same lines. It's a very sad and regretful piece powerfully emphasized by Hitler's speech. We realize you're ultra-sensitive, but you're obviously barking up the wrong tree. An artist has the right to entitle his works
  11. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I give it two thumbs up for being original and well done. I would like to see a more sinister sounding Gauntlet mix. Listening to all of these songs is giving me many ideas for cool mixes. I don't know the first thing about mixing, but I am very musically inclined. Maybe I'll start getting into the mixing business myself. I think it would be a lot of fun.
  12. Regardless of what "requiem" means or how it's interpreted it's a pretty damn cool name for the song. The tribute to the dead could be for the innocents or for the nazis. Just pick whatever makes you feel better and enjoy the dang song. =) I am almost fluent in German so when I get a second I'll try to translate the words that Hitler is saying. Sometimes it's tough though, because the accent and the language itself is much different now than it was then. Also it's a sound bite from an old speech so the clarity is tough. Remember though that a lot of the germans you're referring to were
  13. Ok I agree maybe I was a bit harsh. I meant that you have to take it in context. You do end up battling Hitler at the end. Him speaking just makes you hate him more. At least that's how I look at it. I never claimed the game was a lesson in history or realistic, but the storyline does revolve around Nazis and Hitler and some bizarre stuff they were into like zombies with machine guns in their chest. =) I honestly though can't understand why someone who knows what the game's all about and that it is obviously not geared toward pro-nazism would be offended. The point of the song is shock
  14. The first time I listened to the song I thought how wonderful it was, and how refreshing. The fact that it's not techno, house, or whatever with bunch of drums and stuff going on makes it original and cool. It's absolutely beautiful. Does everything have to be complicated to be good? I think not. After reading all of the reviews I was really surprised at the level of criticism for such a beautiful song. I began to question myself and my original take on the tune. I just played it again, and again I find it wonderful. Maybe everyone is just too into faster music to appreciate the art of
  15. I just got Alex Kidd on Ebay the other day. I can't help but agree on the underwater theme as being the perfect song to remix. The other night I had company over and was showing them the Kidd and I was singing along (or humming I guess since there are no vocals) to the underwater theme. I'm still playing it every night. I finally made it past the castle, but it gets hairy from there. I need to use more items I guess. It's annoying having to go to the system to hit the pause button. Couch laziness I guess. I digress. I remember all the joy I got out of this game as a kid. Out of so ma
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