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  1. To be honest at first I was about to drop a Borderline NO on this one, I felt the same way as Emu on this one, arrangement is awesome, great feeling throughout the track but the production aspect of it has issues. The mix overall is pretty muffled and lacks brilliance and clarity, things are a bit too messy in the low end too and overall, kinda boomy. There's a distinct lack of high frequency air here that makes the mix feel a tad claustrophobic, and some of the lead synths are not very interesting-sounding. But honestly, even if it sounds like a lot, after a couple listens I think these don't warrant a rejection when put against the rest of the mix. Very good guitar performance with some interesting intonations. It's not a track that overstays its welcome either, it has a solid structure and some very catchy phrases that stuck with me after I was done, transforming the original into a new song that sounds like its own thing. The mix isn't perfect but I didn't feel instruments were out of balance in regards to each other but more like a mastering issue. The arrangement is inventive and I wouldn't know this is a remix if I wasn't evaluating it. Let's go with a YES. Fun and catchy stuff.
  2. Interesting idea, but I don't think it works that well. The trap beat is an interesting choice but it lacks power and catchiness, I'm just not vibing with it, and it doesn't have that much detailing either. The arrangement reuses sections and verses a lot, but there's some layering and sometimes modulation to try and keep things varied. I feel the instruments are pleasing to listen to but also are a bit simplistic and lack details. The strings machine at 2:17 has a nice sustained texture but man that envelope is really rigid. A lot of times, the track sits on just a couple elements (beats+bass, or bass + strings i.e.) for too long and the elements not being that complex or interesting, it feels like it's dragging for no good reason. The balance is a bit off, some leads are a tad loud but honestly IMO the best thing about this song are the leads and how they're utilized, even that sweet filtering modulation towards the very end was pretty cool. SO I think there are good things here, but many nitpicks. I have been listening trying to decide if all the nitpicks drag the whole thing down... and I think they do. I think the track feels a bit uninteresting for longs period of time, there are some issues with balance, and a repetition of the arrangement without much new to offer on the second time around. This is close, very close, but I'll have to ask for a more refined version. NO (resubmit)
  3. Unsettling chords for that intro, I like it. Actually, that tense feeling is all over this track, in varying doses, this track definitely has its own identity so from that standpoint it's a win here. Arrangement-wise I love what you did here, expanding the original phrases, sometimes overlapping them in chaotic ways that work in the context of the track's progression(i.e. around 3:16). There's a lot of attention to detail here and nothing is on autopilot. Lots of care went into the structure I feel, because it jumps around from breaks and intense sections as needed and not in a typical A-B-A fashion. If I had any nitpicks, would be for the drums which feel slightly weak for what the arrangement requires in some spots but really nothing that takes away from the whole. This is excellent, and I hope to see it soon in the front page. Loved it. YES
  4. wow, I wasn't expecting this for a pacman remix. Pretty ominous and dark sounding stuff. I get some blade runner vibes with some of this arrangement, like the tension-creating bassline which hangs on that note forever (but doesn't get tiresome). Excellent soundscape and use of synths. The arrangement is great, turning this classic short tune into something this epic is pretty awesome. I feel the mix is missing some mid frequencies but it's fine overall. Man I just get some nasty cyberpunk vibes from this. If there's ever going to be a Pacman: act zero, this is the song to put in that. Nothing much to say other than, bring it up to the front page! YES
  5. Ah, right on time, as I've been kind of hooked on windows 96 lately. The production here is definitely vaporwave-y. Inbalanced mixing in vaporwave is kind of an acquired taste, as the majority of productions I've heard go for that super boomy mixdown excarcerbated by phasing, heavy compression and flanging effects. It's not as bad here, but you get some of it. It's supposed to sound a bit scuffed, as if it was recorded on an old VHS tape that had already been recorded stuff on it over and over. Of course, we have standars that should apply to everything, so we can't really go around accepting stuff that sounds scuffed on most people's setups. But luckily I do not believe this one is too bad on that front. First, regarding the kick mentioned by Larry, these kind of heavy emphasis on drum transients both for kicks and snares are sort of like a trope for the genre, though I must admit this one overdoes it a bit. The mix is mid-heavy, which I also expect from vaporwave productions but again, it cannot be overdone and I don't think it has been here, there is enough emphasis on the highs that I don't feel the mix suffers from it, and it helps keeping the warm tone. The positives are that for some reason this song fits the vaporwave adaptation perfectly, something about the original just fits nicely here, I love that arpeggio at 2:25, that's the most vaporwave thing here hah. The arrangement is very well done, if this song was shown to me as just a vaporwave original I wouldn't have noticed it was remixing anything (and I am familiar with the source). If these are default FL samples, I think they've been put to good use overall, and they all fit together pretty well. Overall I can see Larry's gripes with this one and I hear them, but I don't think they're egregious. Just taking this track as a whole, it's over the bar for me, it does what Vaporwave is meant to do: create false nostalgic memories in your mind. YES
  6. Very quiet track, lots of headroom helped by the instrument choice, sitting in the upper registers it seems almost fine volume-wise because of how ear frequency response works. That would be my guess at least, because looking at the analyzer it should sound a lot quieter. It's a sweet track, so no surprises so far this being a Tripp rendition. This is a very minimal approach, sort of following the original in vibe, but there are extra layers of harmonization that help a bit with that, and some extra instrumental touches throughout. Everything is spread out well in the stereo spectrum with some instruments coming in and going, sometimes firmly in one side and sometimes dancing around the stereo space. I feel like the original material and reinterpretation doesn't really start to kick in until the latter half of the song, but there's not a lot of it unless I'm missing something. This is a sweet and soothing track, and outside the now familiar headroom issues I don't hear glaring production issues here. The arrangement is minimal as well as the interpretation. This feels more like an upgrade to me, like what the original would sound like in a modern remake. I think a lot more could've been done on the arrangement side but this is enough. YES
  7. This is an underrated soundtrack in the castlevania series, so I'm always up for some more remixes for it (hell even produced one myself). This one is also one of my favorites and possibly one of the most recognizable tracks from the soundtrack. The source is utilized throughout, and while it starts a bit cover-ish it does develop substantially as the song goes on and I am digging all the inclusions and changes. Arrangement-wise, I really have no issues with it. The production however is a different matter. For some reason some instruments sound like they're drowning, or like they're really far away, (i.e. the church organ in almost every instance) There's sadly also the issue of sample quality which is not the best in most instruments used, including some of the drums. Synths are really cheap sounding and I don't know why it's this way because it's super easy to get good lead synth sounds even with free VSTs. That section at 2:14 is just not good at all, between the mechanical and fake nature of those drums and the anemic synth lead it just felt really out of place because the metal sections, outside of production issues, are not this bad. Looking at the mix here in my daw, I'm not seeing much wrong with the frequency response other than it's kinda flat but I did notice the mix sounded substantially better to me with slightly more midrange, a small dip in the upper midrange and a good boost to the highs. It is possible the mix may have an overabundance of lows and that's contributing to the drowned feeling of the instruments, but I don't want to speculate too much on this as the most I can do is try to hack some eq on it as it is. I do notice the lows become this monolithic kinda sound where the bass is really hard to make out and you just get a ball of sound playing the root. I don't like the fadeout ending, something better could be done there, but this is not 100% necessary. I have no issues with the performance, It's all good. But I can't give it a pass on production. Needs a lot of cleanup. I may have gone a bit hard on this one but it's not nearly as bad, and could be easily cleaned up and resubbed and I hope that happens. NO (resubmit)
  8. Loving the synth work on this, electro vibes all over the mix. The bitcrushing is at the forefront of some of these patches but it's never out of place. There's a clear metroid feeling all over this track, including the choral pads which sound very and properly synthesized. I love me some chorused synth bass and the minimal use of it in this track just helps it hit right when it shows up. This is just a super easy vote, this rendition of the theme is very well realized, all the instruments seem to complement each other and the mix really well, includes elements from both the tracks it's remixing where they are recognizable but brought under a different light, and I love me some electro/ambient light for sure. YES
  9. At first I was ok with the lack of bass, not every song needs to be filling the whole sound spectrum, but as time went on it did feel like something was just lacking, some low notes to carry the progression at least, but the lack of lows leaves some sections such as 1:38-2:22 feeling incomplete. I love your transitions, and the ambiance created here. I think the various elements mesh very well, including the electric guitar. I also think you did a good job with the arrangement and you made this arrangement yours. I don't have complains about the sample quality, it's sufficient and in some spots, pretty damn good. The drum mixing could use some work blending in better with everything else. So the dealbreaker here is the lack of lows which in turns makes large sections feel lacking or incomplete. I am not sure it warrants rejection, and I'm right in the middle on this. I want to go with a borderline YES because I don't feel ok with rejecting this on a choice that seems to be stylistic, and I think it deserves to be looked into further. I will be monitoring this thread because I am also open to having my mind changed on this one. YES (Borderline)
  10. I played Octopath last year, it was enjoyable but the music really helped this game a lot, definitely a highlight. The arrangement feels... or rather, is very close to the original even if your version leans quite a bit more into the rock elements. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying there isn't anything new here, I just don't think it's enough to feel like it's your own interpretation. The arrangement itself stays super close to the original even in structure up until the second section where things diverge but only slightly, overall it continues to follow the same beats. I would like to point out the mixing on this as well, since there's a void of highs in this which is apparent on listening, but I also went to my DAW and confirmed it visually. Not sure why but there's a high-end rolloff at 8khz that's eating a lot of brightness out of the mix, almost as if a 12dB lp filter was applied on the entirety of the mix at that point. I am no expert at mixing rock songs, but doing some A/B against some of the similar remixes we have on the site and it shows a pretty noticeable difference. It's surprising that the mix isn't overly muddy due to this, and most of the layers are relatively clean but there's still some boominess casued due to the instruments being funneled into the mids. In a vaccum this isn't bad at all. Just not for OCR. NO
  11. Holy crap, I feel humbled anybody would like a song of mine that much, thanks!
  12. For some reason, this arrangement feels very flat emotionally, which is weird coming from such an emotionally-charged song. I believe this is due to the piano not being performed properly, things like cadence and humanization are very spotty. Some left hand choices I don't feel like they are going along with the current expression or theme, i.e. hard chords at 1:39, which segues directly into some playful sequence giving you a bit of whiplash. This adaptation makes a lot of sense in paper, as I think a piano is perfect for carrying everything the original song wants to say, but the execution here is not there yet. I was wondering why the left hand sounded robotic and the bottom end lacking until I read the other Js pointing out the lack of sustain pedal, which makes sense. I just don't feel some of the arrangement choices work, they feel very stilted/forced at times. This needs more work, making a piano solo track is deceivingly hard. NO
  13. The mix here is a bit off balance-wise. some background elements seem just a bit louder than they should, some instruments sound slightly flat within the mix (specially backings and synths) and the whole track could have been cleared out a bit so it doesn't sound as.. clupmy/muddy around the mids/low-mids but, I think the mixing issues aren't deal-breaking here. I think the instruments and textures fit each other and the arrangement well, and the production issues could be considered nitpicks. The guitar tone I liked a lot, has kind of a surfer rock guitar lead feel to it. Arrangement-wise this is solid with some stellar guitar lead performances. The synth performances aren't as impressive but they are serviceable to the track. I feel like the second half of the track was much more interesting arrangement-wise than the first which is neither good nor bad just an observation, as the lack of energy in the first half is complemented well later I think. Overall this was really enjoyable, and I think it belongs in the front page. The imperfections don't bring it down nearly enough for a rejection I don't think. YES
  14. Uh, not sure what's going on with those drum hits, but they sound... super compressed/distorted in an unintentional way? some even seem to lack proper drum transients due to what I think sounds like overcompression. I think your arrangement idea is fine here, changing the electronic nature of the original into more of an epic cinematic track. Honestly I think this tracks shines when it's not doing the whole distorted taikos thing. The constant drumming feels robotic at times and gets tiresome after a while, in contrast to the quiet parts which are actually super nice to listen to and sound pretty detailed. Overall I don't think this is quite there yet and it's mostly production hurting this one. Hoping someone with better advice for orchestral/hybrid tracks can chime in on this one, because I do think you have a good idea here that you can polish further into something that we can accept, for now tho I don't think this makes it. NO (Resubmit)
  15. This is a very tough one. I don't think I could add much to the discussion here as most of the pros/cons have already been mentioned. The biggest issue here and potential dealbreaker is how the mix gets super crowded and crunchy. There's no denying it, some sections of this mix are just messy and lack clarity, but I'm not sure they take down the whole mix with them. Outside of those crowded sections, the mix is ok and most instruments can be heard. The arrangement is good here, so I think this is leaning towards a YES from me but it's very close, I would love to hear this mix with a more relaxed master, a bit more dynamic range and a second pass on EQing and compression for the busy sections. If we can't get that, I think this should be fine as-is. YES (Borderline)
  16. Synthwave and journey to silius? Do you read my diary? I dig it. It's not super expansive but imo the original is so good you don't really need to do a lot with it. This remix relies a lot on arpeggios and filter automation to keep things moving and varied. My main issue with this one is that it feels pretty static throughout. I was hoping for a break but I don't feel like I ever got one, and that caused the buildup around 3:10 to have less impact for me. I feel like the vocaloid is not meshing that well with the rest of the mix, feels like it's on top of everything else yet outside of the mix. It's probably a bit too exposed and needed a bit more work to make it feel part of the mix as a whole. Besides these gripes, production and arrangement are solid. This is a solid mix. YES
  17. Oh, this is a nice change of pace, most of Rebecca's tunes have a style which is often soothing/mysterious, and this track does have a lot of that, but it is also veering towards that cinematic flair of a movie soundtrack. I feel like the source here is expanded in several interesting ways, from the cinematic intro that just hints at the source, to the longer piano performance towards the end which really develops the main theme and expands on it. This is a great example of what an OCR track is in my mind. There's not much to say regarding production here in my opinion, it sounds good. I think the oboe is a great choice for this track as it adds that enigmatic dark tone to it. I once again feel like this song could've been mastered louder, just analyzing the track shows a lot of headroom that really serves no purpose. There's only so much dynamic range you really need even for an orchestral song, it's not a thing you can add infinitely to a track and it will always be better, you CAN have too much of it. In this track I don't feel is that big of an issue, and we might seem like a broken record repeating this on almost every sub from Rebecca, but it's our job to point it out, and I hope one day we don't have to. Overall the best thing about this track is the excellent expansion of the source material which feels natural and fitting. YES
  18. Yep this pretty much satisfies my complains from last time, compression levels are a bit more relaxed and made the arrangement deeper. Mix seems clean and stuff like synth leads aren't really getting buried as in the previous version. Overall a great remix of a great soundtrack, not much else to say. EDIT: and you also kept the YYZ reference which gets you a cookie each with me. YES
  19. I'm definitely interested but I'm not committing to a track yet, I'm going to go through the OSTs this weekend.
  20. Well first off, too much headroom. It's not as bad as in other submissions from Rebecca but still I wish this was closer to "normal" volume. This is less symphonic or folksy than Rebeca's usual entries and I love it, lush evolving pads and droning ambient sounds complement the track well. I honestly enjoyed this hybrid track a lot more due to the unique sound you're going for here. I think the mix is sufficiently clean and I can hear the elements of the song well enough. The arrangement is nothing too transformative but there are some cool ideas with some of the melodies changing instruments and purpose. I think you did a good job with a source that doesn't have that much to offer, and I really enjoyed this hybrid take. YES
  21. I feel like I don't have much to add to the conversation here, the other Js have explained the pros and the cons I'm hearing very well. The tipping point here is the arrangement, as the source is pretty nebulous and it's very hard to make the connection. Even if the sources are technically there I'm having a very hard time relating it to the originals. I am enjoying the simple instrumentation, it does sound more like an old electro song than the modern synthwave we're used to hear, reminds me of a band I used to listen to called System. The mix is clean. IMO this is a good arrangement on its own, but not a good remix. NO
  22. Hey, I missed voting on this on the panel, just wanted to add that this is super cool and I like it a lot!
  23. This is super fun to listen to. Bubbly and sugary synths. The disco beat is kinda constant but there are fills and changes throughout, I didn't feel it was on autopilot. Production is clean and pleasant, but the leads have a tendency to being forced to the background by the harmonies and drums. The groove is funky and makes me bob my head to it for sure. The adaptation to the disco/funky style works but then again, the original was very much like that. My only gripe with this is that there isn't much of a remix in there. It takes the original and repeats it twice (3 times if you count the last minute). Some harmonies are changed but the structure is mostly the same. The last minute is, mostly, just the backing harmonies and beat playing the same progression we've already heard, only this time without a lead. It's a very groovy section but there really isn't much there and it feels like an over-extended wind down to the end. I actually don't feel that this is too far from making it. A few structure changes would've done it for me, maybe a new section, something to make this remix more of your take on it. Also, I don't think the last minute is adding much value to the remix. I definitely want to hear this again in a more developed form so please consider giving it another pass with more arrangement ideas and send it back. NO (resubmit)
  24. Not a bad sub, but I think it falls a bit short. Production-wise things are clean, helped by the arrangement not being overly deep, but that lack of depth hinders it quite a bit. The drums are basic in the sense that there aren't that many percussive elements there however there are many sections where you change things up, sometimes you go half-time, sometimes you try interesting rolls and fills, so overall I think you did a lot with what you had but adding more depth there wouldn't hurt. The textures aren't overly interesting, sometimes they do their job (I think the sidechained supersaws were alright) but sometimes they feel flat. As an example I think the pulse wave leads are bland and don't seem to have a lot of articulations or performance techniques applied to them. If you listen to the original leads there's a loooot going on with the articulations and performance techniques there, I would advise to take a closer look at how the original makes that lead interesting. There are some issues that are more related to energy management here, as 1:15 feels like it's intended to be a drop but it falls very, very short of having any impact. Maybe it's meant as a breakdown, but this section is followed by another breakdown at around 1:44 which is confusing. Either the drop at 1:15 needs to have a lot more impact or you need to get rid of the section so you don't have two consecutive breakdowns. The ending is super disappointing and doesn't resolve into anything. The arrangement is really not that different from the original in both style and substance. I think you could do more to separate your take from the original. As of right now I don't think this makes it but you're not really too far from something that could make the frontpage, however this definitely needs more work. NO
  25. I'm not super familiar with the CC soundtrack, so this is mostly new for me. I don't think I can add much to this since the others have explained very well the strengths of this remix and I mostly concur with the other Js, I'll just mention that this could've used a bump in volume as usual. It's a well-organized track, with each part having its time in the spotlight, with some performance issues with the voice library used, I felt the sequencing there was a bit too stiff. The arrangement was solid but it really didn't blow me away, however there's enough arrangement here to make it. The production is clean. As a whole this is just a solid track that should be in OCR's library. EDIT: Is it possible that we can reach Rebbeca for a bump in volume? the more I listen to this, the more I'm feeling this should be a Conditional instead. YES
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